His daughter, Kelly Woodruff, 37, found out about it after being tagged in a Facebook post.

By Sophie Lewis February 16, 2020 / 12:58 PM / CBS News Banksy confirms Bristol Valentine's Day artwork is his, Arctic Circle teens call for help to save their homes. Crystal Goomansingh reports on a new mural that's mysteriously popped up just in time for Valentine's Day.For more info, please go to http://www.globalnews.ca\rSubscribe to Global News Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/20fcXDc\rLike Global News on Facebook HERE: http://bit.ly/255GMJQ\rFollow Global News on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1Toz8mt\rFollow Global News on Instagram HERE: https://bit.ly/2QZaZIB\r#GlobalNews #Banksy

british street artist banksy has gifted his hometown of bristol with a valentine’s day mural. Banksy later confirmed on Instagram that he was behind the piece ― located in the same neighborhood where, ... Others suggested it was Banksy’s Valentine’s Day gift to his old stomping grounds, where he’d attended the graffiti project led by then-youth worker John Nation at the former Barton Hill Youth Center. Banksy expert John Brandler told the Standard on Thursday he felt certain it was an original Banksy owing to its characteristic black stencil style and lack of signature. The artist captioned the post "My wife hates it when I work from home, Banksy confirms Bristol mural is his work…just in time for Valentine’s Day, {{#singleComment}}{{value}} Comment{{/singleComment}}{{^singleComment}}{{value}} Comments{{/singleComment}}, {{#singleComment}}{{value}} comment{{/singleComment}}{{^singleComment}}{{value}} comments{{/singleComment}}, Show{{#moreThan3}} {{value_total}}{{/moreThan3}} comments, You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully, Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable, Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties, We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification. The British Somali Community Association, based in Barton Hill, tweeted that the vandalism was "shocking" and it was "sad seeing the devastation". Banksy is back at it again. Are you sure you want to submit this vote? The family are looking to cover up the artwork with glass to preserve it. Temporary measures such as protective boxes and security fencing will be erected this weekend, before longer-term solutions are put in place. Are white women voters wavering on Trump? It appeared on a rented home owned by Edwin Simons, who celebrated his 67th birthday that same day. Banksy appears to have created a new masterpiece in the spirit of Valentine's Day after a picture of a little girl firing a catapult full of flowers appeared in Bristol. "He didn't sign it because he wanted the artwork to speak for itself, just like he did with 'Season's Greetings' in Wales. Published 10 December 2019.

The piece has gained such popularity that people are being charged for the blanket to be lifted to that they can view it, An employee holds Banksy's 'Girl and Balloon' which was painted on an Ikea frame at Bonhams auctioneers on March 23, 2012 in London, Dismal, and not how he meant it: Banksy's Dismaland, Banksy - Love is in the Air street art, Soho, London, A graffiti titled "Art Attack" made by the British, guerrilla, graffiti artist Banksy is seen on Israel's highly controversial West Bank barrier in Ramallah, Sold: This Banksy on the Gaza Strip was bought for just £118, Banksy's provocative take on an iconic image from the Vietnam war, A stencil image of a Banksy rat in Haringey, London, Children pose for their photo with an installation of British graffiti artist Banksy's art in New York in 2013, Art installation by British artist Banksy, a robot and a barcode, is seen on a wall in the Coney Island area of New York City, Mobile Lovers by Banksy on Clement Street, Bristol, Art Buff created by street artist Banksy in Folkestone, KenT, Banksy's Walled Off Hotel in the Israeli occupied West Bank town of Bethlehem, Grafitti by the illusive artist Banksy adorns a building August 28, 2008 in New Orleans, Louisian, Vulture Petrol Head Mural by Banksy at Dungeness, British graffiti artist Banksy's artwork 'No Ball Games', Cardinal Sin by artist Banksy at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, A worker holding Banksy's portrait of Kate Moss (2005) at a press preview for the exhibition Banksy: The Unauthorised Retrospective, curated by Steve Lazarides, at S|2 Gallery in London, A Banksy mural which was painted on the side of one of the classrooms at Bridge Farm Primary in Bristol during half-term, A stencil image of a rat in Haringey, London, A dancer poses with a new installation of art by British graffiti artist Banksy painted on the front door of the Hustler Club in New York, "Flower Girl," a delicate stencil on a massive brick wall by popular street artist Banksy, is displayed in a warehouse in the greater Los Angeles, California, Brexit mural: The artwork on the side of an abandoned arcade in Dover, Detail from an installation by artist Banksy, entitled Civilian Drone Strike, on display at the Art the Arms Fair art exhibition 2017, A man takes a photo of one of two new murals painted by the artist Banksy near the Barbican Centre in London, Banksy's lost 'Snorting Copper' at it's original home on Curtain Road in Shoreditch, A woman passes one of two new murals painted by the artist Banksy near the Barbican Centre in London, The painting 'Devolved Parliament' by the graffiti artist Banksy, which is on show at Bristol Museum, A man walks past an artwork by street artist Banksy in Paris, People gather around fences that have been erected to protect the latest piece of artwork by the underground guerrilla artist Banksy, A street stall with oil paintings creating an image of a yacht in the Venice canal with a sign reading "Venice in oil", set up by a person purporting to be British artist Banksy, in Venice, A motorboat passes in front of an alleged work of British street artist Banksy 'The shipwrecked child', that appeared on the outer wall of a house overlooking the canal Rio de Ca Foscari in Venice, Italy, Banksy created Stormzy's Union Jack stab proof vest worn at Glastonbury in July 2019, A shopfront displays a mini exhibition by secretive British artist, Banksy with the sign 'Gross Domestic Product', in Croydon, Displays in a homeware store, Gross Domestic Product, that is being launched in South London by the graffiti artist Banksy, Banksy turned a rough sleeper's bench into Santa's sleigh in a social commentary on homelessness at Christmas, A new work of art on the side of a house on Marsh Lane, Barton Hill, Bristol, A section of the new work he has created during lockdown, in his bathroom. “We hope it’s Banksy’s work. Most people I’ve spoken to think it 100% is, and they’re naming it the Valentine’s Banksy.

“There’s so many people coming and enjoying it, taking pictures, it’s fantastic. Come and have a look yourself. Banksy confirms Bristol Valentine's Day artwork is his. here. This time, the mysterious artist has a new Valentine's Day mural that he put up on Marsh Lane in Barton Hill, Bristol. One local resident, James Bullock, saw scaffolding on the wall at about 6.20am on Thursday. But an offensive phrase has now been daubed over the street artist's design in bright pink lettering.