Recreational shooters sometimes refer to hollow points as "JHPs", from the common manufacturer's abbreviation for "Jacketed Hollow Point". In fact, this loading was common in service revolvers all the way into the 1990s, as the last of the service revolvers were phased out of police use. That said, selection of a quality load is critical for personal defense, so make sure you choose the right box and brand. Overpenetration can lead to ricochets or even striking people behind the target, and insufficient penetration can mean insufficient wounding. [16][17] This term is rare among shooters in North America, but can still be found in use, usually in the news media and sensational popular fiction. Even in countries such as the UK where hollow point bullets are widely banned, they can be …

The jacket was cut at the hollow to intentionally weaken it, and these cuts allowed the jacket to open into six petals upon impact. Hollow point bullets are more accurate and predictable compared to pointed bullets which, despite having a higher ballistic coefficient (BC), are more sensitive to bullet harmonic characteristics and wind deflection. a portion of the lead-cored bullet is wrapped in a thin layer of harder metal, such as copper, brass, or mild steel. Well, it's simple. With the advent of smokeless powder, velocities increased, and bullets got smaller, faster, and lighter. This, combined with the limited velocity and penetration attainable with muzzleloading firearms, meant there was little need for extra expansion. List of ranks in the fire, police, jail, and corrections services of the Philippines, People of the American Civil War by state, Articles with dead external links from November 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2014, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, "Memorandum: Sniper Use of Open-Tip Ammunition",, "Declaration III – On the Use of Bullets Which Expand or Flatten Easily in the Human Body",, U.S. Social Security orders 174,000 hollow-point bullets - World - CBC News, "Hertfordshire Constabulary Firearms Licensing",, "Big Bore Handgun Silhouette Fun Shoot Match Rules",,, "Transportation and use of hollow point ammunition by sportsmen",, "MotherJones SO93: This bullet kills you better",, "Winchester Ranger Talon (Ranger SXT/Black Talon) Wound Ballistics",,,,,, "Man who pointed gun at police gets 5 years",, History of commercial hollow-point bullet molds.

Some hollow-point boat-tail bullets with longer, more aerodynamic profiles are known as very-low-drag bullets.

If you want to learn more about bullets and ammunition, here's some content Bigfoot Gun Belts has published about various topics: Born in southeastern Washington State, Sam Hoober graduated in 2011 from Eastern Washington University. The law also requires all hollow point ammunition to be transported directly from the place of purchase to one's home, or by members of a rifle or pistol club directly to a place of target practice, or directly to an authorized target range from the place of purchase or one's home. Where target shooting accuracy is the prime consideration, some bullets such as the Sierra "Matchking" incorporate a cavity in the nose section. An im… Like reading this guide to hollowpoint ammunition? In modern ammunition, the use of hollow points is primarily limited to handgun ammunition, which tends to operate at much lower velocities than rifle ammunition (on the order of 1,000 feet per second (300 m/s) versus over 2,000 feet per second). An ACEP spokesman later said he was not aware of any such cases.