The idea of malfunctions and low condition drops is great and I fully understand and support it, but the span and chances have to be a bit better, it’s nothing but frustration to have to reload after nearly every single jammed inaccurate shot against npcs that don’t suffer the same issues. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the modification to dogs/pseudo completely nuders them, they never end up attacking before i can kill them and most of the time they end up under your feet as if they're trying to hug your leg... basically turning them into ***** leg humpers lol. Please attach [*.ini_log] file to your bug report, 0023:00B73DCC xrCore.dll, xrDebug::fatal(), 0023:06D75BFC xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::operator=(), 0023:5970ED79 MSVCR120.dll, _crtFlsGetValue(), 0023:59711E94 MSVCR120.dll, isleadbyte_l(), 0023:5971EA4F MSVCR120.dll, getc_nolock(), 0023:0705AFA4 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::UseIndicators().

This is seriously the worst download I ever ******* sucks the 1 click download doesn't work and the file for each ******* GB sucks ***, You are extracting it wrong. Then the dog turns back and just hurts me by running into me without biting. Did you get it to work? The one offered by dead air or CoC? For a pseudogiant it's really not that much.

i installed this mod and the game just crashes on startup, is installing deadair mods different than other ones? Only extract the first file, Wonderful now fully downloaded 5 ******* packs and all I got are a bunch of weird *** ******* files GG. It should definitely be in but wish there was a way to make it subtler and less heavy-handed. Reinstalled directx to make sure that wasn't the problem.

Realism therefore is only an arbitrary consideration in making of game mechanics that will reward you with rich experience. Ima post my own MOD, **** this ********.

The mod evolves from the ideas started in Call of Misery, a previous project of the mod author. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. series based on Call of Chernobyl, encompassing all aspects of the game from graphics, audio, and special effects to various gameplay and AI features. They are the most balanced IMO. I don't think controllers need any tweaking. Edit: but soon as i tried to start a game.... BLAAAA ,, crash.. WTF crashing with NO addons. Good luck translating the instruction and making it easy for us to download! Then continue with selecting the default options until it is finished installing the mod. Try updating your Direct X also try setting flash player to x86 not x64. In other words it’s not perfect to start with, but here’s where personalised and tweaked addons come to the rescue; with those onboard - for each player to his own taste - Dead Air suddenly delivers what I’d consider to be a definitive Stalker experience so far. TL:DR For fans of survival, granted a series of available tweaks and addons Dead Air an amazing game and the ultimate non-casual Stalker sandbox experience. and less default malfunctions. Once it is complete, browse to your Call of Pripyat folder and go into the Dead Air folder. As always, each person has their own opinion and mine is nothing more than that - my personal opinion based on my personal taste. A setup file and 3 bin containers. Bugs, errors, early features exist and are likely to be fixed with patches.Frequently asked questions about Dead Air.

Just run the Setup file and choose the default buttons to get through the installer. Same here, it just crashes before it gets to the menu screen, will comment back here if I can figure it out. Also reduced their angular speed - now they won't circle you faster than you could take aim. Last Day is kinda like the precursor to Dead Air, they share the same developers and Dead Air is supposed to be their new, improved version. What a team could consider (granted the limitations of the engine etc) is giving lighter a capacity statistic akin to a battery, where recharge would come from petrol etc. For those annoyed by the current setup in trying to download, here you go, I uploaded it to Mega: its a 7zip file.

Do what this guy has figured out.

Then you realise that you died from radiation, but the game doesnt tells you a damn thing. Are crashes outside cordon fixed or still they are in this update ?

Unpack into your Dead Air/gamedata folder. All about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.