Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon has been ruled out for tonight’s matchup against the Warriors. Harden My Take digests Daryl Morey’s resignation, future of Rockets, Report: Knicks could be interested in Russell Westbrook trade if available, Rockets currently in talks with Jeff Van Gundy. Not sure if 30-plus is going to work for Gordon anymore. Since that one may not be read much, I wanted to repost here to see what ya’ll think. Suffering from various knee and shoulder ailments, Gordon averaged just 44 games per season during his five seasons in New Orleans, so despite his obvious talent, the Rockets took a risk when they signed him to a four-year, $53 million free agent deal in the summer of 2016. Players that get injured that much only hinder the development of their team.

On top of that, despite a few minor injuries, he continued to be mostly healthy, playing in 212 out of 246 games for the Rockets from 2017-2019, the most games he’s played in any three-season set over the course of his entire career. A healthy and effective return still remains a key, in my opinion, for a deep Houston playoff run.

– the chemistry being sacrificed by missed games thing. Getting Gordon some rest and rehab would be critical to a title run, and there was plenty of time off in order to do that. It is pretty clear that the Hornets feel the same way, evidenced by Gordon’s late scratch from the lineup on Wednesday night. Gordon is currently 31. We can’t just throw in the towel on it now.

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Anyway I though our endgame this year was getting young players reps over getting w’s. Share this article 30 shares share tweet text email ... Eric Gordon played only nine minutes for the Rockets and left early due to a lower left leg injury, while Russell Westbrook didn’t play at all due to planned maintenance on the second half of a road back-to-back. I remember a lot of us here thinking it was only a matter of time before his robust injury list began to flare up again. a:hover.promo_edge {

February 2009 (4 games) – Bruised left shoulder, December 2009 (1 game) – Precautionary (hamstring tightness), January 2010 (3 games) – Sprained left big toe, April 2010 (3 games) – Viral infection (final 3 games of the season; Clippers tanking? Given the data above, I think that the approach of assuming he will sustain another devastating injury over the next 29 games is an overly paranoid one.
Pingback: 30 in 30: NEW ORLEANS HORNETS « Armchair 3-Ball, Pingback: Eric Gordon Recovery Rhetoric | New Orleans Hornets | Hornets247.com, Pingback: Rumor: Paul Pierce, Avery Bradley for Eric Gordon | Red's Army - The Voice of Boston Celtics Fans, Pingback: NBA Celtics Fan | Rumor: Paul Pierce, Avery Bradley for Eric Gordon, Pingback: Ben Gordon: Trade Scenarios and Expectations | BOBCATS BASELINE, Pingback:  Eric Gordon's Real Career Got Stolen From Us - TFB. Since the majority says they agree with your premise, let me highlight a few things I disagree on-, – that a gm can easily turn 13m of cap room into a player(s) equal or better than gordon (wouldn’t dell have let him walk if he thought that were the case?) Just look at Tracy McGrady and how quickly he fell off.

color:#fff !important; padding:15px; Der 1,93m große und ca. However, for the first few seasons, Gordon experienced a period of good health unprecedented in his pro career. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMBLER. Will they get one? .promo_edge:after { He’s got $58 million guaranteed through 2023. Personally, I am not against trading Gordon, but I am against doing so before Thursday’s trade deadline, and I think the Hornets share this stance. even 5 m does not buy a sure thing. display:inline-block;

No guarantees are made for any specific outcome. Let’s hope EG can be there. Eric Gordon profile page, biographical information, injury history and news width:100%; Rhino was the score of the decade, dell’s best move at gm. But EG is back on the shelf, sidelined for two weeks with an ankle injury sustained against the Boston Celtics. I place the chances of his value going way up much higher than the chance they go way down. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Rockets signed him to a whopping four-year, $75 million extension, which includes $20 million in the 2022-2023 season and a non-guaranteed $21 million in the 2023-2024 season. color:#fff; You could tell something wasn’t right. smitty’s avg over a 4yr career, 62 games played and he appears to be heading that way this year. Hes entering FA this offseason and had the potential to become a multiple time All Star.

Episode 71: Social Distancing, In the N.O. DISCLAIMER: This site and the products offered are for entertainment purposes only, and there is no gambling offered on this site. Eric Ambrose Gordon Jr. (born December 25, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Eric Ambrose Gordon, Jr. (* 25. Yes, Gordon has missed 142 out of a possible 365 games so far, but apart from the right knee injury that has (directly or indirectly) caused 91 of those 142 missed games, what else has ailed him? Should the Hornets Trade Greivis Vasquez? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They can’t consider it good after bad 1/10th of the way in. Ben McLemore has stepped up in the scrimmages, though he’s also been a bit inconsistent, going for 26 points on 6-7 from three one night to 3 points and 1-7 from deep the next.

But if EG continues on his current trajectory, there’s no way he sees that team option for his final year. But the bigger problem is what to do when EG comes back. All this talk about Beal and Davis got me thinking about Eric Gordon not that in anyway are those players similar in terms of their injury past or future.
Eric Gordon's extensive injury history since entering the nba. I never wanted him matched, but since we got him, might as well wait. As far as trade or keep in the offseason, my heart says keep but if he’s truly not buying into system (I don’t feel qualified to say whether he is or not) a deal has to be made and I’m quite sure we could find a taker. If he’s not healthy and performing, how long do the Rockets roll with him if he continues to shoot sub 30 percent from three (he was 15 percent in scrimmages)? Teams will gamble on Gordon if he stays healthy, watch. When Eric Gordon first signed with the Houston Rockets, he came with a pretty significant injury history. But at least for now, that’s an issue for another day. ), does anyone have confidence that Gordon will remain healthy going forward? Episode 69: Zion Meets the Lakers and More, In the N.O.

Gordon was rewarded handsomely. But the truth is, the rested healthy Gordon we saw in the scrimmages looked a lot like the injured version we saw before the break. We’ve also seen some positive from DeMarre Carroll, as he went for 9 rebounds against Memphis. His current season average of 14.5 points per game is the lowest since 2015 in New Orleans. Gordon comes back, he finds his shot, he plays well, the Rockets either go far in the playoffs or even win a title (hey, best-case scenario here, right? src="https://www.facebook.com/tr?id=674090812743125&ev=PageView&noscript=1"/>, .promo_edge { While it could certainly be argued that the first three listed injuries indicate some fragility, the only three injuries that stand out to me as cause for concern are the bottom three – his groin, right wrist, and right knee.

An Outline of Eric Gordon’s Injury History. So to break things down, he has missed games because of: The goal of this outline is not to push fans in one way or the other in regards to their opinions regarding Eric Gordon’s future in New Orleans, but merely to make them aware of what has ailed Gordon throughout his 4 1/2 year NBA career. Even if he is able to shake off the rust, the Rockets may have to limit his minutes in order to keep him healthy. He capped it off with the best playoff performance of his career, averaging 17.8 points in Houston’s 11 postseason games in 2019, shooting 44.7 percent from the field and a scorching 40 percent from deep, including a 30-point, 7 three-pointer performance in a Game 3 victory over the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Semifinals. The Rockets need him. opacity:.9; His injury woes still could still yield a benefit. ), November 2010 (2 games) – Bruised left shoulder, January 2011 (18 games) – Right wrist bone chip fracture (which he played through for 17 minutes after first suffering the injury), March 2011(6 games) – Re-injury to right wrist, December 2011 (57 games) – Right knee injury, October 2012 (29 games) – Right knee injury, January 2013 (5 games) – Rest (back-to-back games), February 2013 (1 game) – Sprained right hand (precautionary due to prior wrist injury). This service is intended for adult audiences. Because that’s how it happens sometimes, isn’t it? Wait and see for me too.

If team management decides that it would prefer to deal Eric Gordon, that is fine, but unless some unexpectedly great offer presents itself in the next 72 hours, I believe that waiting until the summer (at the earliest) is the team’s best option. An Outline of Eric Gordon’s Injury History, On iTunes – Please subscribe, rate, review. People have labeled Eric Gordon as “injury-prone”, and while this is a fairly well-deserved distinction, his entire injury history has not yet been comprehensively presented. Gordon would return to the Rockets, and though he had his moments — including a 50-point eruption against the Utah Jazz that led the Rockets to a win despite James Harden and Russell Westbrook both not playing — he was mostly inconsistent, particularly with his shot.