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Explore all the callouts, points of interest, smoke lineups, and ability lineups for Ascent on an interactive map. As a defender, setting up in A Rafters offers oversight of both entry points to Spike Site A and has strong cover. Focus on utility being used as needed, and do not waste opportunities to gain information. Controlling middle on this map is the most important objective for both teams to have any success with taking or defending sites. Learn about VALORANT and its stylish cast Below, we run through what those approaches are, and how to make the most of them. by Dan "Wootystyle" Kelly 5 Minute Read The VALORANT map Ascent is a two site map featuring tight alley ways, claustrophobic boxy areas and a mid lane that requires dominance. Heading elsewhere means reworking your tactics on the fly, and there’s the heavy possibility that the opposition will be able to predict this, and have people waiting. Ascent is one of the available maps for Valorant.

Here are some key features of bombsite A: When attacking A site, you’ll encounter players in the alley outside of A, at the default corner or inside the site playing behind boxes or the large black box.

We use our social for giveaways and other great things: Be the first to hear about new promotions, sales and products! Bombsite A in Ascent is the site that will have the most defender side difficulty in holding. If you play with a team you should decide which callouts your team should use to avoid confusion. It was designed to be a baseline experience for future maps to grow from. of publishing. On defense, puting players with crossfire potential into mid will give you information for teammates to help you bunker in. The callouts given by riot which can be activate within the settings are a good start. The way to do this as an attacker is to hit it through B Lobby and Mid Link.

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Valorant Map Guide: Ascent.

Likewise short and long describing the diffrent paths to a bombsite.

In addition it is also used to discuss strategy at the beginng of the round.

The middle area on this map is key to winning rounds. Ascent is the first ‘new’ map for Valorant, in that Haven, Bind and Split were all present in the beta of the game, and Ascent was added for launch, along with the new game mode, Spike Rush.

A callout describes a specific position on the map. more information, see our With the emphasis on mid control leading to your success, you will need to make sure the best communication is focused around opposing team enemy locations. Valorant-HQ.com isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing VALORANT.

Cookie Policy. However, this mix means you'll need to know everything about both the hero you're playing and the map you're playing on to make sure you're fragging to the best of your abilities. Because of the geometry inside B site, there are a bunch of really great plant locations you can take the spike and plant with: Attacking B requires a coordinated effort to pressure the B main corner and to cut off sight lines from middle. As you’d expect for a map called ‘Ascent’, towers and high vantage points have a huge role to play here. While you get a good view, you’re completely exposed standing here, so defending Spike Site B really pushes you to be a more mobile, attack-minded defender. Depending on the agent you play there a lot of lineups you can learn that help improve your performence on the map. B bombsite located on the west side of the map. Spike Site B is perhaps the most interesting Spike Site we’ve seen so far in that there’s no substantial way to keep a tight hold, but instead you need to guard it. Some of the best ones to use right now no matter the map are: *Gfinity may receive a small commission if you Because of the three entrances into the site and its very vertical stacked interior, players holding A will need to be aware of what is happening mid to have a great understanding of where they should be playing to better hold A.

All prices listed were accurate at the time If the defenders drive forward into B Lobby, they can crush any attackers before they get the chance to head for Spike Site B or move through the Courtyard.

From the defending spawn site, you spill almost immediately into B Site, or more accurately, a vantage point just in front of the main Site. Valorant Act 3 Competitive Changes: What We Know. Ascent is the latest map that has been added to Valorant.A typical two-bomb site map, Ascent features a large open middle area where both teams can collide.

There are diffrent callouts depending on language, country or even personel preference. We are also have a community at ValorantForum.com Some help from your teammates on mid catwalk to stop rushes or flanks requires very clear communication and timing. retail website and make a purchase. The trap door should be open so you can move between mid and B freely. Valorant is out now, meaning players all over the world have can jump into Riot Game's new team-based FPS. This allows crossfire setups to be extremely effective.

Click on the agent you want to know more lineups and strats for. Ascent is the first ‘new’ map for Valorant, in that Haven, Bind and Split were all present in the beta of the game, and Ascent was added for launch, along with the new game mode, Spike Rush. If you can stall or get a frag here, you’ve solidified your defense in A.

Since Ascent was the foundational experience for VALORANT, the goal of this map was to create a traditional three-lane tactical experience that also allowed players to alter connections through the use of a mechanical door. Learn how to master Raze in Riot’s FPS with these top tips. Of course, the opposite is true as well: if attackers can nix defenders here, they’ll be free to take the Courtyard and/or push into Spike Site B.

Any competent players will either round the corners into Spike Site A slowly and try to take you out first, or they’ll use an ability like Sage’s Barrier Orb to earn some extra cover while they make a dash to the central cover.

Each map has a unique aspect to help them stand out, and on Ascent, that aspect is…doors.
Breaking it down, however, gives away your position, and exposes you to an ambush from the other side of the door. What are callouts and why should I use them? property of their respective owners.

If you really want to sit and chill out, there’s B Back, but that’s only useful once attackers have broken through into Spike Site B. Even with numbers it is difficult to give up mid for rushing a site successfully. Why are there diffrent callouts for the same spot?

Take a look at the leaked overview of the map, and all of the callouts! As an Amazon Typically speaking, engagements outside of A will happen fast and utility will be spent in the area of A Orb. For example, when the defending team closes the one-way door, the attackers are left with two options: head elsewhere or break the door down.

VALORANT Discord for competitive, pro and casual players that want to ascent to the next level! The A Link option depends on your team being able to take the Courtyard, which can be a decisive part of Ascent. With some of the leaked files indicating it is going to be set somewhere on the streets of Venice. This is a much riskier strategy, but it also offers a front foot defence, and can help you pick off unsuspecting attackers who are too busy worrying about defenders beyond Spike Site A. How Much Does it Cost to Unlock all Agents in Valorant. If you cannot secure midground, you are forced into the choke points defenders have on A and B site.

Identifying its power as a unit though and hitting it more tactically - perhaps even by taking it via the Courtyard by going through Pizza and Mid Bottom first - can help your team close in on B Lobby. 1 Summary 1.1 Callouts 2 Update History 3 Notes 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Battleforsupremacyinanairbornecity in Italy. GfinityEsports employs cookies to improve your user There are two trap doors which are brand new mechanics to the world of VALORANT.

Top-Down View of the Map . With over a million people watching on Twitch worldwide every day in hopes of getting a drop, the popularity of the game has set an all-time high right away. Find Valorant players and more on the official SteelSeries Discord server!

For now, though, Ascent helps refresh the small pool of maps on offer and brings some fresh ideas to the table. Nick Farrell 2 June 2020 The lastest map coming to Valorant was found within the files, let's take a look!

Valorant is out now, meaning players all over the world have can jump into Riot Game's new team-based FPS. For example some that are used universal are heaven, which always describes elevated spots on the map. As for attacking, there are two main ways to go about it; either from A Lobby into A Main, or from the middle Courtyard into Cubby and then A Link. Fragging defending players in the areas around B site can give you the ability to lower the trap door, eliminating entrances into the site.

We are sure there are going to be lots of corners and angles players will be able to set up on, but we will be sure to let you know when the map gets released!

The doors aren’t as flashy as Bind’s teleporters, but they’re definitely effective.

Don't worry, this guide can help. Hugging the wall, you can see anyone emerging from Market or B Main, as well as being able to turn and look back into B Site for anyone planting the Spike. Using utility that has a long lasting effect like a Brimstone smoke or molotov will give you momentum. Valorant: Ascent Map Guide - Spawns, Callouts, Best Agents To Use! It’s worth noting that attackers are given B Lobby as each round begins, so defenders who go in all guns blazing will likely meet their doom quickly. Certain agents have some game-changing abilities, ones that can solo hold bomb sites, or even eliminate an entire team right away.

Because defending players can rotate to assist mid swiftly, it is important you can gain information of player actions in mid without sacrificing a frag. Therefore using a callout is the fastest and most precise way you can use to describe where you saw an enemy, where you got killed from or what angle you are holding. Coordinating pushes with a mid player will force defending agents into their spawn lane, giving you plenty of cover or utility cushion to make a break into B site for a plant.

With the actual layout of the map yet to be released, we do not what kind of nooks and crannies you will be able to mount on during a match.

Ascent is a map in VALORANT. boxy areas and a mid lane that requires dominance. Another option is to push through Spike Site A entirely as a defender, and nestle yourself neatly in Wine, cutting off attackers emerging through A Main.