Good catch on the “Piggly Viggly”.

Ironically when Cadillac really tried to channel Mercedes they came up with the 1980 Seville, which rather perversely had a late-1930’s thing going on at the rear end. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? Indeed, throughout the film extreme attention to detail is paid to ensure historical accuracy. Thanks for this – it’s one of the best car spotting movies (aside from Gone in 60 Seconds or The Fast and the Furious) I can think of – and the fastidious attention to period detail relating to cars is something which is sorely lacking in many of todays films which feature vintage cars!

Aye, the film makers and script folks were likely just trying to show changing American tastes. As an interesting bit of trivia, fellow Canuckistani Dan Akykrod had to gain weight for this role and never managed to lose it. They barely go over 35 mph. Up to 1976 or so, I saw very few MB’s, BMW’s, Jags, and other “foreign” luxury makes. Hij huurt Hoke Coleburn in als haar chauffeur. Decatur is also my home town. In 1963, she decided that the 55 was too old and replaced it with a new black 63 model (which she also never drove). She's always in the backseat, emphasizing the difference and distance in their roles. There was just something about that Hudson that I got fixated on.

Your family sounds either really Orthodox or really out of touch, as we say now.

I can't thank Heather from Driving Miss Daisy enough, for all the support she has given our family in our time of need.

They were selling exactly to this kind of clientele: established, successful businessmen and professionals. De Nederlandse Dansdagen en NTR brengen met TV-programma ‘Dans met mij’, SCALA Theater bij Jaarbeurs in Utrecht opent de deuren met show van André Hazes, Herstart TINA – de Tina Turner Musical uitgesteld, De musical ‘De Kleine Prins’ gaat in Nederland en in London over een jaar in première, Familieconcert Hans & Grietje: bekend sprookje in eigentijdse jas, Theatermaker Michaël Bloos bouwt zijn Universum van de Waanzin. 38e editie Musica Sacra Maastricht gaat in volle omvang door! Oh, a step-down Hudson.

Tastes change, too, because people change. Driving Miss Daisy is het hartverwarmende verhaal van een bijzondere vriendschap tussen de oudere weduwe Miss Daisy en haar chauffeur. My only question is why such a wealthy family would have gone to a Hudson instead of a Cadillac or Buick in 1948. The Wife and I made a trip to Georgia and during a stop at a car show, somebody drove up in the car used in the filming. This is very difficult to explain, but it’s a real phenomenon. Our nationwide companion driving service offers much more than just transportation. Loved the movie and the cars but I wouldn’t dream of getting into a discussion on what if????? To this day, my greatest missed opportunity. All movie images are courtesy of the Internet Movie Car Database ( It never would have behaved this way, and you know it!” To which Boolie replies, “Mama, cars don’t behave, they are behaved upon.”. As the movie is about Daisy Werthan, an elderly lady being forced to use a chauffeur after wrecking her 1946-48 Chrysler (and in spectacular fashion), cars play a prominent role. It’s a picture I’d enjoy even if all those great cars weren’t in it, and I highly recommend checking it out. History? The guy bought a new grey 76 Coupe deVille to replace it. One of my neighbors had a ’73 450 SEL, which replaced a ’63 split-window Corvette. The dialogue given to Hokie sounds like that of a “loyal Negro” in some overwrought 1930’s or ’40’s saga (“Yes sah, I does” etc), with the effect that it becomes, to me, as much about enforcing stereotypes as the gentle essay on overcoming prejudice it’s supposed to be.

This is a movie I need to see again. Required fields are marked *. This is backed by a 3-speed manual transmission.

As much as vocal, stubborn Daisy hates the situation, she can’t fire Hoke, who is being paid by Boolie!

The great cars are worth it alone. Went to local Caddy dealer and they wanted to unload the Calais that someone ordered and walked away from. Boolie himself drives a beautiful, bottle-green Cadillac Series 61 Sedanet, the first of many Cadillacs to appear in this movie. Driving Miss Daisy is het hartverwarmende verhaal van een bijzondere vriendschap tussen de oudere weduwe Miss Daisy en haar chauffeur.. Driving Miss Daisy.

But it is very much best not to defend him from charges of appalling Jew-hatred. Located in Belen, New Mexico, it is offered with a clean title.

And if you had spent any time in Beverly Hills or thereabouts in the early-mid seventies, you wouldn’t have made that assertion. And I put a smiley emoticon on it in hopes you wouldn’t get bent out of shape.

What really struck me though was what a plain and dull old box this expensive machine seemed after the sheer lushness of the chrome and gleam and infinite excess that had been onscreen till then. As for WildaBeast’s hypothesis that no Jew would drive a Ford: I suspect that he is quite inaccurate and most prejudicial. My head just touches the armrest and my feet just touches the opposite armrest. He purchases each one, with his own money, when Boolie upgrades the car. True; and there’s a reason why the Tesla’s range is what it is: just enough to get one to Tahoe or Napa for the weekend; these folks would never drive further than that. They were excellent cars, mostly, but often in the wrong hands. …not beyond the reach money business people. Live life to the full with our safe, friendly, and reliable companion driving service.

But I do know that as late as the 1950’s at Ford’s Australian outpost, recruitment ads stated plainly that Jews need not apply. Driving Miss Daisy is er zo een. But don’t think I knew one reformed/liberal Jew who would drive a Mercedes to Temple on a Saturday. This tradition-dripping southern city (#NOLA) has more than a few old line, upper middle class families of Jewish derivation. Jump forward maybe 8-10 years, and I’m reading a magazine I subscribed to at the time, though I can’t remember the name of it. The movie Driving Miss Daisy featured what kind of car? I’ve always loved the 1954-56 Cadillacs, due partly to a similar black ’55 I saw at a summer car show when I was in first grade. So I have many happy memories riding in, and driving these. or Hoke’s granddaughter Michelle’s Cougar…,

Having owned a ’71 300SEL, as well as a ’68, this scene’s always been a favorite of mine.

It’s amazing how a twenty year old car looked so ancient. No German car or brown dress/suit was EVER seen in their homes! A curious coincidence, too, as I saw one just recently (photo). Cadillacs were not crap in 1971 (although they had certainly been cheapened), but they were increasingly common and people who want exclusivity went elsewhere. Directed by Bruce Beresford.

I used to drive past it all the time.

Honestly can’t pin down exactly why these appeal to me so much but they do… guess it’s the whole package that does it.

Amongst much else, he hired black people, and the disabled. I remember seeing this movie in 89 while at Disney World, the first family trip my parents took us on. See

“Hotlanta” is considered no more in the southern part of the USA than Washington D. C. is considered to be in “The South”. The Commodore went on to achieve worldwide fame when a maroon 1949 model had a starring role in the 1989 movie Driving Miss Daisy. One of my favorite movies as well.

This is certainly 1 and I use it affectionately in this case. : There don’t seem to be any really funny stand-up comedians today, either! Over the course of the movie, we spend a lot of time inside those cars. Given the conservative nature of the Werthan family; I would had looked for some Buicks of the 1950’s and 1960’s instad of the flashier, more vulgar Cadillacs. You beat me to it. I was only about 9, but I think I remember hearing something about the diesel and a lot of talk about “engineering”. I owned the ‘47 Chrysler Royal after the show and worked the picture cars every day on set. Growing up in the south (New Orleans) during the 1960’s and 1970’s, I was acquainted with several upscale Jewish families.

Lately, it seems that if a movie is set in, say, 1967, the producers figure, “Ah, we’ll use 1960-1975 cars and no one will notice.” Well, we car guys notice! It certainly deserves to be restored to its former glory. BMWs and MBs are seen as too pedestrian by the bourgeoisie, who are snapping up Italian exotics like candy. All Rights Reserved.

My aunt married a Jew and became one. Hij huurt Hoke Coleburn in als haar chauffeur. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? It appears to be complete and looks to be easy to restore. Here in New Orleans, we do NOT consider Atlanta the “Deep South”!