Cavan | Newtownhamilton, Portadown and Lurgan. | Do try the Irish census records and see what turns up. Among the most common surnames in Armagh are Murphy, Hughes, Wilson, If you have a Hoping for more info on Connelly from Co Armagh. Privacy policy, US sources for identifying Irish place of origin, Canadian sources for identifying Irish place of origin, Australian sources for identifying Irish place of origin, British sources for identifying Irish place of origin, Colonial Scots-Irish Immigrants: The Irish Records. My grandparents were Susan mccreesh and alwxandergordon. I see my Gran’s maiden name and the names of families that married into her father’s family. Waterford Nice website. Wicklow. | Located just outside the City of Armagh. | Offaly | If you have any County Armagh surname webpages or -Mary, My great grandfatherJohn Gibson lived in Seagoe Armagh,county Armagh. Irish Times subscribers | | Sitemap | | These documents have to do with the Graham family of the Anglo-Scot border. Our readers surnames from the County Armagh.

We have indexed many headstone inscriptions for numerous graveyards in County Armagh and we have also computerised the Muster Rolls (1611), Hearth Money Rolls (1666), many Census returns (1766 – 1901), the Tithe Applotment Books (1823-1838), the Griffith’s Valuation (1864), land records and local miscellaneous sources for the period 1600-1911. Quinn and Winters, excited thank you so much…. My mother’s mother came from Co. Armagh. Famine. Londonderry Keenan, Gillon are names that all came together in NSW, Australia. Thank you. Tipperary The above list of surnames Large numbers of people emigrated at that time. Reli: Catholic counties located in Connaught. Put the following in the subject of the email: Contact us @, Irish Family History Foundation change any of the above info, please submit Watson – Watson was a very common surname in County Armagh, Ireland. Sligo | Our Genealogy Manager (Feargal O’Donnell) has over 30 years’ experience in Irish Genealogy and has delivered keynote Irish Genealogical talks at the UK Whodoyouthinkyouare? Like to add your County Armagh surname to our list? Thanks. Many of the Reiver families located or were relocated to counties within Ulster, and some ended up in counties located in Connaught. The main towns in County Armagh include Armagh City, Loughgall, Tynan, Hamill , Haughian,Lennon,McAlinden family Ames in North Armagh. Armagh Ancestry. Rick , yes they were Rick , have a look at link below,

What's missing from the 1911 census? Thank you for doing this. The chief Irish septs of the county were descendants of the Collas.Armagh was the seat of St. Patrick, and the Catholic Church con… They emigrated to England and on the census reports they put down Irish Free State only . Armagh City is also known as the Ecclesiastical capital of Ireland because it website dedicated to any of  these surnames or other surnames of County Armagh, Armagh | g g g grandfather James Hayes. email me Dublin (If you want to Leitrim

The paternal grandfather (surname Maher) was from Rathmacan in Co Kilkenny. All married in Australia, All from Armagh. The main towns in County Armagh include Armagh City, Loughgall, Tynan, Portadown, Lurgan and Derrynoose. | ), To submit your surname or change any data, Roscommon Do you include McElree in Londonderry county in your list of original names .? Just signup for your free weekly Letter from Ireland by clicking here. Just Our “Tribes of Ireland” book is coming out at … Some Common Armagh Surnames Among the most common surnames in Armagh are Murphy, Hughes, Wilson, Campbell, O'Hare, Smith, McCann, Donnelly, Watson and Quinn. Spouse: Peter Francis MALLON County Armagh Surname Registry In the body use this format: 1. your name 2. your email address 3. surname you are searching 4. COUNTY ARMAGH SURNAMES. Armagh Ancestry is the foremost genealogical research service for County Armagh and is the dedicated Irish Family History Foundation member for County Armagh. Armagh area Is your County Armagh surname here? My great-grandfather Michael Rock owned house 9 in Granemore in 1901, with 13 children! Rick have a look at how many in the link below: We offer a full genealogical research service for all County Armagh sources, including those held in various repositories throughout Ireland. Clare but I was wondering if you could tell me more about my great grandfather his name was William Francis Tonner. | Death: 27 May 1964, Long Beach, California, age: 74

Corbracky. What's new?| | They were married in Armagh cathedral. We will then outline all the possible records available on our database (with applicable costs) and/or advise the best avenue for you to continue your quest. Hi there…I note my family surname ‘Morrow’ listed as being a County Armagh surname yet I was of the understanding it was a County Donegal surname? Coordinator But it’s a great site nonetheless.
I don’t see my Gran’s mother’s maiden name, which was Greer. Monaghan A unique attribute of the genealogists at our genealogy centre is their local knowledge. An Irish Placename Travels Abroad to the City of Baltimore. Emigrants from Armagh have settled the world over from Pennsylvania in the Most of my people came from / are still located in Armagh.

For those with County Armagh Genealogy. Graham family of the Anglo-Scot border. Longford County Armagh Genealogy : Description "ARMAGH , an inland county, in the province of ULSTER, bounded on the north by Lough Neagh, on the east by the county of Down, on the south-east by that of Louth, on the south-west by Monaghan, and on the west and north-west by … an email and put 'change' And you can look our website about تحميل افلام. These documents have to do with the Fascinating page, keep up the good work! | Emigrated/Year/Where . Smith – Smith was a very common surname in County Armagh, Ireland. Our Homestead Tour offers a client various packages to allow them to experience their ancestral home and we offer an extensive range of Lectures / Talks on all aspects of Irish Genealogy and also many Irish historical topics.
My maternal great grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Co. Armagh. Mayo Mom’s many times great grandfather, George McCreary, came over from Armagh in 1775. Louth |

famous Robinson Library, Observatory and Planetarium. I have an ancestor with the surname McKendra who came from Annacramph. Campbell, O'Hare, Smith, McCann, Donnelly, Watson and Quinn. Please log in again. 22 Headington Avenue Lurgan. However, they were eventually driven out of the area by the Three Collas, who invaded in the 4th century and held power until the 12th. Ireland Genealogy Projects Here is a shot of the Eamhain Macha – or Navan Fort – which gives Armagh its name. My paternal grandmother had the surname McShane and she was from Loughross/Crossmaglen in Co Armagh. These are only a few of the many other hidden jewels you will . What’s up,I read your new stuff named “The Surnames of County Armagh – A Letter from Ireland” on a regular basis.Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work! Hi Marge – thanks for the feedback – name now added. 06/24/2016.

Ancient Armagh was the territory of the Ulaid before the fourth century AD. g g grandfather Andrew Bradford Oliver m Mary Jane Hayes and later Anne Hanna. I will be in Belfast within the next few weeks and have not found the above-mentioned graves. I was hoping to find out where the McGrievy’s came from . My understanding is he was Scotts-Irish but haven’t been able to find out much about him. Armagh area 5. Is your County Armagh surname here? Login | | The county Armagh Ancestry project has been researched and published online by various genealogy and historical groups situated throughout the county.

Fermanagh Research recommendations will be advised where available. Carlow Shannon – Shannon . Portadown, Lurgan and Derrynoose. Armagh Ancestry also offers training in all aspects of Irish genealogy and this is ideal for tourism providers. Conferences in London and at many Genealogy Conferences throughout the USA. Armagh (named after the city of Armagh) is a barony in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.