On my line from Waterloo it would cause utter chaos and a fortune would be spent increasing the headroom under over line bridges. Good Lord! The UK government has announced plans to overhaul its approach to foreign policy through a new government-wide review. the navy and air force regained their titles of’royal. In short, the commander of JFC should be the departmental ‘champion’ for ensuring joint enablers across Defence are appropriately resourced. And more a hypothetical of why has so much scorn been directed at HS2 compared to the Lond centric CrossRail (and potential CrossRail2). That was the propose of the Type 31 general propose frigate, to increase the frigate numbers. I was aware of the WCML capacity ssues. No amount of polished rebranding is going to increase resources. As it seeks to develop a transparency-based registration framework to counter foreign influence activities, the UK can learn from the rich experience of the US and the Foreign Agents Registration Act. How about also controlling overseas nationals using our NHS budget and ensuring all foreign nationals have health insurance cover by recognised providers in the UK if they want to get through immigration (maybe even have health insurance providers at the immigration gates so people have to pay before entry).

Will have a look at the signalling, as that’s my area.

I’d prefer the money, or just some of it, spent on increasing capacity on existing lines. Absolutely right Peter Shaw. curtis le who? I am all for supplying British made product with it, rather than handing out money. Meanwhile, Crossrail is wasting similar sums and never a word about its cancellation. Perhaps a possible solution to runways 3 and 4. As the UK formulates its post-Brexit relationship with China, one key policy question is how to develop the bilateral commercial relationship most effectively. HS2 increases capacity more than a few junction tweaks here and there on the existing alignment. Ooooooh, Russia, China, Syria, Iran & N Korea will tremble at our name changing abilities. DI. But I’m STILL against spending 80 billion plus on fixing it!!!!

Also simple things – like all of those rental bikes that are… Read more ». Good or bad, the so-called golden age of UK–China relations should be seen for what it was: a geopolitical wager. It’s also been proven that were the old lines have been reinstated they are used… Read more ».

© 2014-2019 UK Defence Journal, all rights reserved. Joint Forces Command renamed Strategic Command The Defence Secretary has announced that Joint Forces Command will be transformed into Strategic Command. Working it out is the fun bit for me, actually. All of these are things we can and should be world leaders on.

Independent thinking, unique experiences and powerful networks – our members achieve more together. Significantly, he confirmed that ‘[g]etting the JFC in a place that is separable from the single services, and acting as an agent of head office, driving coherence and interoperability, is where we’re trying to move it to’.

If you are going to build a new railway to ease the congestion, why would you build a slow one (that’s where the 15 minutes comes from). Clean water technology, toilets (which we do with the gates foundation), medical supplies and treatment and power generation. No threat of cancellation ,just more delays due to acceptance work and safe integration of all the relevant systems (signalling etc).