Player can be offline. Modify the speed of the selected player while running to “normal walk speed”*rate. Teleport player to point with (#x,#y,#z) coordinates at map #mapid with orientation #orientation.

Display the distance from your character to the selected creature. Adjust spawndistance of selected creature to dist.

If the creature is dead then movement type will applied at creature respawn.Make sure you use NODEL, if you want to keep the waypoints. Set user (possible targeted) expansion addon level allowed. Will add by one example each item from itemset. Subject and mail text must be in “”. Send screen message to player from ADMINISTRATOR. Set the security level for targeted player (can’t be used at self) or for account $name to a level of #level on the realm #realmID. Looks up a title by $namepart, and returns all matches with their title ID’s and index’s.

This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Tip: use the “arrow up” to cycle through all the commands you have type in this session to save typing them again. Increase/decrease the level of character with $playername (or the selected if not name provided) by #numberoflevels Or +1 if no #numberoflevels provided). Modify the swim speed of the selected player to “normal swim speed”*rate. ab = ab NPC flags will applied to all creatures of selected creature template after server restart or grid unload/load.

If no player is selected, modify your runic power. Display a list of available in game Game Masters. Syntax: .channel set ownership $channel [on/off], Syntax: .character deleted delete #guid|$name, Syntax: .reload creature_onkill_reputation, Syntax: .character deleted list [#guid|$name], Syntax: .character deleted old [#keepDays], Syntax: .character deleted restore #guid|$name [$newname] [#new account], Syntax: .cast dest #spellid #x #y #z [triggered], Syntax: .reload locales_gossip_menu_option, Syntax: .ban playeraccount $Name $bantime $reason, Syntax: .server set loglevel $facility $name $loglevel.

On the main window focus window it has some options. hello, is there any command to give upe in the guild?

If no player is selected, modify your energy. Toggle debug mode for arenas. Modify the faction and flags of the selected creature.

Will be output maximum #max_count gameobject. The names and public message text of GM characters are displayed in yellow text. This can be slow operation with lags for server run. Looks up a spell by $namepart, and returns all matches with their spell ID’s. Reveal the area of #areaid to the selected character. This software cannot be modified in any way without the, If the software is used or distributed along with other company's product, the link can be placed, Other link placement can be agreed with the. Command can be used for offline character. Use #exist_code or 2 as program exist code. Character can be ofline. This is source . Modify the running speed of the selected player to “normal base run speed”= 1. Change the model id of the selected creature to #displayid. Using Telnet extended with NVT allows serial port configuration (RFC2217), device identification, confirmation of data sequence, etc.

@item -> will announce "[ Quality Control ]: created (item id) with the command", ]: has killed all monsters in ". Special Commands. Reload areatrigger_teleport, areatrigger_tavern, game_graveyard_zone tables. Request reset spells or talents (including talents for all character’s pets if any) at next login each existed character. Add item #itemid to item list of selected vendor. Create a guild named $GuildName with the player $GuildLeaderName (or selected) as leader. |   Rumunská 26, 120 00 Praha 2   |   Telefon: 222 511 918   |   fax: 222 513 833. Triggering corpses expire check in world. Force the yesterday’s honor fields to be updated with today’s data, which will get reset for the selected player. All stats and dependent values recalculated. Sets the given character as his group’s leader. Output gameobjects at distance #distance from player.
// put at first, the minimum level to display the line 1:To use one command, type it inside the message window where you usually type to chat. Change active until in game phase changed, or GM-mode enable/disable, or re-login. Clear editor.

Gameobject with DB guid #guid phasemask changed to #phasemask with related world vision update for players. Not all settings can be change at reload: some new setting values will be ignored until restart, some values will applied with delay or only to new objects/maps, some values will explicitly rejected to change at reload. Remove aura due to spell #spellid from the selected Unit. Output current visibility state or make GM visible(on) and invisible(off) for other players. Without arguments, display the faction and flags of the selected creature. TCP server lisening on specified port in the Server status and show received data in RAW format. Removes the given character from his group. Output creatures with creature id #creature_id found in world. Reload all `locales_*` tables with reload support added and that can be _safe_ reloaded. Use #exist_code or 0 as program exist code. If no player is selected, it will revive you.

Fallen Angel. Spawn a creature by the given template id of #creatureid. Licensed to: rAthena Add to character quest log quest #quest_id. If #orientation is not provided, the current orientation will be used. Either specify the character name or click on the character’s portrait,e.g. Remove location with name $name for .tele command locations list. Position information includes X, Y, Z, and orientation, map Id and zone Id. If no character name is provided then the selected player (except for yourself) will be kicked. RateMyServer Ragnarok Community » Ragnarok Online » General Discussion » GameMaster Talk (Moderator: Triper) » GM Commands.... « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. Learns all recipes of specified profession and sets skill level to max.Example: .learn all recipes enchanting.

If $school provided then damage modified by armor reduction (if school physical), and target absorbing modifiers and result applied as melee damage to target. Asked by Hijirikawa.

It's FREEWARE you can use and share this software free, Search for the devices over UDP broadcast, List of all devices on the network segment (MAC list), Check and assign main network parameters (IP address, IP mask ans Gateway), Define IP filter range (useful for the security reasons), TEA authorisation enable (useful for the security reasons), NVT enable (for the remote serial port devices), Set the parameters of the connection (speed, parity, handshake), Set the mode of operation (Free, PortStore test, Data, Setup), Set and display the value of the signal on each modem line (i.e. ab = ab Display a list of available in game Game Masters.

If no player is selected, modify your character. "[ Quality Control ]: %s created %s(%d) with the %s command", // replace this space into '#' and you get the bug, due to the client, "[ Quality Control ]: %s created %s(%d) for %s with the %s command",,,, @item and any of its variants (including #).
Allows user to use all titles from #mask. Toggle debug mode for battlegrounds. ab = ab

If you are possessed, unpossesses yourself; otherwise unpossesses current possessed target.

Output item guids, item owner guid, owner account and owner name (guild name and guid in case guild bank). If no player is selected, modify your mana. $speedtypes may be fly, all, walk, backwalk, or swim. Teleport to the given character. Syntax: .gobject target [#go_id|#go_name_part], Syntax: .gobject set phase #guid #phasemask, Syntax: .guild create [$GuildLeaderName] “$GuildName”, Syntax: .guild invite [$CharacterName] “$GuildName”, Syntax: .guild rank [$CharacterName] #Rank, Syntax: .instance unbind [difficulty], Syntax: .itemmove #sourceslotid #destinationslotid, Syntax: .levelup [$playername] [#numberoflevels], Syntax: .linkgrave #graveyard_id [alliance|horde], Syntax: .list creature #creature_id [#max_count], Syntax: .list object #gameobject_id [#max_count], Syntax: .lookup player account $account ($limit), Syntax: .lookup player email $email ($limit), Syntax: .modify faction #factionid #flagid #npcflagid #dynamicflagid, Syntax: .modify reputation #repId (#repvalue | $rankname [#delta]), Syntax: .modify runicpower #newrunicpower, Syntax: .mute [$playerName] $timeInMinutes [$reason], Syntax: .npc set movetype [#creature_guid] stay/random/way [NODEL], Syntax: .npc add move #creature_guid [#waittime], Syntax: .npc add item #itemId <#maxcount><#incrtime><#extendedcost>r, Syntax: .pdump load $filename $account [$newname] [$newguid], Syntax: .pdump write $filename $playerNameOrGUID, Syntax: .reload areatrigger_involvedrelation, Syntax: .reload creature_involvedrelation, Syntax: .reload gameobject_involvedrelation, Syntax: .reload item_enchantment_template, Syntax: .reload locales_points_of_interest, Syntax: .reload pickpocketing_loot_template, Syntax: .reload prospecting_loot_template, Syntax: .reload skill_extra_item_template, Syntax: .reset achievements [$playername], Syntax: .send items #playername “#subject” “#text” itemid1[:count1] itemid2[:count2] … itemidN[:countN], Syntax: .send mail #playername “#subject” “#text”, Syntax: .send message $playername $message, Syntax: .send money #playername “#subject” “#text” #money, Syntax: .server idleshutdown #delay [#exist_code], Syntax: .server plimit [#num|-1|-2|-3|reset|player|moderator|gamemaster|administrator], Syntax: .server shutdown #delay [#exit_code], Syntax: .unstuck $playername [inn/graveyard/startzone], Syntax: .tele name [#playername] #location. You can look up zone using .lookup area $namepart. 4 GM Commands; 5 Macros; 6 Communication; 7 Interaction With Others; 8 Interaction with NPCs; 9 Screenshots & Replay; Keyboard and Mouse Usage. Thanks Annie, I'll go ahead and test it out and see how it works on my end! Grant ownership to the first person that joins the channel. If z is not provided, ground/water level will be used. Teleport player to point with (#x,#y) client coordinates at ground(water) level in zone #zoneid or current zone if #zoneid not provided. Use #exit_code or 0 as program exit code. Will be output maximum #max_count items. Check our simple example, how you can test the HTTP server.. If #keepDays not provided the  used value from mangosd.conf option ‘CharDelete.KeepDays’. If no player is selected, modify your money. Modify the rage of the selected player. ab = ab