Hinging his fate on the outcome of John Quincy Adams election win in 1824, he was similarly hopeful that The House would choose a third place candidate to serve as President in 2020. “I know how the system works and I know how to make the changes in the system, so there’s a lot that I can do for the regular American person.”, Harmony, not division or partisan politics, is how we can move forward as a nation. There were legal issues and Pierce was eventually removed from his position as CEO. In 2014, Pierce denied allegations made against him by three ex-employees claiming he gave them drugs and asked for sex when they were minors. After reaching this part of Brock Pierce's biography, I came across even more interesting facts and publications. "And … if you're a Democrat, get (Joe) Biden to come out for that.". — Brock Pierce (@brockpierce) September 28, 2020 Pierce is on the ballot in 15 states and Washington, D.C .

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. from 8 AM - 9 PM ET, Copyright © 2020 PR Newswire Association LLC. Blankenship supports most of the big conservative issues, including an end to abortion, 2nd Amendment protections and border wall construction. Brock Pierce, the independent candidate for President of the United State of America, is gaining steam as the third choice for voters in the November 3rd presidential election, as a new poll puts him in third place in the state of New York.

He also conceded his foreign policy was sympathetic to both the nationalist and globalist point of view with an aim towards finding a balance to “take care of and love thy neighbor.”. The story of IGE is also a long one and many articles have already been written and are available online. At 16, Pierce's love for technology and its limitless possibilities inspired him to become an entrepreneur and eventually a leader in blockchain technology--a modern vehicle for the American dream. Hindman said third-party candidates did relatively well four years ago because Trump and Clinton were “the two least popular presidential candidates that we’ve probably ever had.”, “This time around, with an incumbent president, things look a little bit different,” Hindman said.

I hope that the right choice of president is made because it affects other nations too. The Liberterian Party uses separate votes to nominate its presidential and vice presidential candidates. Published: 21:37 BST, 6 July 2020 | Updated: 22:13 BST, 6 July 2020. Carroll “also believes that a just economy, a peaceful world, and a healthy environment are all life issues”, Carroll and the American Solidarity Party support the economic theory of “distributism,” which they describe as “an economic system which focuses on creating a society of wide-spread ownership … rather than having the effect of degrading the human person as a cog in the machine.”. In addition, she created and led corporate relationships with partners such as Comcast/NBC, Verizon, Participant Media, Sprint, City Year, and others. Drawing on the emancipatory principles of the American Revolution, Pierce seeks to empower and enfranchise the American people by creating a new way for their political views and positions to be integrated into presidential policy making. Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism and Liberation. Prior to joining Participant Media, she was with Ogilvy & Mather as the SVP and lead for The IMPACT Studio working on projects that ranged from the State of California to Sony Pictures Television. Since I-m not American I have no say on the matter. After announcing his candidacy on July 4 th, America's Independence Day, Pierce … There are also many reports been made that the accusations against Pierce were false. By the way, Goldman Sachs was the only bank that managed to predict what was going to happen and offloaded all toxic investments before the rest banks did. So by 2007 IGE was sold, rebranded, and shifted focus. He founded the famous IGE (Internet Gaming Entertainment) along with Alan Debonneville whom he met while playing Everquest. The YouTube precursor, had an 18-year-old Brock making $250,000, until the Internet bubble burst in 2000. He was born on November 14th, 1980. DEN's assets were sold at auction for $105,000 in 2002. ', Late entry: Brock Pierce pictured above in his newly-released video announcing his plans to run for president in the 2020 election.

Precisely because in 2016, the unexpected happened.”. Brock Pierce is one of the most influential people involved in the cryptocurrency industry. Introducing our Spectrum News app, Kentucky's Patient Numbers Continue to Rise. I wake up and read the news, watch the prices and invest, trade, write some articles, and pass some free time. The Jewish Voice […], […] Who is Presidential Candidate Brock Pierce and What Does He Stand For? Pierce announced his bid for the presidency on July 4th, America’s Independence Day. That year Pierce made an unlikely move to Puerto Rico where he conducted business and set up an events and community center in the blockchain community at the hotel Monastery in Old San Juan. Integro provides urgent relief during times of crisis, working with vetted local charities, organizations, and government agencies to deploy resources efficiently, with fully accountable donations. He also once starred as the teenage son of a sitting president in First Kid (1996), alongside actor Sinbad, who played a Secret Service agent protecting Pierce's character. He said the coronavirus had devastated the global economy with far-reaching ripple effects including 132 million people being at risk for starvation because of the agricultural industry halting food production and the dire economic straits of the unemployed.

IGE was facilitating these trades and it was making millions selling virtual items. He is certainly an outsider, but I. guess he can touch the voters. Pierce - who currently lives in Puerto Rico - is promising a stimulus check overhaul, after the IRS this year sent out around 160 million checks in the U.S., part of Donald Trump's $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package. Of course, third-party candidates do have the potential to impact who wins the election by playing the spoiler role, such as in 2000 when some felt Green Party candidate Ralph Nader siphoned votes from Democrat Al Gore and helped send Republican George W. Bush to the White House.