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They may find themselves overreacting to most things. Perhaps an older sibling told you about dolls that came to life in the middle of the night. But one-on-one counseling sessions are so expensive, you’re telling yourself. Unlike phobias such as Ailurophobia where a person is afraid of a cat that can harm them, Pediophobia is a fear for something that has no chance of harming. CBT can help you to take a step back and analyze your fears more deeply than you typically would. Strategy #2 for Overcoming Pediophobia or the Fear of Dolls: Don’t let panic or setbacks paralyze you. But if dolls just leave you feeling a little bit squeamish and uneasy? However, this is something that you should discuss with your doctor. CBT is a psycho-social intervention that aims to improve one’s mental health. Sometimes known as 'fake babies' or reborn dolls, these look remarkably like actual children. This content is imported from {embed-name}. Megalophobia, or the fear of large objects can mean an intense fear of things like skyscrapers, large animals, and expansive spaces. Nevertheless, regardless of the many different forms of yoga that exist, virtually all of them can help to relieve some of the stress and anxiety that is associated with pediophobia. Also, remember that it will take a lot of practice to become an adept meditator. Following are five effective strategies for putting this unwanted fear to rest once and for all so that those afflicted with it can reclaim their lives. This is a type of phobia where the individual is afraid of all humanoid or “human-like-but-not-quite” objects including mannequins, marionettes, ventriloquist’s dummies, wax figures, animatrix or robotic figures etc. 6 Mental Health Resources for Black Women, New Line Cinema/Evergreen Media Group/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock. Home » Phobia » Fear of Dolls Phobia – Pediophobia. Someone suffering from this disorder may find it extremely difficult to simply think of dolls, let alone be in the same room with one. A phobia is an excessive and irrational fear reaction. Disclaimer: The content is offered for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All Rights Reserved. Pediophobia refers to the hypothetical fear about dolls. However, a few people have an intense and irrational fear of dolls. However, it should be noted that everyone who has a family history of mental illness does not by default mean that they will indefinitely have the genetics to develop mental illness. Although it is difficult to assess the actual percentage of the population who may be affected by this phobia, it is estimated that a fear of dolls may be more common than some people realize. Dry mouth. Although apparently they sell to collectors for quite a lot of money. The good news for these individuals is that pediophobia can be overcome if it is approached in the right way. Hypnosis, Cognitive behavior therapy, and behavior therapy also aim to reprogram the Pediophobic to help him/her rationalize fearful thoughts about dolls and change them into positive ones. Strategy #4 for Overcoming Pediophobia or the Fear of Dolls: “Treat fear as a call to action.” – As an extension of strategy #3, Inc. magazine recommends reframing your notion of your fear of dolls. Everything You Need to Know About Anxiety, All About Phasmophobia, or Fear of Ghosts, Tomophobia: When the Fear of Surgery and Other Medical Procedures Becomes a Phobia, How to Cope with Megalophobia, or a Fear of Large Objects, How to Overcome Erythrophobia, or the Fear of Blushing, Understanding Automatonophobia: Fear of Human-Like Figures, virtual therapy, where a patient can interact with dolls using a computer. Pediophobia is likely to affect children more than adults. Other doll fears can create anxiety when a person glances at a store mannequin. They can indeed help prevent panic attacks from occurring, but they are more so used to help reduce people’s daily anxiety. Pediophobia is the irrational fear of dolls. This phobia may manifest in early childhood and continue as a life-long fear, or in some individuals a fear of dolls may develop suddenly.

Mottephobia – The fear of moths. Anyone who has ever tried to conquer the irrational fear like pediophobia knows just how difficult the effort can be. Dolls have been shown in a negative light in pop culture. Hypnotherapy has proven itself to be a very effective means of permanently rewiring the brain against pediophobia. “This consistent pairing of dolls with other creepy, scary stimuli may lead to experiencing fear or nervousness when confronted with a doll or an image of a doll,” says Wolizky-Taylor. This is due to the numerous amount of coping skills you can expect to learn in a DBT group. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The main symptom that someone with pediophobia can expect to experience is anxiety. – As Entrepreneur magazine points out, this strategy is all about understanding “what opportunities you have to lose.” You’re afraid of dolls but what is allowing your fear of dolls to have a stranglehold over you causing you to miss out on?

We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Someone suffering from this condition can expect to experience a very high amount of anxiety from merely thinking of cats, let alone actually... © Copyright 2020. Strategy #2 for Overcoming Pediophobia or the Fear of Dolls: Don’t let panic or setbacks paralyze you. Someone with this disorder may find it extremely difficult to cope with their condition if they have children with dolls.

I think most people would be afraid of dolls that look like the Chucky doll from that movie. Then spend some time in the presence of the very thing that fuels your pediophobia. Being more conscious of your daily caffeine consumption may help you to reduce some of the symptoms associated with pediophobia. Besides learning to be more fastidious with regards to understanding one’s specific fears, someone with pediophobia engaging in CBT can also expect to learn various other skills aimed at helping to relieve the anxiety caused by their condition. A fear of dolls may manifest during early childhood. Other doll fears can create anxiety when a person glances at a store mannequin. One example is realistic baby dolls that are inspired by real-life newborn infants. Strategy #5 for Overcoming Pediophobia or the Fear of Dolls: “Rewire your brain.” – Entrepreneur magazine offers this directive as “one of the surest ways to overcome your fears and develop the courage that is needed to get to where you want to go.” Easier said than done though. Most people can be helped with treatment such as therapy or medication. They have many programs that can provide you a solution.
According to the American Psychology Association, exercise can help to condition the mind to better cope with stressful situations. Pediophobia, or the fear of dolls, is relatively common. For example, when someone with pediophobia is exposed to their fear, they will almost always have an instantaneous subconscious reaction to their fear. Start slow and small and gradually work your way up. I just think the idea of a doll that looks completely lifelike but doesn't move is actually quite scary. However, this is not always the case. The method is to gradually introduce a doll or dolls to the patient under close supervision of a therapist. – Everyone has a bad day now and then. Some common antidepressants are Paxil, Zoloft, and Lexapro, among several others. Although such days may make it feel like you’re not making any progress, they’re deceitful. , etc) have portrayed dolls as evil or villainous characters that come to life to cause harm to humans. If someone is also suffering from an anxiety disorder such as OCD or GAD, then they may develop pediophobia due to them merely specifying their anxieties toward dolls. It can help to relieve some of the anxiety associated with pediophobia due to the mere fact that by engaging in yoga, your attention will be redirected to something more productive. Causes of Pediophobia. This phobia may manifest in early childhood and continue as a life-long fear, or in some individuals a fear of dolls may develop suddenly. Anxiety happens naturally, but some people experience it more than others. Practice and repetition are the keys to this strategy working. Besides helping you to reduce your symptoms of pediophobia, you can also expect to acquire increased strength and flexibility, among other benefits.

Whatever the cause of fear of dolls phobia, there can be intense emotional upheaval and turmoil in the mind of the sufferer. Many horror movies (. Some people are afraid of all dolls and stuffed toys, while others fear only a specific type. Exercise has been shown to be extremely beneficial for people suffering from anxiety disorders, including pediophobia. Someone suffering from this condition can expect to experience a very high amount of anxiety from merely thinking of China... Anginophobia is the irrational fear of angina, choking, or narrowness. This makes sense when we take into consideration the high amount of stress that the body is put under during strenuous exercise. Specific phobias affect more than 9 percent of adults in the United States. This can be quite embarrassing as well as debilitating enough to affect the normal functioning of the individual. Some individuals suffering from this fear may avoid going to department stores that they know have these displays. If you have aquaphobia, or the fear of water, you live with a persistent and abnormal amount of fear that prevents you from getting close to water. If you've ever seen one, they are almost exactly like a real baby. Some individuals may find hypnosis to be an effective treatment. Automatonophobia: Irrational Fear of Things That Impersonate Sentient Beings.

It's impossible to name all of the possible fears that people can have, but here's a list of the most common and unique ones, including a fear of…. Exposure therapy usually starts off small. For someone with pediophobia in the midst of a panic attack, redirecting one’s attention to the various sensations felt when breathing can actually help to reduce the amount of mental anguish experienced during such an influx of anxiety. “Write down a specific plan of the exact steps that you’ll take,” the publication recommends. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Talk to your doctor or therapist to see if MBSR can help you to reduce the intensity of your symptoms of pediophobia, as well as where to find MBSR programs in your area. Leah Groth is a news writer and regular contributor to Prevention.