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-- Betsy, Amanda, and Stephanie talk about airport shuttle buses, building robots, and the romance of American train travel.

The guy from that show. . This week, Amanda and Betsy welcome SPRAGUE GRAYDEN (Just Add Magic, 24). Sh*tshows Hotline: 424-279-8842

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts After Blue's Clues ended, he provided the voice of Bot on Team Umizoomi. Facebook Group: @WhyMommyDrinks Leigh's "For The Love of Divorce" Online Course: Facebook Group: @WhyMommyDrinks Why Mommy Drinks Merchandise Instagram: @WhyMommyDrinksPodcast Subscribe: Spotify, Divorce Coach and podcaster Leigh Koechner chatted with Betsy and Amanda this week about grown ass Easter egg hunts, virtual soccer, and finding out you’re not the favorite parent. Subscribe: Spotify, Actor and Podcast host Don Fanelli (The Need to Fail) hangs out with Betsy and Amanda to talk about the origin story of the Churro Club, the absolute worst slip and slide ever, and being held hostage in your own home.

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Subscribe: Spotify, Betsy and Amanda sit down this week to talk about camping during Corona, half-hour birthday parties, and the gradients of screen time punishment. Facebook Page: @WhyMommyDrinksPodcast Instagram: @WhyMommyDrinksPodcast Comedian Fielding Edlow (Can’t Say Sl*t, Bitter Homes and Gardens) joins Betsy and Amanda to talk about bougie kids, dirty orphan day at school, and family games gone wrong. To know all the details about Donovan’s life, we suggest you read the whole article. Facebook Group: @WhyMommyDrinks SHOW INFORMATION Subscribe: Spotify, On this episode, Betsy and Amanda sit down to talk about summer camp, puberty attitudes, report cards and Black Lives Matter. Betterhelp Sh*tshows Hotline: 424-279-8842 Music: Facebook Page: @WhyMommyDrinksPodcast . Jamie Denbo (Spy, Daddy's Home): Our First Episode. Facebook Page: @WhyMommyDrinksPodcast Why Mommy Drinks Merchandise Facebook Group: @WhyMommyDrinks Obviously it’s not easy to get Donovan Patton’s phone number. Facebook Page: @WhyMommyDrinksPodcast ), “What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood" join Betsy and Amanda to talk about the joy of traveling the country in an RV and a 9 time vomit story for the books.

Subscribe: Spotify, Performer Kelly Hudson (Search Party, UCB) joins Betsy and Amanda to talk about happy juice, finding out you aren’t their favorite, and the only time sleeping through the night is discouraged. Sh*tshows Hotline: 424-279-8842 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subscribe: Spotify, On this episode, Betsy & Amanda talk about getting banned from Zoom video, kids texting profanities to your boss and they read some of your epic parenting mishaps. They open a present, Betsy talks about an epic trek to a playdate, Amanda talks about letting her toddler pick out the family car, and they play a listener hotline shitshow!

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Donovan Patton was born in the Year of the Snake. SHOW INFORMATION --

Twitter: @MommyDrinksShow Justin works through his passion for flossing and hits his breaking point around 2:30. SHOW INFORMATION