“Confiteor” is Latin for “I confess,” and comes from the first line of the prayer. Imitate What Is Good, by @GracePCho: https://t.co/rDEHWb2HB6. Hidden sorrow never finds words. But for those of us who are white, yes, taking a look at the diversity (or lack thereof) in our community is indeed a needed step right now. Thank you, Michelle, for being a patient and valuable voice in all stages of activism—my family and I are watching and learning from you. Over 450 studies, 3000 pages, and 20 themes! It has never brothered me at all. It’s not that racism didn’t exist before this year. But it’s the cumulative effect of it all.

Michelle, thank you for leading all of us with these powerful words & reminding us that we must always begin on our knees in prayer, grief and lament.

More than that, prayer and lament form the foundation for my activism. Before Jesus left the planet, He gave His apostles the power to forgive sins in His absence, for on the day of Pentecost, He would give them the Holy Ghost and they would continue to do what He had done for the last three years. Forgiveness Prayer in Preparation for Confession Lord Jesus Christ, who gave the Holy Spirit to Your apostles so that whose sins they forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins they retain are retained, I give You thanks for providing me a way to be reconciled with You.

In Christ, now and forever, we are forgiven of all sins—past, present, and future! See I made a difference to that women many just walk passed say why don’t they stay in their own country. I would like to be free of guilt, to be pardoned, to have peace, and to be restored to You. It’s truly an expression of Immanuel, God with us. Michelle, May God continue to protect His expression through you.

I’ve experienced the pain of racism!! Let me now, like the Prodigal Son, return from a foreign land, starved and poor, weary from the journey, and, if I am truly humbled, truthful and contrite, restore me to my inheritance of heavenly bliss. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. We want to do something. Shine Your divine light on my neglects, offenses, abuses, and all manner of darkness that has displaced Your grace in my heart. Confess to God where you’ve wronged others or harbored bias towards a group of people. Wow! Did God really demand Ezekiel eat excrement?

Get to know that person.

So also Egbert of York (d. 766) gives a short form that is the germ of our present prayer: "Say to him to whom you wish to confess your sins: through my fault that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word, and deed." Amen. And we need to lament communally. The doctrine found in 1 John belongs in Israel’s prophetic program, not our mystery program (the Dispensation of the Grace of God).

Pain. Interesting to see it spoken about in so many comment threads lately…. Most of this text remains the same as the version we presently use. Every single one cried out to God and let the pent-up pain of too many weeks spill out into words before our Father. The answer, usually: this issue is what *this* effort is focusing on, because it has some different roots than other things (so we can’t just tackle “all diseases” while still making as much progress on any one thing), and because it *is* killing and harming a ton of people, and because we *should* work against it. Canon. That night of prayer was the first step toward solidarity with our Black and brown communities who are hurting right now.

We are not to Judge them for doing wrong. Should we also work against other injustice?

Shouldn’t we lift ALL people up? But they not take that out of me. I will continue to pray, lament, confess & repeat!!

The more we know and understand, the better equipped we are to lament. Each of need to take all that we’re feeling and experiencing, and everything happening in our country right now and lay them before our God in heaven. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Michelle. Exhaustion. Prayer of Thanksgiving Lord Jesus, I thank You for giving me back the promise of eternal life given to me at my baptism. If we change our systems such that people are not afraid of calling the police – if they know that justice will be done – then violence within communities will be reduced.

Before restoration, there is lament. The sorrows of death and the perils of hell surrounded me, but You heard my voice, and, Lord Jesus Christ, You had mercy on me, a sinner.