On January 13, 1982, during a period of freezing weather, Air Florida Flight 90 took off from Washington D.C. Its wheels had just gone up when the plane then plunged from a mere 350 ft, struck the 14th Street Bridge and did a nose dive down into the frozen Potomac River. A true story about Arland Williams who was one of six initial survivors of the Air Florida Flight 90 that crashed into the frozen Potomac River.

What? © 2020 The American Legion. The fact that he went unidentified invested him with a universal character. Have a tip for us? “In a mass casualty, you’ll find people like him,” said Windsor, “But I’ve never seen one with that commitment.” When the helicopter came back for him the man had done under.

So the timeless battle commenced in the Potomac. There was an error submitting your subscription. And then, if we are wise, we will take time to think and reflect before choosing which road to take before the junction is reached.

For as long as that man could last, they went at each other, nature and man: the one making no distinctions of good and evil, acting on no principals, offering no lifelines; the other acting wholly on distinctions, principles and one supposes, of faith. Reagan quoted from a Time magazine article after the Jan. 13, 1982, crash, saying: "If the man in the water gave a lifeline to the people gasping for survival, he was likewise giving a lifeline to those who observed him.". Arland Dean Williams Jr. (September 23, 1935 – January 13, 1982) was a passenger aboard Air Florida Flight 90, which crashed on take-off in Washington, D.C., on January 13, 1982, killing 74 people.One of six people to initially survive the crash, he helped the other five … Personal life. Elementary School in his hometown of Mattoon was dedicated.[9]. After the crash on the bridge, the plane then continued forward and plunged into the freezing Potomac River. Racing against time, a safety helicopter attempted to drop a rope into the frigid water for the survivors to grasp, and one at a time would carry each one back to the shore. For its part, nature cared nothing about the five passengers. These are moments when instinct and character take command, as they took command for Arland Williams on the day our Lord would call him home.

In August 2003, the new Arland D. Williams Jr.

At about 4:20 p.m. EST, Eagle 1, a U.S. Park Police helicopter based at Anacostia Park in Washington and manned by pilot Donald W. Usher and paramedic Melvin E. "Gene" Windsor, arrived and assisted with the rescue operation. Greater love, as the Bible tells us, hath no man than to lay down his life for a friend. We find ourselves, if you will, plunged without warning into the icy water, where the currents of moral consequence run swift and deep, and where our fellow man - and yes, I believe our Maker—are waiting to see whether we will pass the rope. He gave his final moments of life for five total strangers. The docudrama was aired on NBC television on April 1, 1984. Our man, on the other hand, cared totally. With each and every time the life-preserver at the end of the rope came into the water, Arland would grab the floatation device, and pass it on to one of the other survivors. A Time Magazine article would later publish the story about the "Man in the Water.".

This story is compared to how Christ gave His life for each of us. And then an exhaustive Coast Guard investigation conclusively established his identity. Williams was born in to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to Lorraine Mary (O'Donnell), a social worker, and John Reesor Williams, a … Get the monthly Finding JOY Newsletter that is filled with inspiring resources to help you teach the gospel at home and in your calling. in a speech that chokes me up just reading it: Jane Fonda featured speaker at Kent State 50th Anniversary of shootings. P.S. [8] In 2000, The Citadel - and Williams's alma mater (class of 1957) - created the Arland D. Williams Society to recognize graduates who distinguished themselves through community service. I still remember this story pretty clearly. Watch the teaser trailer below and then click on this link to go to PATREON and JOIN. He was seen clinging with five other survivors to the tail section of the airplane. President Reagan announced yesterday that a 46-year-old bank examiner from Atlanta was the "mystery hero" of last year's Air Florida crash -- the man who passed a lifeline to others before drowning in the ice-covered Potomac River. He was there, in the essential, classic circumstance. Cookie policy. Seven vehicles traveling on the bridge were struck by the 737 and the plane fell into the freezing water. window._mNHandle = window._mNHandle || {}; Your Ultimate Come, Follow Me Resource Guide. He has saved our lives, our eternal lives. Alas, I graduated one year too early, as in 1993 President Reagan spoke to the graduating class about Williams, in a speech that chokes me up just reading it: For months thereafter, we knew him only as the "unknown hero." “Ye are bought with a price.”. Son of probable hero of crash 'very proud' of father's action, D.C. span in crash named for man who helped others, Hollings wants bridge named after dead hero, http://www.free-enterprise-foundation.org/regeantranscript.html{{dead, Mattoon school honors hero: Arland D. Williams sacrificed himself to save others after 1982 plane crash.

Don’t miss these great books available on Amazon! Helping you be the most effective teacher you can be at home and in your calling. Born and raised in Mattoon, Illinois, Williams graduated from Mattoon High School in 1953, where he acquired the nickname "Chub. In addition, four motorists died in the crash. He paid a price for our eternal salvation that no one else could pay, not even ourselves. This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Helicopter pilot Donald Usher later recounted how he watched Arland do this heroic act until the other five survivors were on shore, and when he made his final trip back to the icy waters of the Potomac, Arland Williams, a survivor of a plane crash, had disappeared underneath the icy waters. An affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. [3] [4]. The Air Florida flight took off from Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, with 74 passengers and 5 crew members on board. Just as you would feel immense gratitude and indebted to someone like Arland Williams, may we always feel gratitude and indebted to our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, for the priceless gift that He has given to each of us.

All Rights Reserved. I agree with James she should be deported from this country she is a traitor and I haven't watched any of.. Bystanders helped as fellow passerby Roger Olian, with a makeshift rope, began an attempt to rescue them. But I do ask that he be acknowledged as a hero, not the unknown hero," she said. What ever Snopes verifies they verify.. she sucked back then and she still sucks!! That man would later be identified as Arland D. Williams. [2] After graduation he served two years in the military in a stateside post and then went into banking, eventually becoming a bank examiner for the Federal Reserve System in Atlanta. ," Reagan told Williams' parents and his two children as he posthumously awarded Williams the Coast Guard's Gold Lifesaving Medal at a ceremony in the Oval Office. And for more church-related products at great prices, check out my Amazon Favorites page by clicking HERE. Emmanuel Mensah, a Ghanaian immigrant, was a National Guardsman. "[2] He attended The Citadel in South Carolina. Arland D. Williams, Jr. : biography September 23, 1935 – January 13, 1982 Honors, memoriam The four other heroes of the Air Florida rescue who also risked their lives but survived were honored shortly after the disaster. The president disclosed that a Coast Guard investigation determined that Arland D. Williams Jr., an employe of the Federal Reserve system, "was the hero who gave his life that others might live.