But more often than not, when Strayed sees the film, “I’m thinking, ‘Oh, my God, this is really how it was!’ ”. It was something she never had in her powdered-milk and government-cheese childhood, but always dreamed of. “It’s more like, ‘Oh, this is a really fun part of life right now. “The one thing that has changed is that I’ve learned how to wear high heels,” she tells PEOPLE of life after Wild, the bestselling 2012 memoir in which she chronicles her soul-searching journey on the Pacific Crest Trail at age 26. “I am just me, getting to have this crazy, glamorous, exciting, interesting, bizarre Hollywood experience.”. Strayed is just one of many notable authors ... Raymond Carver… When we meet, the film has opened to acclaim in America and just had its British première. The film got a little too personal in one scene, which depicts Strayed having sex with two men. And I am so not a heels person.”. But as the prospect of a day of wine and walking with Cheryl Strayed is cruelly snatched away, I can’t help feeling more than a little disappointed. Strayed makes no attempt to portray herself in a good light. Especially to see her re-enact scenes with Laura [Dern]. “My first love is books,” Strayed said, “but I wouldn’t rule out writing for television and film.”. 12. “They’re very outraged about this.There’s only really a few minutes total of racy material. Known For Wild Cheryl (6 Yrs Old) (2014) Actress Wild Cheryl (6 … Entirely alone, hundreds of miles from anywhere, with only one boot, she screams, she cries, she swears – but she does not give up.

I cried. “She compelled me to wear these sorts of things to these Hollywood occasions that demand high heels.”. Nineteen years later she lights up when I mention his name. And that was it.

Ten minutes into the film version – held, almost single-handedly, by an astonishing Reese Witherspoon – I realise I’m very, very wrong. The sexual tension was so high that I would practically faint if I brushed against him! It’s a book I had to write when I knew something deeper about what it meant to feel lost and find my way back. Strayed laughs. “I love him so much, I can’t begin to tell you how important he’s been in my life. These days, Strayed’s fame has her dressing up and making-up, but beneath is still the author who puzzles over word choice, the order of sentences and the meaning of things; and the mom who is quick to mention her children, her husband and the Forest Service cabin she bought in Mount Hood National Forest. I learnt so much from having him as my dad – about the world, and about myself. “My brother and sister and I still really needed a parent, the way that our mom held everything together. They met over the phone, after Strayed’s agent sent the actress a copy of “Wild,” knowing she was looking for a project with a female protagonist. And, as of this coming week, to movie theaters nationwide. It’s so meta! “I had never worn heels before until these last few months, so I have Reese to blame for making my feet hurt,” says Strayed. Wild is radically honest. “I’m going to wear my silver shoes so I can write the sequel to Wild, walking around London in heels, and drink wine. “I’ve had so many experiences where I am standing on the red carpet and just laughing, wondering ‘Is this a real thing?’, “And I feel like, I’m a writer. “It was so powerful. The hotel, the heels, the blow-dry… It’s all a far cry from her “hard-scrabble” childhood. “I wanted to give myself a birthday present,” she said. I felt it in my bones and I, too, want to tell a story about this kind of woman, who is so complex, like me.’, “And that’s what she did. And the scenes with the father…” She takes a deep breath. “But I wanted to hear what she had to say about it. And we had a very happy life. Her feet are out of those awful hiking boots and in much nicer shoes — but are they still on the ground? “I honestly don’t understand what that would even look like, for me to change,” she said with a laugh.

Suddenly I went from living for myself to living for my children, and the way that I love them is so profound that it altered everything. Read professional reviews, view safety and reliability ratings, and find the best local prices. I was better than OK. “Certainly people have written nasty things about me, but the love and gratitude far outweighs the hate.

We’re going to go for a walk now, I’m sorry,” she announces to her publicist as he enters the room. Surely they aren’t more painful than her hiking boots? The anti-Hollywood aspect of Wild. “I didn’t want Reese to say to me, ‘Oh, man, this is going to be a blockbuster,’ ” Strayed said. That's the key to a successful marriage. “My family actually ended when my mom died,” says Strayed. Fox Searchlight bought the movie rights, Witherspoon became co-producer and British novelist Nick Hornby signed on as the screenwriter. “Nobody was mean to me.”. “My film agent [Shari Smiley] told me, ‘The only way this is ever going to get made is if an actress attaches herself to it because she wants to play that role.’ So you need not just an actress who passionately wants to make it, but one powerful enough in Hollywood that she can get it done.