Previous 9:43AM: James Ransone will be playing the adult version of Eddie in Andy Muschietti’s It: Chapter Two. James Ransone: Yeah, that’s right. Richie, we now know, is a gay man forced to live in the closet — an important change, since otherwise he’d be just a rich cishet white guy and utterly out of place in this gathering. He would do this thing where I just appreciated as an actor who is thinking about stuff, and not in a way where they’re really self-involved. THE BEAT: It’s a high-profile movie but it’s also a great role. James Ransone, who plays a grown-up Eddie Kaspbrak in It: Chapter Two, says the sequel will be more adventurous and scary than It: Chapter One, which was one of last year’s creepiest and most-watched horror movies. Ransone: We met at an audition for that Michael Mann movie, Public Enemies…, THE BEAT: Wow, that would have been a very different movie if you two were in it instead of Johnny Depp and Christian Bale….

The next day I went home. THE BEAT: It will be before, so I would be a little careful with spoilers. REVIEW: Honor, guilt, and vengeance fuel THE DEVIL’S RED BRIDE #1, INTERVIEW: Peter Hogan talks Dark Horse’s next (final?) What’s Bill Skarsgard like on set playing Pennywise when you’re doing stuff like that? “The work I had to do on this, it’s not like ‘What would Eddie do?’ It’s more of ‘How would Jack Dylan Grazer do this?’”, In the It novel, an adult Eddie dies in the final confrontation with the entity after getting his arm bitten off — and the rest of the Losers’ Club leave his body in the sewer. If I landed there, I’d be happy for the rest of my life. RESIDENT ALIEN series. Ransone: If you go back and watch it, there were flashes of lightning, out of sync strobe lights. Ransone: Yeah, and that’s the tricky part, because #1 you don’t want to sound like you’re complaining as an actor, because my job is so awesome and easy, but when you’re actually doing that part, too, you’re like, “Oh, this sucks. Who does puke good?”. “He asked me, ‘Is Eddie still a limo driver?’ So I ask, ‘Can I answer that?’ The answer was, ‘No.’ They want to control this a lot, and to their credit, I understand why.”, Ransone — who also plays an astronaut heading to Mars on Hulu’s The First — could divulge one secret though: Even as an adult, Eddie’s personality hasn’t changed all that much. Advertising slots are available right now for the Beat. I just don’t.

I don’t even think that’s a spoiler. That’s the first time I saw Jack Dylan Grazer. Actors Andy Bean and James Ransone have boarded the … Nothing. Did you know in advance when that was on the schedule? I have nothing lined up. Ransone: I don’t even know if it’s at least once. The Beat spoke over the phone with Ransone last week for the following interview.

I’m basically on paternity leave now. Playing the adult version of Jack Dylan Grazer’s character certainly does look like Ransone had fun other than some of the grisly and gross things he has to endure like being spewed upon by a ghoul, funny mainly because Eddie is still a germaphobe 27 years since the “Losers Club” first encountered Pennywise, the killer clown, as played by Bill Skarsgård.

Alright.” I’d kind of relax, and that’s how… I just feel like the faster I let that stuff go. It’s not a little, it’s not sparing.

I imagine the whole last act in the caves, was that weeks and weeks of shooting? That’s not a horrible life BUT you start to feel a little bit water-tortured after a while, not just on this movie but certain things like this.

We have several sizes to fit every budget. 100 percent!”. I’m even lucky enough to have a “thing” that I do? So mine was all the way up the hill to getting puked on, which was the very last thing I filmed.

THE BEAT: I don’t know how many of the adult cast have kids. I was the only one of the cast that didn’t. That’s more of a bummer, because when you’re shooting a movie and shooting a movie like this, or even a TV show, you read the script, and as an actor you clock these mental notes of what you know what you have to film next, and you kind of pick out the big ones. Ransone: The puke thing was literally the last thing that I shot of the entire movie, like literally the last thing. And then we met, as well as the rest of the Losers, in Toronto, right before we started filming in this weird speed-dating type luncheon type thing. He was like, “I can’t have this in my apartment. Ransone:  No, I thought… First of all, he’s already doing this thing where he kind of plays against type from the book a little bit, because [at this point, James raises his voice to a high pitch] a little bit like wild and… [back to normal] I like that. “I saw a shot last night and I thought, ‘That’s one of the coolest shots in a movie that I’ve seen in the last 10 years.’”. THE BEAT: Well, hopefully someone will see this movie and go, “We have to get that guy who likes being vomited on…”, Ransone: Yeah, total. Insulting him. How did you guys come up with that and do that? ... Chapter 2… When asked if Eddie might suffer through a similarly tragic end, he deflecting, joking, “Nah man, they’ll cut my arm off and throw me in a sewer if I say anything.”. At the very least, assume that adult Eddie will still expect the worst. Ben was an overweight child who overcame a lifetime of body shaming. Ransone is effusive in his praise for Grazer’s performance, saying he did his best to emulate an adult version of the younger Eddie Kaspbrak’s personality in the upcoming sequel.

I just feel really lucky.

Ransone: Man, I have nothing coming out. He would do the thing where you look glitchy. It: Chapter Two’s James Ransone on making a horror movie for the YouTube generation The actor, who plays the grown-up Eddie Kaspbrak, talks about Eddie and …

Like “Why am I always playing these fucking assholes?” and the second that I was like, “Ah, okay, if that’s what they want me to be, fuck it. Sonny Bunch: In film, ‘It’ tosses out the most powerful part of Stephen King’s novel, Daniella Greenbaum: The social media mob is a danger to society. I’d be so happy to do that stuff. Ransone: The end bit was the hardest for all of the actors to film. Available in one week slots. I think we shared a lot of mutual friends, but it was pretty easy for us, because we share a lot of similar sensibilities, like our taste in music and kind of how we grew up and what our childhoods were like. Now you’re going to go meet with your kid, now go,” and I was like, “Uh…” and I think he felt very similarly about it. Ransone: Is this coming out after the movie comes out?s. I feel like he’s going towards more serious, and I was trying to go towards more funny, and that’s always kind of what I wanted to do from the beginning of my career. “There’s something about those kids and that book that make it so beloved,” Ransone says. As they hurl their invective, the clown simpers and shrieks, shrinking all the while. I like people who think about things. How intense is that on set?