Few rounds of Tennis, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics can help the student in dealing with the stress. Discover the Importance of India. Also, when kids indulge themselves in games, they feel stress-free. The success in sports requires regular practice, dedication, and hard work. People who are in the field of sports have excelled and have always spoken about how one should let a child play. It also helps in building the self-confidence of a child. Article Source: Research paper about forensic science sample research paper in electronics confidence is person most important quality essay another word for argues in an essay on and sports games life Essay role in words of students in 150, narrative essay how you and your best friend met thesis statement for 9/11 essay. #1 For the peace of Mind © 2020 EzineArticlesAll Rights Reserved Worldwide. Games and Sports help the students in keeping the body in shape. ViaSun has the resources to minimize public impact while keeping drivers, pedestrians, and work crews safe. The Benefits and The Limitations. Earlier more stress was given to bookish knowledge but in the current race, more focus is on practical application of knowledge than theory. They need skill, talent and stamina for player to perform to the expected capacity. It also strengthens the immunity system of the body and energizes them. ; Sports make us mentally as well as physically strong, and a student needs that mental toughness to achieve something in life. Basic PLUS Author Good health and peaceful mind are two most important benefits of the sports. With the increasing stress and shift from traditional methodology of education, there is necessity of sports in today’s era. They feel more comfortable in socializing and making new friends. Sports and games are not mere physical activities alone. Games and sports are not only important for success in studio but it is important for success in every walks of our life. Be it indoor games like carom, table tennis, chess or outdoor games like cricket, football, Kabaddi, basketball or any other game that the child finds interesting, parents should encourage them. Empower students with life skills - While sports not only help in developing physical and mental health, it also develops the life skills of a student’s personality. This makes it quite convenient as modern society spends a lot of money on therapeutic services. We apply our knowledge and experience to minimize and prevent risk at every step. They play a more significant role in making people confident, adaptable, alert, and happy but in most of our schools, the games period is for relaxation. Many times we have seen the students who are best at sports and not so good in studies. It also teaches them to have the capability to cope with physical and emotional pain. It not only helps the child to train their mind for the fast pace world challenges but also helps to improve intelligence and concentration of the student, according to a research. Aman Tumukur Khanna.