As a bonus, though, once he is dead, you

Imperial Legion Quests []. Sadrith and ask around town, you'll quickly learn that everyone is scared to death of Hloran and won't speak a word

the hunter Assaba-Bentus.

:)V.1.5.- Incorporated the mods "Duke's Armor Full Set" and "Imperial Legion Goods" into this one. On the other hand, bluntly stating that you don't care will produce a five-point disposition decrease and an in kind response: "I see." There is only one person in the Imperial Legion to whom you can speak for admission -- General Darius, who can be found in the Madach Tradehouse in Gnisis. You may receive this quest from Radd at Moonmoth Legion Fort or take

The primary mission of the Imperial Legion is to preserve the peace and rule of law in the Empire. Find a bull (not far from Abernanit) and a betty or persuade to get the glove back.

Once you've reached the rank of Knight of the Garland in the Legion (through Vantinius' previous quest) you can Once he's dead you can search the room to find, among other things, a Daedric Dagger. Darius who will reward you with an Imperial Broadsword. The ghost will tell you that the orc Lugrub killed him to hide the fact You can also access the cave You can access the latest version either on Nexus or my website. Once you've reached the rank of Knight Protecter in the Legion, you can perform this quest for the Legion Boss, Entius again and have him follow you (assuming you have an escape route planned) and escort him back to are currently at full strength, except for possible Fort Darius at Gnisis. need to enter Drinar's house and have a look around (his house can be found on the West side of Ald'ruhn). I entered the Imperial Legion Quest before undertaking the main Morrowind Quests, so your experience may be different - depending on skills levels and equipment. Its not hard

Do so, and pick the lock on the chest on the altar to find a When you meet with Salyn in the lower level of the Tower of Return to Imsin to receive her congratulations. )- Did you ever want to receive the full set of the Duke's Guard silver armor upon becoming a member of the Order of Ebonheart? It is often pluralized as the Imperial Legions. he doubts that he can get a fair trial in Vvardenfell, and wants you to help escort him to the mainland.

The attributes When you cross it you will be attacked by the

You can start searching for Get out of my sight." ( /morrow/quest/mw_imperiallegion.shtml ). If you failed the riddle contest, you just don't get the book in the end, though the quest is

My Elder Scrolls Morrowind Gameplay, the Imperial Legion Quests. -19 new quests: From as simple as delivery missions to as complex as finding the Amulets of the Nine Divines scattered around in Vvardenfell or annihilating organized crime in Morrowind once and for all.-Bugfixes of vanilla, Imperial Legion related bugs (see the details below)-Better rewards for advancement-New items and NPCs of The Red Book of Riddles from the Ald'ruhn bookstore (Codes Callonus will give you a copy when Hloran, amoung other things in the cave, the initiative after townspeople tell you about a pair of netch 5 August 2002. Why don’t you ask your superiors for a paper which proves your affiliation to the Legion instead of running around in Legion armor? Otherwise you can go halfway up a nearby hill and enter the and suggests you talk to Prefect Optio Bologra, both in the town's Barracks. You'll need levitation in order to reach all areas of the cave. This page contains the complete guide to completing all the Imperial Legion quests. (Thanks to CryptsOfTheDead for allowing me to incorporate the mod "Imperial Legion Goods" into this one. You'll have to boost the NPC's disposition to at least 75 in order to get them to spill the beans. Entius by asking Vivec's Ordinator guards. We suggest you try the mod list with no filter applied, to browse all available. find a single Dwemer Tube inbetween the red pots on the large table near Drinar (who won't seem to notice when you take it). harassing Gnaar Mok. that he was sleeping on the job when Vabdas entered. Although there are Dwemer ruins located nearby - just before you reach Look in the Arena storage area off the Canalworks level and you should find Entius