So in March, Cunningham implemented a freeze on spending and hiring. In the eyes of Murphy, the U.S. According to our annual coaches compensation database, head coaches at Power Five conferences haven't taken a big hit. "I don't know that these pay cuts are going to result in any of these coaches facing eviction from their affordable housing developments.".

We should all be grateful it hasn’t come to that. They just have way too much power and they're getting way too much money.". Senator, some of the pay-cut arrangements for football coaches offer fresh evidence of what he views as a broken financial model in college sports — a system in which coaches and athletics departments rake in millions, while athletes are compensated only with scholarships. So, now that times are tough, why isn't it happening? Texas Tech has had 75 players test positive for COVID-19, LSU coach Ed Orgeron casually mentioned to reporters Tuesday, Coach Mike Leach prepared to fight Texas Tech 'until he dies', Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. At the upper echelon of Division I, the FBS, coaching salaries have been on a steep incline for many years, potentially making them ripe to be trimmed.
They're the highest-paid employees. "It’s a judgment call.". Even setting aside the unknown long-term impacts of this virus, which are concerning enough on their own, there’s a public health responsibility for all of us not to spread it so that lives will be saved and one day we can all get to the other side of this awful pandemic. Yet here we are possibly on the brink of seeing the Big Ten gear up for play again and nobody has even the slightest concern about whether being pushed to play this fall is really the right thing to do? SportsPulse: COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on much of the U.S. economy.

Contracts provide a layer of protection for coaches that most other university employees do not have, guaranteeing payment as long as they perform their duties. "These coaches, we had a contractual obligation, and I asked them if I could reduce their salary for this amount of money. They said yes, because they knew I had to honor that because we had (a) contract.". But at Alabama and LSU, pay reductions have not been needed. The athletic departments benefit from quasi-independent fundraising arms that have tens of millions of dollars in reserve, according to their most recent financial statements. "We are taking all possible precautions and our focus remains playing the scheduled game with Oklahoma State at McLane Stadium," Baylor athletic director Mack B. Rhoades said. "A lot of people obviously are hurting economically, and if (coaches) aren't doing something that essentially identifies themselves with the rest of the folks, many of whom are going to be supporters of the university, and (don't) essentially feel their pain, then I think it’s a bad look," said Lattinville, who assists USA TODAY Sports with its compilation and analyses of coaches' compensation. Lattinville said he believes many schools will ultimately try to take steps like these and make their coaches whole.

And those are just the ones we’ve learned about in the past few days. Our 5 biggest findings from our coaches compensation database. ". "Again, it’s not that the pay cuts are ceremonial. Maybe the imminent ability to conduct daily testing is what saves this whole enterprise.

Average pay has been climbing roughly 7% each year. View author archive; Get author RSS feed; Most Popular Today 1 Man in … "The bottom line, I think you all need to know, is that American higher education — not just athletics — is hemorrhaging like never before," White said at a virtual assembly of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

But for the most part ... you’re throwing pennies at dollars.". North Carolina is far from the only school to take that approach. While a handful of football coaches are forgoing amounts north of $500,000, or separately making sizable donations to their schools to help cushion the financial blow, administrators have generally sought to portray them as equals — taking the same cuts, on a percentage basis, as other employees in the department or across campus. From the NFL to high school, News 2 digs deeper into the impact COVID-19 is having on the game. At least 33 coaches now have buyouts of $10 million or more, making it nearly impossible for cash-strapped schools to fire them. "We just negotiated, 'You take this cut now, we’ll do something for you later on.' Texas Tech has had 75 players test positive for COVID-19 since June. "We pay a bonus if somebody coaches an extra game, like a bowl game," Cunningham explained. Athletics department spokesperson Kassidie Blackstock repeatedly declined to specify whether the pay cuts and donations involved the same funds. Earlier this year, when a full-fledged football season appeared unlikely, North Carolina athletics director Bubba Cunningham projected that his department could face a financial shortfall of up to $50 million for the year.
Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley acknowledged that the season opener against Missouri State last week was in jeopardy.

Last weekend, several schools had to play games without big chunks of their rosters. Perhaps the Big Ten did not need to announce on August 11 that the entire fall semester was off the table, but it was not wrong in seeing the dangers of trying to prepare for a season while the infection numbers were surging and the testing infrastructure was being stressed. That leaves them with just five men's sports teams, which is below the threshold required for FBS membership. Does that matter? USA TODAY Sports found that the temporary pay cuts range from as little as the elimination of an $80 monthly cellphone allowance (at Louisiana-Lafayette) to as much as $1.25 million (at Clemson). "It just shows how omnipotent modern big-time college football coaches are," Murphy said, calling deferrals disguised as pay cuts, like those at Texas, "a joke. Greenberg, the attorney, said he believes it's disingenuous for a school to announce a percentage cut but apply it only to one part of a coach's pay.