Their passion for Riesling.

We are so honored and excited to bring his first wine to life—McCollum … I haven’t really thought about one particular place.
One nation known for great wine is New Zealand. The Portland Trail Blazers guard has a signature wine …

“It’s life-changing.”. Athlete Eats is our recently started monthly column where we speak to professional athletes about their favorite spots to eat when they are in their home city as well as on the road. The NBA’s biggest names aren’t the only vinophiles. Yeah, we have restrictions from our nutritionists. Have you heard of Vivino? You must be anxious to get on the court, then? I’d have to say fried chicken and a lot of the greasy kinds of pork dishes. I’ve been to Tasty n Sons, Henry’s Tavern, Jake’s Famous Crawfish. McCollum is one of several wine connoisseurs in the bubble who have enjoyed their free time to share bottles and relax. You were a journalism major at Lehigh and you’ve written for a bunch of publications (Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, Maxim, already. CJ McCollum on getting a glass of wine postgame: “It’s better than Henny.†... n*ggas in the hood always buy that skinny 40 dollar bottle and that sh*t be done. Now it’s his favorite. My foot is coming along fine. I'm screaming at this e&j sh*t. 60 dollars for hennessey 60 bucks for a bottle of sh*t son go try Ararat brandy, you won't drink that garbage hennessy ever again . He also brought a wine case to accompany him on his journey. You know, they say that everything is good when you’re winning, so we really don’t have anything to complain about right now. Is there an overall good vibe in the locker room? With McCollum Heritage 91, I want to share my learnings and my love for wine, taking fans and wine lovers alike with me along the way. Without Hispanic Workers, Restaurants As We Know Them Would Cease To Exister, Add Some Zen To Your Home With These Japanese Houseware Brands, Why You Should Be Buying All of Your Underwear on Prime Day, How To Update Your Home Without Major Renovations, Arbikie Releases Second Climate-Positive Spirit, Nàdar Vodka, These are the Best Cheap Smoker Deals for Octber 2020, Glera Wine Grape Guide: One of the Most Popular Wine Grapes You Don’t Know About, 10 U.S.-Based Hispanic Chefs You Need To Know, Why Juneau, Alaska Might Be the Most Interesting Food City on the West Coast, Amazon Slashes the Price of Anova Culinary Smart Sous Vide Cooker, 5 Early Prime Day Kitchen Appliance Deals You Can Shop Today, How to Cook Steak in the Oven Perfectly Every Time.
We chatted with McCollum, who was a journalism major at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University, about living and eating as an NBA rookie in Portland, one of America’s rising culinary centers. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. The Manual is simple — we show men how to live a life that is more engaged. What Happens To Outdoor Dining in Fall and Winter? For play-by-play, I have to say that I like the guy who does the Brooklyn Nets games…. I know a lot of teams have nutritionists and a lot of players try not to eat unnatural sugars.

According to JJ Reddick, it’s not necessary, as wine has become the dominant alcoholic beverage on team planes.