Unlike plenty of its European neighbours, Germany allows passenger cars to drive on its autobahn network for free (for the time being). All Rights Reserved.

Exceptions include the A14 and the A15. With 130.000 labourers participating in the construction, the goal was to complete 1.000 kilometres of road per year. The data we hold is extremely secure and we are regularly audited by the banks and banking authorities to ensure it remains so. A 20) are usually of overriding national importance. Highways with three digits (e.g. We walk you through the registration process, the required documents and costs. The autobahn’s numbering system is very logical: East-West routes are even-numbered, while North-South routes are odd numbered (see below). How do you exchange, replace or renew your licence? Then please call us on 01380 72 72 28. If there are more than two lanes, drivers in the right lanes move to the far right, while drivers in the third or fourth left lane move to the far left. German service stations have a reputation for being expensive and fairly low-quality, but the situation is gradually improving. All transaction information passed between Guy's Magnets Ltd T/A MapsWorldwide and Sage Pay’s systems is encrypted using 128-bit SSL certificates. Keep your doors closed and do not stand in the emergency lane, to avoid impeding emergency vehicles. In theory, then, plenty of other countries have an autobahn. As of 2019, the fatality rate over each 1.000-kilometre stretch of German autobahn is 30,2 percent, compared with the EU average of 26,4 percent. By 1941, just 3.800 kilometres of road had been completed, and by 1942, construction had virtually ground to a halt. Below we present our “German Way Autobahn Rules” – the most important rules of the road for driving on the autobahn and other European limited-access highways. -abstieg, Albauf- bzw. The autobahn’s numbering system is very logical: East-West routes are even-numbered, while North-South routes are odd numbered (see below).

Shortly after the Nazis came to power in 1933, this road was downgraded to the status of a “country road”. The Distance Selling Regulations do not apply to businesses nor to individuals who are trading or acting as a trader (buying goods to re-sell for profit) because no-one is the 'Consumer'. © 2020 Maps Worldwide. While North-South autobahns are usually numbered from West to East (easterly roads have higher numbers), East-West routes are numbered from North (lower numbers) to South (higher numbers). The German federal motorways are now numbered according to a clear system. More German than Lederhosen and German beer, the autobahn has achieved an almost legendary status worldwide as the motorway with no speed limit, but the reality on the roads is a little different. All items that are in stock will show a delivery timescale of 1-3 working days. planned: Landesgrenze mit Dänemark – Heiligenhafen, Kirchheimer Dreieck – Eisenach – Erfurt – Weimar – Jena – Gera – Chemnitz – AD Nossen – Dresden – Bautzen – Görlitz (– A4 – Breslau – Katowice – Krakau), Planning abandoned: Krombach – Kirchheimer Dreieck, Südautobahn, Stuttgarter Autobahn, Aichelbergauf- bzw. These might be around construction sites, at junctions, on dangerous sections of roads, or in and around cities. A 1) are of national or even cross-border significance. Everywhere else in the world, the word “autobahn” is used to refer specifically to the German highway network. In German, however, it is a generic term used to describe the motorway system in any given country. If you can't find the country you are looking for listed, please take a look at our A-Z Country directory or try our website search! Instead, it has a “recommended speed limit” of 130 kilometres per hour. With cars zipping back and forth between lanes and overtaking each other at speeds of 200 kilometres an hour plus, the autobahn can seem intimidating to the uninitiated. Find out how to take out car insurance and get an eVB number. Some autobahns were even cut off by the Iron Curtain, meaning they couldn’t be completed until after the Reunification of Germany in 1990. If your item is delayed for any reason, we will update your order to provide an explanation of the delay, although it is not always possible to say how long the delay will be. There are some rules, taxes & fees you need to be aware of. You can be completely assured that nothing we pass to Sage Pay’s servers can be examined, used or modified by any third parties attempting to gain access to sensitive information. You can choose to drive faster than this - it’s not illegal, but it’s not recommended. -abstieg, Ramersdorfer Autobahn, Salzburger Autobahn, Irschenberg, Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Ulm – Augsburg – Munich (unterbrochen im Stadtgebiet, Umfahrung über A 99 oder mittleren Ring B 2 R möglich) – Rosenheim − Bad Reichenhall/Piding (– A1 A10 − Salzburg – Linz / Villach – Italien), Planning abandoned: Pirmasens – Karlsruhe, Magdeburg – Staßfurt – Halle – Leipzig – AD Nossen, under construction: AK Schwerin – Grabow, Groß Warnow – Karstädt, under construction: Colbitz – Wolmirstedt, planned: Westerstede – Jaderberg – Wesertunnel – Bremervörde – Drochtersen – Horst (Holstein) – Bad Bramstedt – Bad Segeberg, planned: Bargteheide – Geesthacht – AD Handorf, Planning abandoned: AD Handorf – AD Egestorf, under construction: Horneburg – Neu Wulmstorf, under construction: Bad Oeynhausen – A 2, Bielefeld – Paderborn – AK Wünnenberg-Haaren, planned: AD Wallenhorst – Osnabrück-Schinkel, under construction: Borgholzhausen – Bielefeld, Planning abandoned; partially built as B 6 and B 82, planned (Planning suspended for legal reasons):[1] Dortmund – AK Unna, Ruhrschnellweg / "Ruhrschleichweg", Hellweglinie, Mönchengladbach-Ost – Willich – Düsseldorf – Ratingen, under construction and planned: Ratingen – Heiligenhaus, under construction and planned: Kassel – Eisenach, Saarlandstraße, Hochsauerlandlinie, Ruhrtalautobahn, under construction: Neuental – Schwalmstadt, planned: Schwalmstadt – Stadtallendorf – Ohmtaldreieck, Planning abandoned: Frankfurt-Miquelallee – Frankfurt-Enkheim, Inntalautobahn / Kiefersfeldener Autobahn, Rosenheim/AD Inntal – Kufstein (– A12 – Innsbruck – Brenner), Planning abandoned: Regensburg – Rosenheim (became B 15n), planned: Burghausen – Simbach am Inn – Pocking – AK Pocking, Under construction and planned: AD Hochrhein – Rheinfelden – Bad Säckingen – Waldshut-Tiengen, Planning abandoned: Lauchringen – Jestetten – Schaffhausen – Singen (Hohentwiel), under construction: AD Neukölln – Am Treptower Park, planned: Am Treptower Park – Landsberger Allee, planned: (AD Halle-Nord) – Halle-Neustadt, Under construction and planned: Bremen-Burg-Grambke – Bremen-Strom, planned: Braunschweig-Thune – Braunschweig-Wenden, AD Vienenburg – Bad Harzburg: Downgraded to B 6 and B 4 in 2001, Wettenberg – Gießener Nordkreuz (Gießener Ring) – Reiskirchener Dreieck, under construction: AK Duisburg-Süd – Duisburg-Huckingen, planned: Duisburg-Huckingen – AK Krefeld-Zentrum, The section between B 31 and B 31a will be upgraded following the completion of the Freiburg City Tunnel, Liste der Highway shieldnschilder der Autobahnen in Deutschland, "Dortmunder B1-Tunnel darf nicht gebaut werden", Verkehrsprognose Nordrhein-Westfalen (OLSIM), Autobahn-Ausweichflugplätze auf geschichtsspuren.de (vormals lostplaces.de), Vorgeschichte der Autobahnen (to 1924 zurück) und Relikte angefangener Projekte auf geschichtsspuren.de (vormals lostplaces), Entwicklung des Autobahnnetzes in Deutschland beim Leibniz-Institut für ökologische Raumentwicklung, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_autobahns_in_Germany&oldid=967635294, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Feste Fehmarnbeltquerung, Hansalinie, Südliche Umgehung Hamburg, Dortmunder Ring, Ruhrtangente, Kölner Ring, Linksrheinische Autobahn, Eifelautobahn, "Warschauer Allee", "Schalkeschleichweg", Dortmunder Ring, Hollandlinie, Rechtsrheinische Autobahn, Kölner Ring, Spessartautobahn, Würzburger Autobahn, Donautalautobahn, Hollandlinie, Kölner Ring, Oberbergische Straße, Rothaarautobahn, Burgwaldautobahn, Neckarlinie, Kraichgau-Autobahn, Via Carolina / Straße der Könige, MüLeiBerl, Berliner Autobahn, Nürnberger Autobahn, Autobahnzubringer Schwerin, Altmarkautobahn, Küstenroute, Küstenautobahn, Westliche Elbquerung /Nordwestumfahrung Hamburg, Ostseeautobahn, Östliche Elbquerung, Ostumfahrung Hamburg, Osttangente, Sengelmannstraße, Marschenlinie, Wendlandautobahn, Schellfischlinie, Blocklandlinie / -autobahn, Küstenautobahn, Nordautobahn / "Ostfriesenhighway", Emslandautobahn / -linie / "(Ost-)Friesenspieß", Küstenautobahn, Südharzautobahn, Südumgehung Leipzig, Mitteldeutsche Schleife, Planning abandoned; partially built as A 52 and L 608, Südumgehung Kamp-Lintfort, Emscherschnellweg, Dortmunder Ring, Sauerlandautobahn / -linie, Siegerlandautobahn, Wetteraulinie, Odenwaldautobahn, Neckar-Alb-Autobahn (NAAB) / Odenwald-Neckar-Alb-Autobahn (ONAA), Großer Nordostring Stuttgart (GrNORSt) / Nordosttangente Stuttgart, Eifelautobahn, HaFraBa (Hamburg-Frankfurt-Basel), Westerwaldautobahn, Lohfeldener Rüssel / Rüsselschwenk, Südtangente Kassel, Wetterau-Autobahn, Viehbachtalstraße, Stadtautobahn Solingen, Niederrheinautobahn / Trans-Niederrhein-Magistrale, Linksrheinische Autobahn, Neusser Ring, Kölner Stadtautobahn, Nord-Süd-Straße, Osttangente Düsseldorf, Flughafenautobahn, Schneifelautobahn, Eifelautobahn, Hunsrückautobahn (? PHOTO: Hyde Flippo.

Officially known as the Bundesautobahn (federal motorway), the autobahn is Germany’s controlled-access highway system.
Description. The A6 autobahn at the A5 exit in Germany. If the road you are on has two lanes in each direction, drivers must move their vehicles as far as possible over to the left and right, creating a middle lane that can be used by the emergency services. The item will be kept on order for up to three months and supplied to you when it becomes available.

Sign Up For The Latest News, Products And Special Offers : View All Freytag & Berndt: Regional Road Maps - Germany, Freytag & Berndt: Regional Road Maps - Germany. All autobahn routes are prefixed with a capital “A”, which stands for “Autobahn”, followed by a blank space and a number. A 2017 report by the Federal Road Research Institute found that 70,4 percent of the German autobahn network had only an advisory speed limit, 6,2 percent had temporary speed limits due to the weather or traffic conditions, and 23,4 percent had permanent speed limits. Below is a map of these autobahn regions: The below map gives an overview of all the major autobahns in Germany: October 2020: 11 changes affecting expats in Germany, Germany places fourth in ranking of the best countries in the world, Germany announces new tougher restrictions for coronavirus hotspots, Several German states introduce internal travel restrictions, Housing in these two German cities is the most overpriced in the world. How long can you use foreign driving licences in Germany? In Germany, the word “Bundesautobahn” is preferred to make specific reference to the German autobahn network. Some insurers will not pay out for any damages. Maintaining the autobahn costs Germany 825.000 euros per mile each year. If pulled over on the autobahn, you must be able to produce: You must also have the following items in your car: Germany is the only country in Europe to not have a general speed limit. Germany map - Germany Michelin maps, with map scales from 1/1 000 000 to 1/200 000 Once the information is in Sage Pay's systems, all sensitive data is secured using the same internationally recognised 256-bit encryption standards used by, among others, the US Government. Still struggling? See full details of our Returns Information here, Cancellations - personalised/bespoke items. While in France you pay per kilometre at a turnpike toll, in Switzerland and Austria you need a flat-rate toll sticker (Vignette) to display in your car’s windscreen. At our discretion, incomplete orders may be sent out as partial shipments if we anticipate that an item may take some time coming in to stock.