During the match, if a block is occurred at the net, then it will be counted as a touch and the number of allowed touches is reduced to two. Basic sand volleyball rules say that you are allowed to hold the ball a tad bit longer than a normal set indoors. When the These signals are planned and practiced in advance so communication between teammates is as effective as possible. The rules have changed through the years: the court size became smaller, side out scoring was replaced by rally scoring and let serves were allowed. 24-22).
Before sending the ball to the opponent’s side there may be consecutive contacts made by the players. The ball is striped with bright colours which makes it look beautiful and attractive. Each Beach Volleyball team consists of two players, and the sport is performed on a sand-based court measuring 26.2 ft square. Can You Go Under the Net in Indoor Volleyball? A spherical ball used in beach volley is either made up of flexible synthetic material or leather. FIVB: Official Beach Volleyball Rules 2013 to 2016. In this case, the ball contact can be extended momentarily overhand with the fingers." Your team must then manage to be successful with only 2 hits left. The United States of America and Brazil are the two most successful nations in Olympic volleyball.
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The beach volleyball playing area is completely made up of sands. The height of the net varies for teenagers. Specialized rules also apply to the libero’s setting abilities. For this purpose, the ball cannot spin when you set it. USA have secured 10 medals overall (6 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze) whilst Brazil have picked up 13 (3 gold, 7 silver, 3 bronze). A side set is typically done to trick the opposing team. For protection of their body, they put sunscreen. The aim of the game is to hit an inflated ball over a net that hangs high at the centre of the court and make it land in the opposition's half. The other common mistake is side setting over the net. In beach volleyball, the ball is the centre of the play. Scoring system in beach volley is an interesting one. If the match is moved to the third or the deciding set, then the maximum points are reduced to 15 instead of 21. So, for example, if the score reads 21-20, the set will continue until one team leads by two points (e.g. According to FIVB beach volleyball rules: "The ball must not be caught or thrown. As a court sport, Beach Volleyball involves a number of strict rules, including: These contacts have to be made by different players and only three touches are allowed for a team before sending the ball to the other side. the blocking rule is what is different. Technique over power is needed for a game of sand volleyball. Special “block signals” are used by players as a way to tell their teammates what sort of block they are planning to utilise. If the libero stands with one or both feet touching the attack line or positioned in front … The first thing anyone needs to understand, before getting on the sand, is that sand or beach volleyball rules are much different than indoor volleyball. Players are permitted to cross below the net in Beach Volleyball – but this will be classed as a foul if it tampers or interferes with the opposing team's play. The libero also cannot serve. They also required to switch to the other side after every 5 points during the third set. This is not allowed. The FIVB publishes the Official Beach Volleyball Rules every four years, as approved by the FIVB congress, which provides the framework for how beach volleyball is played internationally. All games go to 21 and the third game goes to 15. Defending in Beach Volleyball is all about blocking the ball when it is travelling at distance towards ground in your half of the court. Anything more than a 3/4 turn of the ball, is counted as an illegal set. It may increase in different competitions. But the glasses they put on should not have any power. Like indoor volleyball, a team is always desperate to ground the ball in the opposition’s court. If you know how to play volleyball, knowing the different rules for sand volleyball will not be enough. The knuckles and fingers are frequently used to help control the speed and direction of the ball. The team has three hits for returning the ball (including the block touch). An illegal return involves hitting the net, hitting the ball too often during one rally (three touches are permitted), or failing to strike the ball at all. Also, you cannot set the serve. Professional players must practice their serve in order to maximise their chances of winning, learning how to strike the ball hard enough and in the right place so the opposing team cannot return it.

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