As their relationship changes so does their mode of travel. Main Character Problem: Oppose Reluctantly she must accept the help of out-of- work reporter Peter Warne. It Happened One Night study guide contains a biography of Frank Capra, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Synopsis It Happened One Night begins with a rich heiress named Ellie Andrews sequestered by her father on his yacht, disapproving of her marriage to a famous aviator named King Westley. © Copyright 1994-2020 Write Brothers, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It then proceeded to win all the major awards at the Hollywood Oscars in 1935 – best film, best actor, best actress, best director, best screenplay – a feat that was not to be equalled until One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) 40 years later. Relationship Story Issue: Denial vs. Closure Out of the blue, Ellie jumps overboard and swims to the shore. Unfortunately, however, the motel owner's wife has woken Ellie up early and kicked her out of the cabin. Also, if you change the hero from an artist to a working man – a journalist, say – he too becomes a character with whom a popular audience can more readily identify. Along their journey, Ellie falls in love for Peter; but when he vanishes from the motel where they are lodged and contacts her father later, she believes he was only interested in the reward. Plot Keywords The film has been seen as a trailblazer in being the first successful example of a new genre – the so-called ‘screwball comedy’. "It Happened One Night Summary". If the plot is slight, the film, thanks to the inventiveness of Capra and Riskin, teems with memorable bits of comic business. It Happened One Night Summary & Study Guide. He only comes to collect $39.60 for his expenses and not the full $10,000 and admits to the father that he loves his daughter. She has no money and he decides to help her get to New York thinking he'll get a good story out of it. On the bus she meets street-smart reporter Peter Warne. Taglines Noticing that Ellie is getting left behind, Peter gets off the bus and waits for her. Actually, Warne doesn't give her any choice: either she sticks with him until he gets her back to her husband, or he'll blow the whistle on Ellie to her father. He promises to protect her and in return he would write her adventure to meet King Westley. Main Character Benchmark: Understanding Production Company: Columbia Pictures. Believing that Peter has abandoned her, Ellie goes to the sheriff's office and calls her father, asking him and King Westley to come pick her up. Influence Character Solution: Control The following morning, Ellie is in a good mood. Because she is a married woman, they put up a blanket as a barrier, with Warne referring to it as the walls of Jericho. Relationship Story Signpost 3: Preconscious Warne, recognizing Ellie, agrees to help reunite the two lovers but with a special caveat: the heiress must give him an exclusive on her story. Unexpectedly, the bus has to stop at a camp due to weather. The plot – a familiar standby about a couple whose initial antagonism on meeting turns to love as they share various adventures – was essentially a modern variation on The Taming of the Shrew and that has invariably proved a winning formula. Beneath the wit and the supposed equality of the characterisation, is the film still reinforcing the values of patriarchy, as a rebellious young woman is brought to heel by a man who can control her; or is it alternatively showing a new kind of heroine prepared to sacrifice wealth and position for the freedom to make her own moral, material and marital choices? She seats side-by-side with the cynical reporter Peter Warne. It Happened One Night by Frank Capra. She's upset because her dad won't let her live with King Wesley, even though she has already married him… against her father's wishes. Always ferociously ambitious in reaction against his impoverished childhood, Capra had moved to Columbia Pictures and had rapidly become their star director. All thought the movie was filmed in (1934) I still found comedy in it today. Peter and Ellie make a run for it with a stolen car. everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of It Happened One Night. He agrees to go to their home while a real marriage ceremony for Andrews and the aviator is to take place. Ellie tells him about Peter, but insists that Peter doesn't love her. He had made a bold and stylish film about racial prejudice and misunderstanding, The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933); and then been nominated for an Oscar for Lady for a Day (1933), being left to squirm with embarrassment when, responding to the call of the presenter Will Rogers, ‘Come and get it, Frank!’, he realised halfway to the podium that Rogers was actually summoning another nominee, Frank Lloyd to collect the award for Cavalcade (1933).