Speaking of which, the set design was quite elaborate. Most murders are committed by Rocco the Clown, who is just a brutish man-beast repeatedly crushing people to death. The “Taxidermist” (Howard), a man with a penchant for working on live “patients” instead of dead animals. The best technical attribute here is the lighting, or more specifically the atmosphere that’s gauged from the lighting. If you've seen the Movie I hope you liked..and I hope you watched the very end of the credits! Both Chasty and Sterling are serviceable as the “sex-crazed couple” but the characters are somewhat one-dimensional. The soundtrack was fairly standard but there was a cool industrial style song, similar to music from the band “Orgy”, I dug that. Real killers on the loose in a Halloween haunt is a promising premise, though the weird way “The Funhouse Massacre” tries realizing professional ambitions through amateur aesthetics leaves it with a half-baked identity. Also once again, the fact that the film doesn’t pick a definitive path between goofy and realistic means it wanders between both in what looks like a drunken daze. Killer Sofa (Review) It ain’t no lazy boy…, Driven (Review) Well they’re demons, for lack of a better term…, Dry Blood (Review) Isolation can be hazardous to your health…, 2001: A Space Odyssey (Review) Humanity’s rise and the dangers of technological advancement…, Slithis (Review) Literally a fish out of water…, Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre (Review), Big Legend (Review) Something lie beyond the woods…, Space Babes From Outer Space (Review) They’re not from here…, The Velocipastor (Review) He’s a man of the claw…, A Way Out (Review) All good things must come to an end…, The After Party (Review) A watering hole of a different kind…, All Over Again (Review) It’s never too late…, Amy’s In The Freezer (Review) It’s not what he had planned…, Backward Creep (Review) Eyes on the prize…, Bec (Review) Something goes bump in the night…, The Bloody Ballad Of Squirt Reynolds (Review) He wants his revenge…, California Roll (Review) When destiny calls…, Canine (Review) A man’s best friend is his dog…, Catcalls (Review) Danger awaits those that bait…, Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir (Review) It’s a family balance…, Chimes (Review) There’s a method to the madness…, Date From Hell (Review) They can be a nightmare…, Defarious (Review) It’s time to confront your demons, Father (Review) He’s the type of figure you don’t want in your life…, Five Course Meal (Review) Keep em coming…, Foxwood (Review) The best date you’ve ever had…, Future Harvest (Review) They’re not gonna pick themselves…, Good Girl (Review) All good things must come to an end…, Gotas (Review) There’s nothing to fear but fear itself…, Hang Up!