1 draft pick of the New York Liberty has been covered closely by national outlets and has a large following thanks to her talent and off-court marketability. Then I get escorted up to Diego and I grab him in the back of his neck (to give him two kisses).

The next thing you know Taurasi has disappeared and a confused Auriemma is left on the screen. You can't trust anything I say.". Support local journalism: Subscribe to azcentral.com today. I've seen it a thousand times.". Taurasi: "I'm realistic about my s---. ", Taurasi on her frequent WNBA ejections: "I went into the kitchen and I ate a hundred little powered donuts.". Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. He's yada yada yada then he brings it back to Gabby and that's why I had to bench her that game, her head just wasn't in it. I should be able to do better.

I played in four Olympics, I'm grateful for that. COVID is going to get in the way, which is totally fine.

", Taurasi: "I don't think the American public has that type of patience.". She was everywhere all the time. 2 to Dallas.

She also complained that the ball used in the WNBA is too light, in addition to being too small, but acknowledges that a change is unlikely. Then you bring in some other schmuck and they can foul six times.”, As the conversation went on Auriemma told her, “Nobody has committed more dumb fouls in the history of basketball than you.”.

Rapinoe wants to know what it was like to wear the Australian Opals bodysuit uniforms. Rapinoe recalls a game in which Gabby Williams was benched and tweeting Free Gabby Williams. Auriemma goes live on Instagram every Tuesday at 6 p.m. He goes guard that Tina Turner (meaning Thompson) girl.".

We're always a stepping stone, and that's not where I want to be.". Auriemma, who recently joined Instagram earlier this month, once again had some technical difficulties with getting Taurasi on the video. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Taurasi answered, “I used to do all that s---.”. She tells about doing most of the laundry and mildly complains about Taylor leaving things in her pockets. Everywhere she went, she was such a valuable import.

I had no recollection of that." Tell me you don't want Arizona shorts right now. It's not intended for a 10-year-old or maybe even a sensitive adult fan of three of the biggest-name U.S. women's athletes of this century, not to mention Taylor's renown in her native Australia and for her lengthy WNBA career.

Bird wonders if the WNBA will get a season in this summer. Taurasi: "Best team ever in WNBA history.". As a guest in the first hour, Bird gave Taurasi rapid-fire questions about the WNBA and NBA. Carter set the collegiate scoring record against Team USA in November with 34 points. Taurasi on her WNBA Mount Rushmore (herself and Bird excepted): Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson, Cheryl Miller, Cynthia Cooper. Auriemma later revealed that the best sets of parents he coached were Svetlana Abrosimova’s and Taurasi’s because the former wasn’t coming over from St. Petersburg and he couldn’t understand what they said if they called and Taurasi’s just let their daughter handle herself. Bird complains about people assuming she and Rapinoe are married (they are not) when the same would not happen for, say, an opposite sex celebrity couple like Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, who are engaged.

The Phoenix Mercury star broke the second well before the first hour of a four-hour marathon episode of "A Touch More" concluded late Saturday night. "I'm so disappointed in the women who have a lot of money. Taurasi: "It's like JFK, Abraham Lincoln ... so then Adam Silver's B man said we went to his people. Taylor: "We'll leave the decision up to him, but obviously Australia. Rapinoe on Taurasi's question about the best player she's faced: "Marta is so much better than anyone. Auriemma asked her about the differences between playing in the WNBA and overseas. You have to go and ball out. He'll be up at 5:30, she says to Bird.

Imagine if we only played in the WNBA.

The other three remain for another 30-plus minutes, chatting about wagering a million dollars on which WNBA rookie will have the best career. You see that at every level. When Auriemma asked her about the 2016 Olympics Taurasi replied, “That was the best Olympic team I played on.”, She later added, “Everyone’s mindset was where it needed to be, and that’s why we just, we played amazing.”.

Reach the reporter at jeff.metcalfe@arizonarepublic.com or 602-444-8053. The deep conversation on college talent and how it translates to the WNBA begins around 3:46:00. Taylor, of course, knew her rules -- not to cuss and not to tell too many drinking stories -- were unenforceable because nothing is holding back Taurasi in that setting. Bird: "I did not remember Phil Jackson being told before that he was done. Flipping the tables Taurasi later asked Auriemma if he was a 22-year old coach and could pick a school (not UConn) to coach at, where would he want to go? Viewers shared moments on Twitter, but most importantly gushed about how nice it was to hear their stories, see their personalities and get player beef.

", Taurasi rates DeLisha Milton and Alana Beard as "professional foulers. However, she believes that the upcoming NIL changes will really benefit college because making money might allow them to stay longer. She was so much better than everyone.". He also “s--- on the Opals,” the Australian national team that Penny played for, and brought his gold medal to the wedding.

Taurasi says her second WNBA choice after the Mercury would be the Los Angeles Sparks (later she calls the Sparks' organizaiton a "s--- show"); that she should have three WNBA Most Valuable Player awards instead of one; that Katie Smith is "hands down" the toughest defender she's faced; that she wants Brittney Griner on her side in a fight; and that "Sweet Child of Mine" is her favorite karaoke song although she doesn't know the words.

she said.

Taurasi said that she’s noticed kids today need more help getting through difficult things, which prompted this exchange: Taurasi: “What you put me through isn’t what you’re going to put Paige through.”, Taurasi: “You can’t…back then, anything you said was going to stay in Gampel.”. Women's Basketball news from FanSided Daily, New Sparks players, Brittney Sykes and Marie Gülich, looking to fit right in, Los Angeles Sparks, Sydney Wiese agree to contract extension, Your Day in Women’s Basketball, October 15: Brian Agler out the door in Dallas, Your Day in Women’s Basketball, October 14: Olympic basketball adds question marks to 2021 WNBA season, Your Day in Women’s Basketball, October 13: The college season is just around the corner, Your Day in Women’s Basketball, October 12: Sabrina Ionescu is ready to ball, Your Day in Women’s Basketball, October 9: An offseason to look forward to, How Jewell Loyd beat the Mercury in Game 1 of the 2018 Western Conference Finals, Reliving the best Final Four games of the NCAA Tournament, Elena Delle Donne releases three more hilarious YouTube videos, Elizabeth Williams encouraged by response to 'E Talks with Docs' series, Las Vegas Aces, Kelsey Plum agree to contract extension, Top 25 Super Bowl Performances of All Time, Each NHL Team's Most Likely Future Hall of Famer, 30 Greatest Teams in Premier League History, 28 most memorable buzzer beaters in March Madness history. Not with her long-time friend Sue Bird and Bird's partner, soccer star Megan Rapinoe, knowing all the buttons to push to bring out the genuine Taurasi. Taurasi: "Besides her throwing up on my shoe. 1 to New York. ", Taurasi: "I'm so disappointed in the women that have a lot of money that want to invest in women's basketball as a tax write off. All rights reserved. Then you bring the next schmuck in and they can foul six times. "Everyone around her gets drunk, and she stays the same. Taurasi goes with Sabrina Ionescu, No. After 15 minutes of lead-up, including Bird claiming Rapinoe is hogging the best wifi location in their house, Taurasi joins to a Michael Jordan style introduction declaring her to be Diana She Doesn't Eat Meat Taurasi. ", Taurasi explains how hard it is for rookies to succeed early in their WNBA careers. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy.

2 pick Satou Sabally, one of Oregon’s three superstars who is off to the Dallas Wings, and got support from Bird. In a conversation about NIL, Taurasi was listing numbered jerseys that are on sale at UConn’s Co-Op and referenced Dan Orlovsky who holds numerous school records and played in the NFL for 12 seasons. Taurasi believes that when you watch Kobe Bryant you’re watching Jordan. We’re totally okay with it.

Bird did add that Ionescu would have the “longest” effective career, but gave Carter the nod for being like Cappie Pondexter, a two-time champion with the Mercury and named one of the 15 best players in WNBA history. You're a hired assassin. If I'm up against someone good, I just hack them.". Taurasi said that her time in Russia prepared for quarantine, aside from practice there was usually one person you talked to and going to the grocery store. I'm an elite athlete and multiple time champion. 113.2k Followers, 254 Following, 5 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from diana taurasi (@dianataurasi) ", Taurasi launches into a story from 1999, when she was 17, about playing Around the World at a Jordan camp in Santa Barbara, Calif. She made all the shots except a free throw at the end with a pair of Jordan shoes on the line. ", Taylor: "We all know women make 80 percent of the purchases in a household so isn't that a marketing opportunity? The Pussycat Dolls are going to be famous.

", Taylor rates her Australian/Mercury teammate Belinda Snell as the most underrated player "as far as what she did across her career around the world. Taurasi makes it clear she doesn't like others putting a limit on how long she should play.

Then it's on to eating pizza with e… Then the NCAA tournament was canceled, which led to the question from Taurasi we’ve all been wondering. Taurasi recalls running a mile in 14 minutes.

", Rapinoe: "Our sport is so different. Geno Auriemma hosted UConn legend and three-time WNBA Champion Diana Taurasi on Instagram Live on Tuesday, May 12. Previous quarantine episodes of "A Touch More" only lasted 45 minutes so Bird restarts the Zoom call as she also will do before the third hour. Always trying to ignite a conversation, Auriemma also asked Taurasi about what rule changes she would like to see in the WNBA. This leads into Bird and Taurasi telling a story about the 2008 Olympics when they were in the stands watching the U.S. men's basketball semifinal vs. Argentina. #MoscowMules #SmackTalk #RealTalk. Taurasi: "This is quarantine brain. After 15 minutes of lead-up, including Bird claiming Rapinoe is hogging the best wifi location in their house, Taurasi joins to a Michael Jordan style introduction declaring her to be Diana She Doesn't Eat Meat Taurasi. ET. ", Taylor tells about singing Leo to sleep with "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" because he "can't get enough" of the Lion King. Everything you need to know about sports betting starts here. @S10Bird with the @ChennedyCarter hot take and @DianaTaurasi picking Sabs.

Imagine not doing some s--- you were being accused of and you have to take it until they overturn it, which thankfully they did.". Taylor favors forward Satou Sabally, No. ", Bird: "You were in a bad place. Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on Women's Basketball and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more.

She said she would want to see the three-point line moved back, the number of fouls reduced to five and the ball size universal between the men’s and the women’s game. Taurasi: "Isn't that classic. ", Rapinoe: "He is beyond what any American would understand as a cultural icon.". ", Taylor: "We are lucky we had the chance to do both. Then they stayed on the call, going all night in a fascinating talk about playing in Russia, coaching tactics, who is the best in the WNBA and future plans. "I love you, goodnight.". Join our Patreon now and support this work, while getting extra goodies and subscriber-only content for yourself.