It really was.

“We don’t have time for this!” Art shouted. He tore out a redhead and dragged her along his backside, then hiked up his pants and ran out of the stall. Remember when I told you you’d get big girl teeth? I touched it with the tip of my finger.

He walked out into the quiet night, toward the woods. Just then, Reilly heard breathing. But he didn’t have any sexual experiences of his own. Then Janie ripped it out of him. “You can wiggle it with your tongue if you want,” I suggested. Thick, wet lips pushed through the hole. In February 2019, Dr. Katherine Hall of the University of Otago in New Zealand posited in the Ancient History Bulletin that Alexander suffered from Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). [Full table of contents is in the end notes of chapter 1.]. “Yeah, yeah,” Reilly murmured, and they headed toward Leah, whose smile couldn’t compete with the glare of disdain she was leveling at them. At the end all I could say was damn. She suggested that Alexander contracted the rare disorder from a Campylobacter pylori infection, the “most frequent cause for GBS world-wide.”. Updated to Explicit on account of Chapter 15 and later... Transitoning from human to something else is never painless.

Have a story I'm missing? I liked feelin’ responsible. He’d had enough. She was wearing her casual clothes and a thin face of makeup, fit for a Saturday night raver, or a particularly plain Sunday night hooker. I seethed. An eye was studying him from a jagged hole in the stall. He sighed with relief and moved his hands, finally taking in the filth of the room around him. All the mouths were dripping and oozing and whispering, “see.” The eyes bulged and jerked back and forth, watching every one of Reilly’s movements. He screamed and screamed and screamed until the nearest throat disappeared down his own, then all he did was choke. He wondered how it was possible the person on the other end hadn’t been put off by the performance he’d just given. He closed his eyes and stepped forward. Wikimedia CommonsThe death of Alexander the Great, based on the painting by German artist Karl Theodor von Piloty. Reilly shrieked and backed away, falling onto the toilet. Her …, I started working as a morgue attendant the same September that most of my friends entered college.

This fanfic contains body horror, gore, cursing and much other horrid things.. do not read this if your under the age of 14!
But my neighbor across the street is remodeling his house and last Wednesday he started cutting things at 10:30 …, My Neighbor Is Using Power Tools Past 10 PM Read More », They told me I was lucky to survive the car crash. Stewart Therriault. His handshake was firm.

“Come inside and see” was better, but it was ominous to him.

Everything went white, then gray, then back to normal. It didn’t come out of nowhere. Knife Play: OG!LBH/OG!SQQ16. This plant looked like a gnarled tree root, with so many twists and turns within its seemingly fragile length that one could barely …, I’ve never posted like this before. He stripped, adjusted the water, and stepped in.

It’d been a long time since anyone had cleaned the place, but not long since it’d been used. The Craigslist ad wanted a male companion for 6 hours. My heart sank. Once he saw how well I could take care of him, he’d love me again. No one else could ever compare.

He ended the journey in an all-out sprint, rushing up to the men’s room door and pushing it open before stepping inside.

Reilly watched as strands of saliva stretched, unbroken, between her lips as her mouth formed the words. Frustrated, Reilly went through the celebratory motions an older brother needs to perform at his younger sister’s party. “How the hell was I supposed to know his car wouldn’t…”.

He thinks. What does that mean for his children?_________________.

The man’s name was Ted, and he seemed like …, I was sitting in an AA meeting when I found the tooth in my pocket. “What the…” he muttered, and pulled himself out of the mouth. He endured her friends, obeyed the orders of his parents, and, when the party was over, cleaned. The good people of the internet are no different. “I’m going upstairs,” Leah announced. save hide report. After waking up naked in the middle of the woods, Jeongguk realizes he might be going through some changes. I didn’t say anything to my mother, who’d noticed I’d grown depressed and self conscious. Trying to save the universe isn't just point and shoot. He’d seen his share of porn. Corset: OG!LBH/OG!SQQ, OG!YQY2. In the last five years of Lord Magnus’ reign, he conscripted criminals and other undesirables to become his soldiers. Please consider turning it on! As they pulled in, they saw hordes of ten-year olds running and playing in the front yard. “Come inside.”. It was one of the bottom incisors. I will put specific trigger warnings at the top of each chapter too when adding more tags, so you can skip the ones you need to. Gross, but whatever. One scientist believes she’s cracked the case of the death of Alexander the Great, depicted here in a statue from the third century B.C. With nothing else to do, he checked his magazine, already knowing how many bullets he had. The most comprehensive listing of all known long-form body hopper stories. This was awesome, great job as usual Max. Words he’d only partially heard and had tried to reconstruct. Wet, squelching sounds. Watch Rats Drive Tiny Cars In A New Behavioral Experiment, Five Reluctant Hitmen Imprisoned For A Failed Job That Was Repeatedly Subcontracted, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch.

"Just like he'd promised, all those years ago. And sweating. The couple told motel officials about the smell Wednesday night but stayed in the $36-a-night room anyway. very well-written and concise, but horrifying. He moaned and writhed with shocked pleasure, pressing his pubis against the gritty particleboard wall of the bathroom stall as he allowed the gifted tongue and bottomless throat to caress him. Even disregarding the fact it was above the eye, which Reilly had written off as being a second person who must’ve been practically on top of the guy with the eye, there was an aspect to it that was lurid.

Body Worship: OG!LBH/OG!SQQ12. Strange Burial. I regained custody of our beautiful son, Barry. “The Secret Doctors of NASA” is a series of memoirs, diaries, and reports from actual doctors employed by an undisclosed arm of NASA between 1970 and 2001. Don’t think about going anywhere.”. The beam of light moved from left to right, over and over and over, and he noticed he was trembling. She was only five, so of course, she watched all the cutesy kids’ shows.

Both my parents were surgeons and I used to talk to furniture. We chatted for a little bit. I had her open her mouth and I told her to point to the one that felt different. But there are bright moments where your friends and crew are there for you, when connections are made, and where you love each other unconditionally. “Come inside and see,” the voice whispered throughout his reeling mind as he speed-walked through the woods toward the sound of traffic. He’s mine again.
He sat, his elbows on his legs and his hands pressed against his eyes, until his body allowed him to move again. It wasn’t the sight of the mouth that frightened him. Cars and trucks raced by, ignoring the dilapidated stop with the prominent “Closed For Renovations” sign that had kept all but the most desperate travelers away for the last fifteen years. The stall door went all the way to the slick floor. And when an eviscerated corpse turns up that same day, maybe those changes and the town's deepest, darkest secrets go hand-in-hand. When Karen and I first started dating, she would bite my lip, or nibble at my ear, or pretend to be a vampire and put her teeth on my neck. He did stink. It’s a tidy diagnosis, but it means that Alexander the Great — the bright military mind who conquered half the planet — may very well have witnessed his own funeral. No one heard him leave. Read More », After Momma got sick, Daddy didn’t act the same. Toward the New Jersey Turnpike. Full. He’d loved me from the start. Maybe you’ve heard of him. We were silly.