My dad is a life-long liverpool fan and was raising me as such but one day when I was 5 I overheard a converation between my uncle (arsenal fan) and dad. Her videos on her newfound interest in the Catholic faith are full of energy and exhilaration. Naturally, my only sport was cricket. Been following strong since 2008. And if they play each other then I'll root for both and appreciate all the good things each team did. The town’s priests were under the leadership of the Bishop of Durham, and a Protestant did not hold this post until 1561. So please tell me more about Nufc, why it's so special to you, why you decided to follow it and why I should become a new fan? As with her statements on NFP, there are grains of truth here — the Church does not formally teach that unbaptized babies go to hell. This stems, I believe, from the deeply ingrained Protestant doctrines of perspicuity and the sufficiency of Scripture. Yet, as. I catch every Toon game on TV in the States. And receive inbox updates, get access to members-only content, and interact with other EP readers and authors! Where I live has always been split between Newcastle and... them, and neither of my parents were into football (Fun SovietJoe Fact: I got my mam into football during France 98 after I pretty much made her watch every game that was on TV, and she became a toon fan too!). Sadly this meant that supporting a side came down to protestant or catholic and this then leads to fights or brawls at most games. This all happened when I was about four years old, so I would estimate at around 1993/1994. Edit: Of course I won't let go of the love towards Arsenal, it will always be one of my favorite teams, but just because of that it doesn't mean that I can't support more than 1 club. This was despite the fact that Newcastle was largely Catholic. I happen to live about five miles away from Stevenage, so when IT happened in 1998, I remember being in floods of tears, and telling my mum that I was going to wear my Newcastle hat and scarf to school, because even though I knew there would be a lot of taunting, because thats what a real fan would do. ... and 2 Roman Catholic ones. KS3 > The Reformation > Constituencies > Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Within the past few years I turned 21 and Newcastle is my favorite ale. Me: Like CARTOON?!?? She also received Holy Communion at Catholic and Orthodox services, despite not having been confirmed in either tradition. Love this its even better if you grew up watching cartoon network and their toonarmy sessions. Instead I started watching more games of Newcastle. Moved to Dublin when I was 11 but that didn't change anything; as far as I'm concerned I'm still a Geordie. (Historically, the action in Irish Catholic-Protestant marriages was for the girls to be brought up with the mother's religion, and the boys with the father's. I support my hometown team of Shrewsbury Town, but obviously you had to have a Prem team, so that only secured my fandom in the face of all the Man U and Liverpool fans. Plus, help make EP accessible for thousands of readers every day. Press J to jump to the feed. Ha'way to 'yeh lad. As with all of the great sporting rivalries, the reasons for the animosity between the two North East clubs are … Uncle: Oh it's Newcastle united, the toon is their nickname. This is also inaccurate. No-one in my family was into football, so she seized the opportunity to make me black and white for life, and she succeeded. I was born in Newcastle. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I let him go after being yelled at by the teacher- the kid then turned around and punched me in the face 3 times. Therefore, in Catholic-Protestant marriages the Protestant faith would die out after one generation. When Shearer signed for Newcastle, I saw how much it meant to everyone, and I was sold. He made us shake hands, and after that we became best friends. Yet I often found myself in debates regarding fairly nuanced and technical theological subjects for which I was hardly prepared. (still a fan though). Dad: Not really it- Me: I'm supporting them from now on!