The display can adjust and alter based on the needs of the moment, offering music controls when you're listening to MP3s and showing a dial pad when you want to make a call, for instance. On the Bowling Green near Manhattan's southern tip. Would we be able to obtain canned pumpkin for instance? The subject-contingents stood side by side with the native Persian troops; and the garrisonsin Egypt, for instance were composed of the most varied nationalities. On the other hand, there is absolute coincidence in a number of cases, some of them very striking, as for instance the remarkably low minima of 1810 and 1823.

The various takes on Cumbia are usually tied to a region and named as such - for instance Cumbia Norteno. Enquiries about the post should be addressed in the first, 27. 23 examples: Note that (13b) is a rare instance of thought being followed by a present-tense… The continental shelves include not only the oceanic border of the continents but also great areas of the enclosed seas and particularly of the fringing seas, the origin of which through secular subsidence is often very clearly apparent, as for instance in the North Sea and the tract lying off the mouth of the English Channel. One Baptist minister, Stuart Davison, from Merseyside. The rape of Cassandra by Ajax was frequently represented in Greek works of art, for instance on the chest of Cypselus described by Pausanias (v. The British party was strong because of the loyalty of the large Church of England element, the neutrality of many Quakers, Dunkers, and Mennonites, and a general satisfaction with the liberal and free government of the province, which had been won gradually and had not suffered such catastrophic reverses as had embittered the people of Massachusetts, for instance. Owing to its position, the Persian state, when it from time to time became a conquering empire, overlapped Asia Minor, Babylon and India, and hence acted as an intermediary for transmitting art and ideas, sending for instance Greek sculpture to India and the cult of Mithra to western Europe. 29 The system will handle not only telephone calls and data messages but other signals that need high bandwidth, 30 A typical example is the tendency to blame yourself. B.] This combination means that the colourful patchwork created by the budding of different colour forms of jewel anemones. Sand may be taken as the predominating deposit on the continental shelves, often with a large admixture of remains of calcareous organisms, for instance the deposits of marl made up of nullipores off the coasts of Brittany and near Belle Isle. The mauves and purples of amethyst for instance look great with neutral shades as well as darker colors. Looking for sentences containing for instance or for example on the Corpus of Contemporary American English, I got 27988 sentences containing for instance against 88202 sentences containing for example. had phi in who've had at r health care for instance i'm. Sie mag viele Musikrichtungen, wie zum Beispiel Jazz.

Incentives would have to include tax waivers. Traditionally these would have been typed using key board symbols, for instance typing :) to indicate a happy face (turn your head anti-clockwise to see it) or typing :( to indicate an unhappy face. 8. Many crystals for instance Swarovski are of the highest quality and look wonderful matched with silver or gold beads. But if your hair has a lot of yellowy tones. So long as the characters of new fossils are only of specific and generic value, it is mostly possible to assign the birds to their proper place, but when these characters indicate new families or orders, for instance Hesperornithes, Ichthyornithes, Palaelodi, their owners are put outside the more tersely constructed classifications applicable to modern birds.

Mowing is indiscriminate and does not act selectively; for instance it is impossible to mow only the grass in a mixed sward. - … Some candle wreaths are complete with candle holders for a certain type of candle, for instance tea-lights, and as such these may not be as flexible as other types of wreath.

Adv. wie zum Beispiel adv She likes many types of music, like jazz, for instance.

The act or an instance of. If you wish to join the club, you should apply to the secretary in the first. They have several tracks available to listen to on their official Newsboys MySpace page, for instance. You are then forcing delegates to choose between papers on for instance family care or education for neonatal nursing. This in turn affects other parts of the carbon cycle, for instance by making the oceans warmer, which causes yet more carbon to be released into the atmosphere. I hope this helps. Your local store is more likely to stock traditional yellow sunflower seeds than to offer Burpee's unique white variety, for instance.

Many are savanna grasses, in various parts of the tropics, for instance the large genus Andropogon, Elionurus and others. If you opt for a generic fragrance, for instance lavender or rose, then home fragrance items from a variety of sources can be used. Many surnames in Wales derive from patronymics rather than.

's character which is otherwise inexplicable, for instance his precocious reserve and taciturnity, his dislike of everything French, and his inordinate contempt for purely diplomatic methods. In the volatile southern province of Kandahar. They are also a useful time management tool, for instance setting a time limit on a project or meeting. rattus alexandrines is common in many places to which the brown species has not yet penetrated, for instance in South America. The Romans also built town or city walls in England, which can still be seen.

Forging proceeds by beating or squeezing the piece under treatment from its initial into its final shape, as for instance by hammering a square ingot or bloom first on one corner and then on another until it is reduced to a cylindrical shape as shown at A in fig. A 2 by 4, for instance. Some watch bands, for instance stainless steel bands, are very hard wearing and can withstand extreme conditions; other straps like fine leather may crack or wear over time. mercury calx was LJ .3 Bergman's symbolism was obviously cumbrous, and the system used in 1782 by Lavoisier was equally abstruse, since the forms gave no clue as to composition; for instance water, oxygen, and nitric acid werev 4), and e-f. A species, in short, is a subjective conception, and some writers, as for instance E. Patronage of art is among the cherished traditions of the German princes; and even whereas for instance at Casselthere is no longer a court, the artistic impetus given by the former sovereigns has survived their fall. In some domes, for instance in a dome at the university of Birmingham, a sound from one end of a diameter is heard very much more loudly quite close to the other end of the diameter than elsewhere, but in St Paul's Lord Rayleigh found that " the abnormal loudness with which a whisper is heard is not confined to the position diametrically opposite to that occupied by the whisperer, and therefore, it would appear, does not depend materially upon the symmetry of the dome. A stickleback in a tank, for instance - what do you see? Mobile devices are becoming less expensive. In many birds some of the thoracic vertebrae are more or less coOssified, in most pigeons for instance the 15th to 17th; in most Galli the last cervical and the next three or four thoracics are coalesced, &c. The pelvic vertebrae include of course the sacrum. 146.) In countries which were not feudally organized - in Castile, for instance - vassal meant simply subject, and during the revolutionary period acquired a distinctly offensive significance as being equivalent to slave. PM: You don't want to pick a dishwasher solely for its low water use for instance. Space heaters are different to other forms of heating as they heat a specific piece of space, for instance a single room. This style of program is also ideal if you have lists of information to include, for instance giving special credits, recognition, or general thanks. the New Kingdom the leading priests were more frequently mere clerics than theretofore, though for instance the high priest of Ammon was often at the same time the vizier of southern Egypt. But the feudal system also allowed for Church functionaries. The true Roman pizza, for, But the minni given to gods or saints was only the most prominent, In Greece, the custom of blood feud is found in several parts of the country, for, Of particular interest for Shakespeare scholars is the story of Amleth, the first, This was a much higher proportion of free blacks to slaves than in Virginia, for, There is the Professor's nightly bath, for, Joyce draws upon Christ's parable of the Good Samaritan to make Bloom's unassuming act of comradeliness an, The common things are terrible and startling, death, for, The Senior Courts of England and Wales is the highest court of first, But pass up the sci-fi stuff for now, like for, These seem as if, in the time of Edward I., they were drawn up into the form of a law, in the first, If you choose to drink again the best way to avoid another, One's own death is an 'accidental' event, simply another, A castle on the eastern edge of the island spawns a new, The House of Lords then ceased to hear petitions in the first, By the 18th century, religious membership was becoming more fractured in some places, due for, They are also payment checkpoints and allow passengers to transfer between modes of transport, for, Nevertheless, politicians have set targets, for, In many cases these spirits are associated with the natural world, for, The NNV are not universal among Heathens, and it has for, The Romans also built town or city walls in England, which can still be seen, for, Large pavilions were built for and by the colonies, that for Canada for, Malory associated other Arthurian locations with modern places, for, It too can be used as an ingredient for Thai salads and as a meat ingredient in, for, Light mild is generally similar, but pale in colour, for, The remainder of Part I is largely carried by the soprano in B flat, in what Burrows terms a rare, But the status of Breconshire or Carmarthenshire, for, Nevertheless, the Council retained the power to hear legal disputes, either in the first, The Inner House is the senior part of the Court of Session, and is both a court of appeal and a court of first, It was the second time Qatar had hosted the tournament, with the other, Some policy rules can be imposed by external bodies, for, According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this is the first recorded, In February 1947, he made the first of several trips to the United States, in the first, Artwork which takes liberties, altering for, Myomancy. They could be homeless, at risk of domestic violence or have a drug or alcohol dependency for instance. Luckily, there are many 100% Organic Vitamins and Supplements which are certified by an a recognized authority, for instance USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) or other accredited certifying agent. The phrase 'for instance' can be used to begin a sentence, as long as what follows is an independent clause (a complete sentence). For instance, compared to the typical ectomorphic or endomorphic child, the mesomorphic boy or girl may have more energy and a greater motivation for vigorous play with peers. It's easier for those times you need to use the restroom, for instance. 3. Although I understand the words in the sentence, the sentence does not make sense as a sentence in English. On the whole, oceanographical research was being taken up most actively in Europe, but much important work was also begun in America, for instance the fine hydrographical research in the Pacific by the Scripps Institute of the university of California. If the color isn't a big issue, for instance if you're carpeting a basement play area, you might be able to negotiate on an outdated style or color. Proposals that are a little unusual or unique can end up costing a significant amount of money, for instance if special signs or other materials are required. Take the latest samurai vampire novel, for instance. There will be no opportunity to drive an adit to a mine situated on a large flat plain. The Qataris famously play every angle, cutting deals.