(Going back a way here) Well, I have just hotly penetrated the holiest of holies – yes – springs at the front AND the back of the bicycle. Q: How long I can get the goods9 A: It's depend on how many product you purchase and way of shipment, we will reply you after receiving inquiry. Privacy Policy

This frame is pretty much identical to the KHS Team 29FS frame, minus the components. If you really want to do some testing then you can borrow mine for a day a bit of advice, don’t get a second hand one, had nothing but issues (stages). Great review. That’s basically on par. Cool Runnings Streaming, 29er, carbon and, gasp, purple anodisation included.

I’ve been looking at 29er carbon FS frames and I came across this model from DengFu as they call themselves.

I’m 185cm and inseam is 85-86, so basically same as you. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy

im still riding mine, its been fabulous.

*UPDATE* Fully finished it is 25.3 pounds/ 11.48Kg. steve.

Intellectual Property Protection Looks dodgy as hell huh? lastly i solved the annoying give you get when you lift the bike by the seat. I’m hoping by writing this, I can basically quantify somewhat, exactly how much that convenience costs – it’s somewhere between about $1000 – $3000 in in NZ moneys.

Sticking with metal bars because I’m paranoid….

2018 Newest Carbon MTB Mountain Bike Frame 29er Plus 29*3.0 Wheels Model FM299-B-SL. You will need a vacuum to thread shrink tape through the frame first.

It appear the holes for the shock linkage are two big and by chance I bought a titanium nut and bolt which when tightened wedged the nut firmly into the linkage bolt crevice and so acted effectively as a re-bore.

Not sure if they do a 19.5 or not, but if not try looking around Dengfu or Flyxii etc. At race pace the heavy dually will be much faster.

I typically ride KHS bikes, and after having looked at the 2016 model Team 29er, KHS is based in Taiwan, which is as republic of China. Mind if I borrow that faux brand name as well? Seriously, I was holding back like crazy especially on the climbs I was only at 150 BPM. Order Of The Thistle Star,

Thanks Andreas!

Enjoy mate : ). Also you may be able to find cheaper with enough web snuffling. Cool Runnings Streaming,

You can just unbolt the thing on the frame so don’t worry about it. hongfu bikes, triathlon bike frame, new TT frame in 2015! A dual suspension bi-cycle. That there is fitting above the BB (presumably for a front deralieur) Like yourself i wanted to go 1×10 (or 11) did your frame have this fitting place? The breakdown: ’36 frame is $735USD; Headset $15; Shipping $90; paypal charge (yes they pass it on to you) $35.33. (Going back a way here).

Or take it to Mud Cycles and ask them to do it.

Seems to be super strong in that area now. At race pace the heavy dually will be much faster. Seriously about to order a frame – noticed on the new frame You need a special tool to press it out. I wouldn’t hesitate to order this frame considering KHS uses the same frame for it’s Team racers, and they don’t seem to have a lot of complaints. Now, with MTB standards all over the place these days, you are gonna have to do some homework i.e. Looks dodgy as hell huh?

A Spray Of Plum Blossoms Song, Change ), http://www.merlincycles.com/shimano-xt-m780-2-x-10-disc-brake-groupset-54656.html, http://www.wiggle.com/hope-hoops-pro2-evo-29er-wheelset/, http://www.gtrails.co.za/2013/06/03/grafenberg/, https://hongfu-bikes.en.alibaba.com/product/60527447111-213714322/2016Newest_full_suspension_hongfu_bicycle_full_suspension_HF_FM036.html, Follow "Faster You Fool" on WordPress.com.

I am 6’2″ thinkin a 19.5″.

That’s including the plastic spacer thing for the shock. You see, I have just assembled and ridden my new Chiner: It is a carbon 29er dual suspension XC race frame from Hongfu codenamed FM036.

That’s a nice build too.

Not expensive to fix either. As well as from carbon. For me, I like building bikes in my kitchen, whilst drinking gin and tonics and poring over internet forums – so for me, it’s not a good deal. Strava says I’ve ridden this sector about 50 times in the last couple of years but it will be way more than that (my garmin misses the segment all the time).

Good luck dude fire away if you have any other questions about the build.