Do you know what the salary is?’. As for clothing, Joanna Rosholm, press secretary to Michelle Obama, said: ‘Mrs. Per Forbes, Melania … After assigning a percentage weight to each role, then multiplying it by the middle salary for each position, the company came up with a ‘hybrid job compensation estimate’ for the first lady of $173,500. Our mission: “Every Dime, Online, In Real Time.” We've built the worlds largest database of public sector expenditures -- including 70 million public employee salary and pension records. Our review of this year’s White House payroll shows eleven employees on First Lady Melania Trump’s staff. McCray has played an unprecedentedly prominent role in government as the spouse of a New York City mayor — including travels on the presidential campaign trail, complete with a taxpayer-funded NYPD detail, during de Blasio’s brief candidacy. In 2017, our auditors at forecasted a $22 million four-year savings. Prakash Churaman, 21, has been behind bars since age 15, convicted in a Queens murder.

Obama pays for her clothing. In May 2018, she announced "Be Best," a program initiative designed to fight the opioid crisis and promote online safety. While some in Lower Manhattan are fundraising $1M for a lawsuit against the city, "Friends of FiDi" has packed welcome kits for homeless men. US presidents have earned $400,000 per year since 2001, but First Ladies earn nothing. And I made the White House home — for our son and my husband — and we love to live in the White House," Melania told ABC News in 2018. They are then stored by the National Archives.’. A Cuomo official defended the practice at the time by arguing that the agencies were a part of the executive branch, and said the practice was a longstanding one, introduced under former governors. She was more than royalty in … Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. However, the title ‘First Lady’ was not coined until after her death. Andrew Cuomo reportedly came under federal investigation for hiding executive office personnel in various state agencies, according to the Times Union. Starting in 2009, President Obama came under fire for hiring special initiative czars. In 2017, Gov. We’re here to listen. Officials in McCray’s office said the advisor, Dabash Negash, was brought in as a replacement for one deputy chief of staff who left earlier this year — and that her transfer from the Mayor’s Office was in the works before the coronavirus outbreak started. That count excludes other city and nonprofit employees who support McCray on specific projects that she oversees — including private fundraising on behalf of the city government, managing the Gracie Mansion mayoral residence and spearheading ThriveNYC. But she has built up a portfolio of work that includes a billion-dollar endeavor to improve the city’s mental health services, known as ThriveNYC. Adam Andrzejewski (say: And-G-F-ski) is the CEO/Founder of The payroll discounts come from Trump’s refusal to take a salary, as well as big reductions in other areas including the absence of czars, expensive “fellows,” and spending on First Lady of The United States (FLOTUS) staff. Her director of policy, a second speechwriter, and communications advisor were placed on other payrolls, records show. Barack Obama earned just under $400k in his role as President – so this might lead you to ask ‘How much did Michelle earn?’. Melania will not be moving to Washington, with Ivanka acting as FLOTUS while she is in New York. Maybe it’s half what POTUS earns?

Trump’s White House payroll has been a leading indicator of his commitment to “do more, with less.”, In the first few weeks of his presidency, Trump issued an order mandating an executive agency hiring freeze. Yet questions have persisted about whether ThriveNYC has done enough to target people who are the most seriously mentally ill. As attention intensified in early 2018, de Blasio argued that it was unfair his wife couldn’t get paid because of existing nepotism rules, considering how much work she was doing for the city as an unpaid volunteer. (Photo by Nicholas Kamm / AFP) (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images). As for the two lower-level McCray aides, unnamed on the list of employees provided, the officials said one works jointly for McCray and the mayor, while the other is considered an employee of Gracie Mansion.

"I won't take even one dollar. Martha confessed she did not enjoy her role as First Lady, writing to a niece in a letter that ‘I think I am more like a state prisoner than anything else’. Ivanka is a former reality TV personality and fashion model, and is currently a businesswoman, serving as Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at the Trump Organization and on the Board of 100 Women in Hedge Funds. Note: we requested comment from the White House and will update the piece if there is a response. Melania Trump earned her estimated net worth of $50 million from modeling, appearing on television and in movies, and her now-discontinued QVC jewelry line that sold out in 45 minutes (via Celebrity Net Worth). See all Former Employee salaries … MORE: Who is Ivanka Trump? According to a recent lawsuit, she expected to develop “multi-million dollar business relationships” connected to her White House role. Trump asked his agency heads to “seek efficient use of existing personnel and funds to improve public services…”. In the wake of McCray’s acknowledgement of political aspirations, her high-profile status has come under increased scrutiny.

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President Trump's leaner White House staff has already saved taxpayers $23.5 million, adjusted for ... [+] inflation. Brown, special representative for disaster recovery, who earned $190,289 . My work has been featured at major national news platforms such as Good Morning America and ABC World News Tonight; USA Today; The Wall Street Journal; The New York Times; NPR; FOX News; and CNN. May change and repair tires.

#MyDayNYC However, Melania Trump doesn't need a salary to maintain her lavish lifestyle, since she walked into The White House tied with Jackie Kennedy as the wealthiest First Lady in American history. Leading by example, Trump saved taxpayers $23.5 million during the first four years of his administration.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed in the White House. Although the first lady doesn’t receive a paycheque, there is a budget for her activities.
In 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama paid her 24 staffers $1.6 million collectively. Closer Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. And they do all of this work — which is worth an estimated salary of $173,500 — totally unpaid. Jean H Baker wrote in ‘Give First Ladies a Salary and Expectations’ that being a First Lady is ‘a full-time, all-consuming job’, with duties including running the household, advising the president and promoting causes. Torx sockets/internal and external. Her office did not respond to a question about McCray’s intentions for that contest, scheduled for a likely decisive June 2021 primary as current Borough President Eric Adams departs due to term limits. What is Melania Trump's First Lady salary? (In 2012, Obama had 468 employees for $37.1 million – adjusted for inflation – the payroll cost $43 million.). They advance the goals of the administration, champion social causes, appear at state functions, and manage White House staff members. Cuomo is threatening to withhold state funds if the city doesn’t crack down harder. With her working days now behind her, Melania is putting her stamp on the role of First Lady. "As a mother and as first lady, it concerns me that in today's fast-paced and ever-connected world, children can be less prepared to express or manage their emotions and oftentimes turn to forms of destructive or addictive behavior such as bullying, drug addiction or even suicide," she explained during the launch announcement in the Rose Garden (via CNN). He added that he didn’t know how much the president earned. Full time CNA or Med Aide (evenings)---$1,000 sign on bonus, At Touchmark, the ladies and gentlemen who serve in our communities don't just come to a job, they come to be part of something bigger - a mission focused on…, CPR and First Aid (Required).