Teams from the navy, coast guard and police all subsequently searched the abandoned freighter which reportedly measures an impressive 177.35 meters in length, 27.91 meters in width and weighs 26,510 tons. Ghost Ship (Myanmar) is now showing in Yangon from 1st to 7th February 2019. Read about our approach to external linking. The mystery of the empty cargo ship is solved after Myanmar's navy tracks down a tug that had been towing it to Bangladesh. They said that they had been separated from the Sam Ratulangi since August 26. Until now. After nearly a decade lost at sea the ‘Sam Ratulangi PB 1600,’ finally ran aground on a sandbar approximately seven miles (11km) off the coast of Thama Seitta village of this week. After an investigation, officials determined that the Sam Ratulangi was not, in fact, being manned by a ghost crew.

The rusty ship turned out to be the Sam Ratulangi PB 1600, a container ship built in 2001. It’s not known yet how … The only clue that authorities had as to where the ship — named Sam Ratulangi PB 1600 — might have come from was an Indonesian flag … Officials in Myanmar were left baffled by a 580-foot "ghost ship" this weekend, found drifting unattended off the coast near the capital Yangon. The Sam Ratulangi PB 1600, built in 2001, is more than 177m long Myanmar officials investigating a "ghost ship" found mysteriously drifting near … Bernadette is a digital media producer, writer, and a proud native New Yorker. (Yangon Police/Facebook). The Independence left Jakarta on August 13, towing the ship towards Bangladesh. Ship owners favor selling their ships to these scrapyards in Asia in cash exchanges because they’re able to get more money for their used vessels, as opposed to more legitimate ship dismantling sites in countries like the United States. As steel is of high demand in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, many turn to pawning off defunct vessels to scrapyards for cash. Authorities and navy personnel had boarded the Sam Ratulangi PB 1600 on Thursday to search for clues after it ran aground on a beach. The ship was attached to the tugboat with two cables. The vessel was found off the coast of Myanmar. All market data delayed 20 minutes. The ship is reported to have sailed under the flag of Indonesia and was last spotted off Taiwan in 2009. The owner of the tugboat is thought to be from Malaysia, news site Eleven Myanmar reports. A ‘ghost ship’ with no one on board has run aground in Myanmar, — The Independent (@Independent) September 1, 2018. The Sam Rataulangi PB 1600 was discovered this week by fishermen in the Gulf of Martaban, about seven miles (11km) from the shore near Myanmar's largest city, Yangon. Once ships outlive their usefulness and are no longer sea-worthy, they are typically dismantled so that any useful parts can be salvaged. They made their way to the ship to take a closer look at the vessel and soon realized that it had almost been completely covered by rust and rot.

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In all likelihood, just a skeleton crew was aboard the container ship while it was being towed.