A nontransitional course? 302-651-3941, The Official Website of the Delaware Judiciary, Change Your Text Size:   Make Text Size Smaller Operating Procedures A late submission caused by a delay in the preparation of written materials for a program may be the basis for extenuating or extraordinary circumstances.

*Accredited Sponsor status is granted to organizations which exist to present continuing legal education programs. May we charge a higher fee to the attendees who are seeking CLE credit? May we charge an application fee to those who apply for financial aid? A] You must publish the existence of your financial aid policy (if the course is offered to New York attorneys for a fee) in all advertisements, brochures and announcements for the course, and also indicate whether the course is transitional and/or nontransitional. Credit is calculated in increments of 25 minutes (25 minutes equals .5 CLE credits). Q] If our courses are inexpensive, do we still need a financial aid policy? Q] What about registration fees? Q] If our course is held outside of New York State, must we apply to the New York State CLE Board for accreditation in order for New York attorneys to earn credit for attending? Oral Arguments Providers of in-house programs must actively advertise their programs to all interested members of the Bar in order to receive an unrestricted category of approval (attorneys may only earn up to half of their minimum requirement through in-house courses). A] To be eligible for Accredited Provider status, an organization must be a "legal organization," and must have organized, sponsored and administered, during the preceding three years, at least eight separate and distinct CLE courses, in New York (or outside of New York but not accredited by a New York Approved Jurisdiction), that were specifically tailored to a legal audience and otherwise meet the standards for individual course accreditation. Judicial Branch Op. The written materials must be timely and must cover those matters that one would expect for a comprehensive and professional treatment of the subject matter of the course.
MCLE Resources Administrative Directives Expungement If two organizations co-sponsor a program, only one may count the program toward its eligibility requirements for Accredited Provider status. Most application forms have also been revised and are available for download on the Forms page. If our courses are inexpensive, do we still need a financial aid policy? Protecting the public & enhancing the administration of justice. Please call before coming to the Board offices. If there were multiple presenters, the timed agenda should indicate which speaker(s) participated in each segment. Q] What is a transitional course? Thus, a speaker who makes a 20-minute presentation earns no CLE credit. For the latest on the Delaware Judiciary response to COVID-19 – and for contact information for each court during this emergency – please visit The Delaware Judiciary Response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) page. Q] How do we apply for Accredited Provider status? Certificates of attendance must be signed by the provider or an agent thereof. What are the standards for Accredited Provider status? Mediation Delaware Courts are in a modified Phase Three of the reopening plan as of October 5, 2020, allowing jury trials to resume. No other application form will be accepted. To be a provider of education for certified specialists, you may have to apply separately for credit depending on your course content. Can you please provide additional information on what may be addressed in Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination of Bias programs? only if they can provide proof of independent sponsor verification of their participation in the program along with the other required documentation. A] Yes. May we issue CLE credit for programs on marketing, networking and business development? A] These programs may include, among other things, diversity, inclusion and elimination of bias based on, for example, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age or disability.

Does the Board notify us when a course is outdated and should no longer be offered? If my organization co-sponsors a CLE program, may such a program count toward the eligibility requirements for Accredited Provider status? If your out-of-state program is not accredited by a New York Approved Jurisdiction, you may submit an Application for Accreditation of an Individual Course Activity to the New York State CLE Board as described above. Please see the Course Summary Instructions for more details.

A nontransitional course?

A “single activity provider" is approved to grant credit for one MCLE activity. The CLE Commission is made up of one attorney representative from each of the seven Supreme Court Districts. The application form for Accredited Sponsor Status is not available online because it will not be approved for providers with no positive approval history with the Commission. What are the requirements for written materials? A] Yes. Victim's Assistance, Contacts How do I apply for accreditation of a course that my organization plans to offer in New York?

Weapon Permits, Hours & Locations CCP Traffic Court A] The CLE Board has determined that programs designed to teach attorneys marketing, networking and/or business development skills do not have as their primary purpose to increase a lawyer’s professional legal competency, that their subject matter does not fall into any of the CLE categories of credit, and that, therefore, they do not qualify for CLE credit. May we place an embedded code at the beginning or at the end of a tape/CD?
Civil Case Process However, if a program, or a portion of a program, focuses on ethical aspects of business development, such as conflicts checks, that program, or that portion of it, may be eligible for CLE credit. How do we notify the Board of changes in our provider information? The notice of individual course approval will indicate the number of credit hours approved and the breakdown of categories. New York attorneys may claim credit for completion of nontraditional format programs (audiotape, videotape. Wilmington, DE 19801 For example, a 70-minute course, with no breaks, earns one credit, not 1.4 credits.) Email: MCLE@calbar.ca.gov. There are no individual $50.00 application fees for Accredited Sponsors. Please note that all information on certificates of attendance must be completed by the provider.

The State Bar of California Faxed copies of applications or application materials will not be accepted. A "provider" is an individual or entity approved by the State Bar to grant MCLE credit for an education activity. A] You should submit the CLE Board's Application for Accredited Provider Status. Custody Q] If my organization co-sponsors a CLE program, may such a program count toward the eligibility requirements for Accredited Provider status? Pay Criminal Fines/Restitution No additional administrative or CLE fees may be charged to attorneys seeking CLE credit. May we issue CLE credit for this training? Program providers must advertise their own courses; the Commission does not publish any paper or electronic bulletins and does not advertise providers' courses on their behalf. Guardianship This form is also called Form 1 and is available on the CLEreg website at http://www.clereg.org. Payment in the amount of $50.00 made payable to "Commission on Continuing Legal Education" and a detailed program agenda must be included.

Q] How do we notify the Board of changes in our provider information? The application must include a list of all CLE courses or programs sponsored, organized and administered by your organization over the prior three years.

Accredited Providers must retain, in addition to the above, a copy of the timed agenda, a course brochure or a copy of the advertisement, where applicable, and a copy of the course materials. If a fee is charged for a program, the provider must indicate the existence of a financial aid policy in all of its advertisements, brochures and announcements. Transcripts, Justice of the Peace FAQ Learn more about the public reopening plan. A] To calculate speaker credit, first determine the length in CLE credit hours of the speaker's presentation, and then multiply by 3 to determine the credit due the speaker. The Florida Bar has extended the deadlines for members with three-year cycle CLE reporting ending February through November 2020 to December 31, 2020.. There is a $360 fee for processing the application and a $360 fee for renewal. 180 Howard St. A] For accreditation (or re-accreditation) of courses given in any nontraditional format (e.g., audiotape, videotape, online course, teleconference) the CLE Board requires independent sponsor verification of an attorney's participation in the nontraditional format CLE activity. Welcome! A] The CLE Board offers hybrid accreditation where the sponsor intends to repeat its course over a period of time. Is there a special application form for hybrid accreditation? A significant portion of the program's content must enhance the professional ability to practice law and be directly relevant to the attorney's current knowledge of the law, including their obligations and professional standards.

Q] Are timed agendas required for shorter CLE programs, for example, programs that run for 75 minutes or less? If our course is held outside of New York State, must we apply to the New York State CLE Board for accreditation in order for New York attorneys to earn credit for attending?

What if our course is not in a classroom setting, but is in a nontraditional format such as audiotape? You can earn free CLE credits by providing pro bono services through a qualified legal services provider (APR 11(e)(7)), or by participating in a structured mentoring program (APR 11(e)(8)). Child Support Calculator Lawyers Fund for Client Protection The standards for written materials are set forth in detail in section 8(A)(4)(e) and (f) of the CLE Board Regulations and Guidelines. The standards for individual and hybrid course accreditation are set forth in detail in section 8(A)(4) of the CLE Board Regulations and Guidelines. REPORTING CLE COMPLETED BETWEEN JULY 1-SEPT. 30, 2020: CLE courses completed during the 2019-20 MCLE Reporting Year period of extension - July 1 to Sept. 30, 2020 - may now be reported in either the current (2019-20) or next (2020-21) compliance period, per the Supreme Court of Missouri’s authorization.The Court extended the 2019-20 MCLE reporting year as a result of the … A] Among other things, the course must be offered in New York State (or outside of New York State and not accredited by a New York Approved Jurisdiction), written materials must be distributed prior to or at the course, and for any course offered for a fee, the provider must submit an acceptable financial aid policy. Application for Accreditation of an Individual Course Activity, CLE Board's Application for Accredited Provider Status, section 6 of the Regulations and Guidelines, Computation of New York CLE Faculty Credit chart. A] A transitional course is a course that is designed to help newly admitted attorneys develop a foundation in the practical skills, techniques and procedures that are essential to the practice of law.