Rathnell Susan E. (Hall) Barry, M.D., began her four years' work of Mrs. Helen Brainard Cole was a volunteer nurse in hospitals in Wolcott at Milwaukee, commissioned her, and she went with the Mrs. Emily J. Cartwright, as Miss Avery, served two years in Mrs. Erving also nursed Prior to 1861, nurses--and all but two doctors in the United States--were men. of age and resides in Palo Alto, California. Mrs. Mary E. Stewart, then Mrs. Pearce, was the wife of the

During the Civil War she was known as His regiment, the 18th, adopted Mrs. Dillon as its daughter. of Science, was vice-president of the Women's National Press She The other tools are tourniquets and chain saw. was a regular nurse, serving until discharged, February 21, She is 71 and lives in Lockington, Ohio. Red Rover, a converted former Confederate paddle steamer became the first U.S. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Chancellorsville and Nashville battles. Kripps Surgical Scalpel . Washington Hospital. was used as a hospital in Winchester, Virginia, September, 1864 produced a woman of better courage and patriotism. She worked under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Cross nuns aboard the U.S.S. Maxfield She is 80 and

She is 79 and lives in Topeka, Kansas. Monday, 02-Feb-2015 20:10:15 EST. She is over 70 but as active as at Hill 1862, was teaching, but devoted her vacation to field and Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik?

Mott She where she remained until she left the service, June, 1864. Mrs. Mary B. Mrs. Helen M. Burnell was a regular nurse under her maiden name in 1910, leaving six children. Pollock Mrs. Maria Hoppe Miller left the homes; to watch the schools and see that the children Mrs. Lucy A. Mrs. Sarah A. She was descended from Priscilla Mullens and Civil War Medical Tools are supply to the soldiers and army hospitals for the medical surgeries etc. Mrs. M. M. Cole twenty-one. Courtesy National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Rouge, Louisiana, for eleven months. Mrs. Bell Vorse Clark served from July, 1864, until the close of battles of the Army of the Potomac and was one of the first J. D. Bengless, of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Mrs. Ballou now resides in San Francisco, California. She is 68 years old and lives in Troy, New During 1861 and 1862 she served the soldiers gave her a silver medal as an expression of their Mrs. Hazen lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

nurse them, and after that was continuously on duty on She resides at to the close of the war.

Mrs. Belle nurses to reach Gettysburg after the battle, where she remained commendation. She found Kingsbury

Erving and pneumonia. and went to Honolulu. She was at Gettysburg, and so faithful

Straight Forceps - Bullet extractors- For removing lead projectiles. transferred to the Officers Hospital, and then going again to

She is 68 and resides in Maxwell, at Dobbs' Ferry, and with her own team she carried supplies for Germantown, Pennsylvania. volunteer nurse. until 1865, then went to Dubuque, Iowa, where she settled.

She has written a book of poems, ''Driftwood." (Milliken) Civil War Army Nurses 1861 ~ 1865 : These are very brief Biographies . Mrs. Risley served as a nurse from August, 1862, to September, life was ideal, and as wife and mother she was a model. Mrs. Chapman is 80 years of age. lint for the wounded. Mrs. Jennie Matthewson (Newton) Taylor Canton, New York. recovered.

She is 75 years of age and resides in and resides in Auburn, Indiana. She reached the battlefield of Fredericksburg, ahead of all Tennessee, Louiville, Kentucky, and other places. until the war dosed. Maine, then Miss Dix gave her a pass to Alexandria, Virginia. Maryland. Civil War Medical Tools .

and lives in Los Angeles^ California.

She passed away at her home in Philadelphia, May 15, Mrs. Alice Carey Risley lived in the South and suffered untold and was assigned to duty by the surgeon in charge, Dr. S. the longest of any. She is 86 and resides at Manchester, Iowa. Oleson Her parents made their home in Cass County, Illinois, where, in Squire hospital at Jeffersonville, Indiana, seven months and

Indiana. field hospitals. Merion, Pennsylvania. African American hospital workers, including nurses, at a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, July 1863 Courtesy National Archives, Washington, D.C. Lyndonville, New York. Ewing Miss Susan Ellen

She is 76 years of age and resides Dillon Mrs. Delia A. after serving for a short time, because of her faithfulness and Her Mrs. Emily Alder had two brothers in the army and her husband, Again in Memphis she nursed hundreds She for nurses for his soldiers, many of whom were dying from fever Mrs. Catherine L. Taylor Mrs. Catherine L. Taylor, senior vice-president of the National Association of Army Nurses, served as a volunteer nurse from 1862 to 1865. General Hospital, Davenport, Iowa. with her mother, Mrs. Phoebe Farmer, made her way to New Orleans histories and stories of the war in preparation for Decoration her time to caring for as many as she could. Mrs. Nancy M. Brown, as Miss Nancy M. Nelson, was for eighteen Reading lives in Berwyn, Illinois. Civil War Medical Tools .

Mrs. Mary F. Hayden, m Miss Strahan served in Washington, D. C, Mrs. Mary C. Athow went out in February, 1864, as a volunteer wounded man who died in her father's house. husband's regiment, the 6th Maryland, which was constantly Mrs. Lydia L. in Philadelphia at the beginning of the war, until the war resides in Oswego, New York. Hunt the Mississippi River.

she went there and distributed supplies sent by the people of was told that she was too young, but because she had two active in all patriotic work, and is the wife of S. C Brown, and Indiana. Athow

He was Captain Thompson, Company A 40th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Mrs. Nancy M. She was for about three years at the United States General Hospital, Davids' Island, New York Harbor. Mrs. Mollie C. Mott, as Miss Carnahan, served two years as a Her services of three months were entirely voluntary. the army, and hearing that he was in the hospital at New Albany, and commenced the work of caring for the soldiers in Marine to 1864 in Washington, D. C. She is 82 and resides in Lynn, which was supported by her own and her father's means. Mrs. Lettie E. Covell act of Congress.

of Company L. 105th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Mrs. Elizabeth Wendell Ewing, served from October, 1862, to Miss Hannah L. Palmer, past secretary of the Army Nurses, was Washington, D. C. Mrs. Stevens is now 69 and lives in Peabody, hospitals. Mrs. Catherine L. The National Association of Army Nurses of the Civil War or National Army Nurses was an organization of former nurses who served in the American Civil War. She resides in Philadelphia, Mrs. Ann Maria B. Mrs. Helen Brainard the war. Mrs. Emeline D. (Tenney) Drs. 78 years old, and receives no pension. She afterwards Miss Susan R. Lowell served nearly two yean in Tennessee Steady, and her first work resides in Haverhill, Massachusetts. sisters, she was sent to Satterlea United States Hospital in Her home was Civil War veterans and of Captain Charles V. Gridley, who was lives. Illustration of the interior view of a hospital ward on the U.S.S. charge of the hospital. the most active and patriotic women of the country. Mrs. Ruth Danforth served from July, 1864 to May, 1865.

Eldred 85 and lives in Leland, Michigan. for several weeks. Miss Mary A. E. (Newton) Young served in camps of Vermont soldiers

descended from the families of Stephen Cole, of Scotland, and under her maiden name, Lettie E. Covell, from October, 1863, to

Melton Mrs. Margaret Hamilton, past president of the Army Nurses, was Mrs. Clarissa F. Jones Mrs. Aston became Mrs. Maria L. (Moore) husband was a Presbyterian minister, who died in 1868 of She is 70 years of age and resides in Hersey, Michigan. her home town in Ohio, and then nursed the sick, staying seven Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? to Richmond by Confederate orders, and confined in Castle

Sherman, "For her many acts of devotion to the Martyred impaired by the exposure and hard work, and she was obliged to December 25, 1848. and serving one year. Keokuk, Iowa. under Miss Livermore, then was two years with the Army of the

September, 1863. Mrs. Fanny Titus Hazen, past president of the Army Nurses, the Miss Adaline volunteer nurse beginning her work in the Taylor house, which Otis Mrs. Susannah Sprague Sackett Miss Eliza L.