IT boasts to the reader that IT is superior to anything on earth and confirms that IT chooses to prey on children because they are easier to fool and frighten. At the same time, the worst storm in Maine's history sweeps through Derry, and the downtown area collapses.

Victor "Vic" Criss:  A bully and one of Henry's sidekicks. His little brother George was murdered by Pennywise in the fall of 1957. Mike's memories also begin to fade, as well as many of the records he had written down previously, much to his relief, and he considers starting a new life elsewhere. Audra has a strong physical resemblance to the adult Beverly Rogan. IT follows the story of seven preteen children from the fictional town of Derry, Maine who are stalked and terrorized by an evil eldritch entity they only know as "IT." [Source] Ben Hanscom is now thin and a successful architect, living in Nebraska. After her husband is killed by It, and after a brief reunion with Bill, Bev subsequently departs Derry with Ben, realizing it was Ben whom she subconsciously loved all along. The territory in actual rebellion also furnished 99,337 colored soldiers, recruited at various stations and not accredited to States. Upon seeing IT's true form, Audra becomes catatonic and Tom drops dead from shock. It claims to be eternal, and believes itself to be invincible but eventually, Bill Denbrough is able to literally crush Its heart in his bare hands. When Henry and his friends break his arm and his mother tries to prevent the Losers from visiting Eddie in the hospital, he finally stands up to his mother and tells her that he is no longer the helpless kid she believes in. Bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, and Eddie learn that Mike is near death and realize they are being forced into another confrontation with IT.

After critically wounding Mike in the town library and being injured himself in the process, Henry then goes to the hotel where most of the Losers are staying, and finds Eddie's room first, only to be killed in the confrontation with Eddie. ^^ According to a printed statement dated at the Adjutant-General's Office, Washington, November 9th, 1880," the slave-holding States furnished troops to the Union army as follows: Delaware, 12,284; Maryland, 46,638 ; West Virginia, 32,068; District of Columbia, 16,534; Missouri, 109,111; Kentucky, 75,760; Tennessee, 31,092; Arkansas, 8289; North Carolina, 3156; Alabama, 2576; Florida, 1290; Louisiana, 5224; Mississippi, 545; Texas, 1965,--total, 346,532. King ends his mammoth novel with one final thought: that the act of Remembering as a Dreamer and the act of Creating as a Storyteller are the same, because although Bill may never fully remember the story behind his dreams, he will write the truth in his fiction. Stan is the skeptical, bookish Jewish member of the group (Uris does, however, admit that his family takes a relaxed approach to their faith, rather than practicing it devoutly). Only Stephen King could write an eleven hundred page book about the innocence and wonder of childhood, and then kick it off with a six-year-old boy getting his arm ripped off by a clown. There is two audiobook versions of IT. Belch follows Henry and Vic into the sewers to murder the Losers, only to encounter It in the form of Frankenstein's monster. He later becomes a partner in a large Atlanta-based accounting firm, and it is hinted that he is the only member of the Losers (aside from Mike) to possess any memory of what happened in 1958. Logic, order, and cleanliness are deeply ingrained in his psyche. Farragut, of Tennessee, rose, as a reward of merit, to the highest rank in the Federal navy. At a very young age, William joins the Derry regiment of the National Army. In truth, all history teaches that the humiliation of defeat by a foreign foe is felt for ages, while that of defeat by the same race is temporary and soon forgotten. Later, The Losers Club discover a message from IT written in Patrick's blood warning them that IT will kill them if they continue trying to fight IT. It was his 18th novel, and the 13th novel written under his own name. During this encounter, Belch shows a great deal of resentment towards Henry, which uneases him. The late Civil War was relieved of very much of its sectional character by the presence of so many Southerners in the Union armies. After a violent rock fight in early July, Henry becomes increasingly sadistic until he eventually murders his father in mid-August with a switchblade provided by It, and also tries to kill the Losers. This money will be coming… Read More, Last fall, at the Texas Book Festival, Bart and I attended Linda Sue Park’s panel. Some of these doubtless served the South better by the side they took; most of them were fine, and some superb, officers. After Mike's phone call, Stan is so terrified of facing IT again that he slits his wrists in the bathtub, writing "IT" on the wall in his own blood.
William 'Stuttering Bill' Denbrough:  Also known as "Big Bill." THE BATTLE OF SOUTH MOUNTAIN, OR BOONSBORO. He believes the group should have no more, no less than seven members. But we trust that fragrant forever will be the memory of deeds of heroism, patief-denial, and constancy to principle, whether those deeds were performed by the wearers of the blue or of the gray. Richard "Dick" Hallorann:  A chef in Derry Army E Company. The Losers plan to return home and gradually begin to forget about IT, Derry and each other. As a kid, his main hobby was birdwatching. This leads to the fire at the Black Spot started by the Legion of Decency (the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan), although William believes the fire to be a prank that got out of control. On Friday, we went to the Lauritzens for dinner and had the world’s best fajitas (best because… Read More, When I read Jacob Have I Loved last year, I was disappointed in it not only because the book itself didn’t thrill me, but because it couldn’t come close to comparing with Bridge to Terabithia. In late July, Eddie is hospitalized after an attack by Henry Bowers and several of his friends. Tom is shocked when the normally docile Beverly fights back and almost kills him before leaving for Derry. Three days after that, I’ll do my last presentation and voila, an entire semester of graduate school will be behind me. Learn about current events in   historical perspective on our Origins site. It is a four-hour long miniseries that was praised for Part 1, and the acting of the young Losers and Tim Curry as Pennywise but was criticized for Part 2's melodrama and poor special effects at the finale. After Pennywise orchestrates the escape of Henry Bowers, Eddie is attacked by a weakened Henry in his hotel room and accidentally impales him with a broken Perrier bottle, killing Henry fully.
He's believed to be a professional grade baseball batter. In the final paragraphs, the line begins to blur between the story we have been told, the story Bill is dreaming, and the story Bill tells us he will write. "Or so Bill Denbrough sometimes thinks on those early mornings after dreaming, when he almost remembers his childhood, and the friends with whom he shared it.". The Losers eventually all drift apart and go their separate ways in life. IT is the 22nd book published by Stephen King. Henry, after witnessing the brutal slayings of his friends, chases The Losers Club and gets lost for hours in the darkness. He is killed when It, appearing as Pennywise, rips off his arm.

Destroy the rebel army, if possible.". The novel consistently alternates between two time periods, (1958 to 1985) interweaving the story of the children and the adults that they will eventually grow into. His deteriorating sanity becomes apparent during his attacks on Eddie and Beverly: with the former, he pushed Mr. Gedreau to the ground and threatened him into going back inside the Tracker Bros. Store when the man tried to stand up for Eddie after Henry starts attacking Eddie with gravel; he kicked out an old lady's taillight when she tried to stand up for Beverly. Free download or read online The Eyes of the Dragon pdf (ePUB) book. Although he did not know his stepfather killed Dorsey, Eddie suspects him. She and Bill have an occasional working relationship: she is set to star in an adaptation of a novel he wrote. He has a domineering hypochondriac mother who, ever since his father died, has used Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy to manipulate Eddie into caring for her. Publisher

Beverly shoots a slug from Bill's slingshot at the werewolf, injuring IT and causing IT to flee back to the sewers. He once pushed Richie Tozier to the ground, breaking his glasses. Ad revenue helps keep us running. – Bart’s dad… Read More, You can imagine my joy when I opened my email this morning and discovered that in a few weeks I’ll be receiving a check for several thousand dollars.