Entertainments tax is a tax on payment for admission to watch or listen to amusements, exhibitions, games or sports. All Rights Reserved. I gave a loud yell of indignation when the book was wrenched from my hands, and I looked up to see Alex staring down at me, The differences in words and meanings of words between British English and American English are a constant source of interest and, She sang to a captivated audience and when it came to her final song from Carmen she coyly sat on a gentleman's knee to the, We gave our new dictionary a work out to the, Having invited her on board for a chat, he refused to let her go until the bus had driven a mile down the road, much to the, During play whenever he tried to run, which was not very often, he found his trousers sliding down to his knees, much to the, On offer is everything the fun-lover would expect to find in a western theme park, right down to the hamburger bars, popcorn stalls and a large, Strong arguments were made for reasons why there should not be an, In return I flashed the lopsided grin of a fool in an, It's about an old man named Eddie, who dies trying to save the life of a little girl when a ride at the, An aqua show, a mega book exhibition, a food court, and an, Gerry is philosophical about his legendary likeness to the wayward footy genius Bestie, which is a constant source of, However, visits to arcades on piers or family, The arch of her eyebrow cast her face in an expression of, Slight anger crossed his face before he hid it under a mask of, We confidently rely on its theory and its data to send people to the moon, to lob missiles across oceans and to design thrill rides for, Most of the people who passed her during the daytime would either spit at her or come along and pelt the door with rotten vegetable and eggs for their own, My security blanket was a pair of jeans with a Smurf on the back pocket that I wore until they were capris, much to my sister's eternal, The yogi contemplating his navel often figures for Westerners as an object of, The Fun Palace was to be a megastructure with movable floors and walls that contained such elements as an open university, a performing arts center and an, It's like one of Martin Parr's photographic nightmares, a neon shanty town of, The problem is that it is a lot easier and faster to log on to a gambling web site or do off-site betting on track races than to go to an, Katherine's face betrayed utter shock, then utter.

Let the community make its own arrangements for amusements. A novelty is something new and different, often original and with a touch of amusement. It has become the chief pleasure town of Germany; and though the standard of morality, owing to the enormous influx of people-bent on amusement, has become lower, yet there is so much healthy, strenuous activity in intellectual life and commercial rivalry as to entitle it, despite many moral deficiencies, to be regarded as the centre of life and learning in Germany. The show was attended by exactly 12 people, a point noted with some amused pride by the organizers and no end of amusement by many more people on Twitter. Castaway Bay in Ohio is an exciting indoor water park that is also one of the hotels at Cedar Point that offers guests an amazing theme park getaway near one of the world's best amusement parks. Local travel guides and brochures usually have some sort of amusement park coupon attached. When you go to entertainment venues, such as movie theaters, zoos, or amusement parks, you may also qualify for a discount.

2. What really put Crystal Beach Amusement Park on the map was the Crystal Beach Cyclone, a wooden roller coaster that opened in 1927.

Typically, amusement parks and fun centers listing only a single coaster are likely promoting one of these family- or kiddie-style rides. Amusement twinkled in his eyes and played with the corners of his mouth. The staff officers bore similar titles, relics of the time when the order existed only for amusement: Genii, Hydras, Furies, Goblins, Night Hawks, Magi, Monks and Turks. Of games the young Moors play a great number; the principal one is a kind of football, more like that of Siam and Burma than that of England; wrestling and fencing are popular, but the chief amusement of the adult Moors is the "powder-play" (la ` ab el bariid), which consists of a type of military tournament, the horsemen going through lance and musket exercises or charging in review fashion, firing volleys as they gallop. As home to Cedar Point amusement park, Ohio is well known for spectacular and thrilling parks, but one of the most famous destinations is no longer owned by Paramount: King's Island theme park. 3. For some months he found amusement in the preparation of the delightful Memoirs (1789) from which most of our knowledge of his personal history is derived; but his letters to friends in England, written between 1788 and 1793 occasionally betray a slight but unmistakable tone of ennui. There's nothing wrong with being universally hated, Dusty added, amusement in his voice. 19 people chose this as the best definition of amusement: The state of being amused... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Henna is popularly found here in America in amusement parks, beach side malls, and anywhere else where people are vacationing and are in the mood to try something a little different. Visitors to Scotland, Wales and parts of Ireland can all enjoy the variety of theme, amusement and fair parks available. Located at the base of the Cedar Point Causeway with convenient access to the amusement park, Castaway Bay is a getaway in and of itself. You run an amusement park and have control over all the aspects of it. Early in 1531 he lectured publicly on Galen and Hippocrates, while his more serious pursuits seem to have been chequered by acting in a morale comedic, then a very frequent university amusement.

Some cruel children hurt animals for amusement, but their actions rarely go unpunished, so they don’t enjoy it for long. amusement machines, including fixed odds betting machines, have been released. Ile-de-France is home to both French Disneyland park as well as three smaller amusement parks, and Picardie is the location of both Parc Asterix and Parc Saint Paul, two of France's largest amusement parks. Learn more. This could be caused by an earthquake, tornado, amusement park ride fire, or any type of severe storm. By the 1930s, the amusement park expanded, despite the Great Depression. Have a pillow fight, go ice skating, take in a parade, visit the zoo or amusement park, basically just play together and let loose. He smiled in amusement at my words. Agatha spent more time in amusement and conversation, and were assisted in their labours by servants. For more information on defunct amusement parks, visit DefunctParks.com or any of the hundreds of tribute websites available for the gone-but-not-forgotten parks of yesteryear. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. amusement example sentences. With a wide range of seasonal fun for all ages and fright levels, the event has become a highly sought after way to end a thrilling season at the world's best amusement park. His chief amusement was cards, and he began the habit of taking snuff.

amusement parks should not be allowed to keep wild animals? She is firmly dedicated to making herself ridiculous for your amusement. The K'NEX Ferris Wheel is the first of four building sets in the Amusement park series.