How You Can Be a Part of the Program The application process is simple, and there is no cost to participate. Fill out an application and mail it or email it to the department (information at bottom of page). Sponsored areas are recognized with an acknowledgement sign displaying the sponsor's name, logo or both. Your sponsor recognition panel will measure 54″ x 18.”. Find out more about Sponsor a Highway® Colorado. The next time you’ve picked up an eighth of Presidential Kush, don’t just think about how your products from The Green Solution® will get you way high, but think about the highway that they are helping keep clean. Join the Colorado Sponsor A Highway® Program TODAY and receive positive exposure and branding 24/7. Everywhere from on I-70 into to the mountains to down South in Trinidad near The Green Solution®’s newest location, they have taken up the cause to keep our state’s highways clean and safe. When it comes time for the required cleanup, which is usually quarterly, either paid employees or volunteers are used to clean the section of highway assigned to them by the state. Call Robert Davis, 1-800-200-0003, extension 302; or. Signs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Meth Lab Awareness. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5e411fc16ee11515 As one of the very first recreational cannabis dispensaries, It's becoming more and more difficult to recall the days of the wild west in the cannabis industry Could it be hard to recall just because it's a, The holidays are upon us again and whether that fills you with Dread or Delight there's simply no avoiding it. Depending on where you’re from, just how clean our highways are might be something that you take for granted, but having tooled around the country my fair share, I can say with confidence that our highways are some of the cleanest I’ve ever driven on. Many of you reading this may not After all, they want to represent Colorado as a clean and amazing place. NORTHWEST – Roadside litter costs millions of dollars annually to control.

Please proceed with caution. Over the last half-decade, Emerald fields has become a staple of the Glendale scene. If you want to do your part in keeping Colorado clean, there’s an easy way you can help and have a good time while you’re doing it! Thank you to Western Disposal Services for their continued support with the Adopt-A-Road Program. Did the extra clean highways and roads come to mind? Whether you’re here for the skiing, the food, the hiking, the sunshine, the mountain view, or just for the cannabis, take a moment to tip your hat to businesses like The Green Solution ® that are out there keeping our roads pristine. Copyright © 2020.

All Rights Reserved. Learn how your comment data is processed. 5. • To learn more about joining the program, please visit the “How to start” tab, or send us an email. Visit the Colorado Adopt-A-Highway website. Level 2 Fire Restrictions are in effect for all areas of unincorporated Boulder County (See flyer for details). CDOT makes it easy for volunteers to clean up the roadsides. -Steve Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google Plus Adopt A Highway Policies. Through CDOT’s Adopt and Highway Program, the adopting group typically agrees to pick up litter from both sides of a highway for a two-mile section at a minimum of four times per year.

2525 13th Street Boulder, CO 80304. 7510 US Highway 287, Broomfield, Colorado If you can't (or rather not) make breakfast, you can meet us at the highway parking area around 9 am. The Fight Against Roadside Litter Above: My Adopt A Highway sign at milemarker 297 on U.S. Highway 24 in Manitou Springs..

Well, in my book a whole lot of things, but maybe it’s something specific for you. What about the legal weed? Adopt a Highway Photo. Send us an email or give us a call 303-441-3900. But there are still more than 4,000 miles left to be adopted—and more volunteers are needed to help keep Colorado beautiful by picking up litter along state highways. 1. Since the inception of the Clean Colorado program in 2005, participation continues to grow among businesses and organizations that have civic pride and are committed to giving back to the community. Your signs will capture the attention of your current customers as well as hundreds of thousands of potential customers each day. 7. CDOT's Clean Colorado sponsorship program complements our Adopt-a-Highway program, and offers one more way for community and civic organizations, businesses, non-profit organizations, and private citizens to participate in the effort to keep the roadsides and rest areas of Colorado attractive and clean from litter. Sponsor A Highway is one of the least expensive forms of outdoor advertising. There’s a good chance that sometime on your travels through Colorado you may have seen signs along the roadside touting that a company is responsible for cleanup along a section of highway. With one of the largest selections of edibles and concentrates in the state, The Green Solution ® won’t disappoint you when it comes time to choose what product is perfect for you.

Blue Dot. For more information on sponsorship opportunities in Colorado please contact your local Account Manager Laura Priest. The department will provide a sign crediting the group for volunteering on adopted section of highway; provide litter bags, safety vests and safety videos; and haul the litter bags away after the group places the full bags at the edge of the roadway. Hancock encourages interested citizens to visit the Adopt a Highway web page at, which has information on the program, including the Spruce Up Colorado Adoption Request form and contact information for AAH coordinators across the state. The cost to participate in the program varies by highway and frequency of cleaning. Every time you purchase flower or a Nectar Bee™ edible or concentrate from The Green Solution®, you’re helping them pay for the crews and the organization of volunteers to keep all of their adopted highways clean. See list of Resources (Recursos) for those impacted by COVID-19. Adopt-a-Highway Poudre Canyon Cleanup In Colorado, roadside litter costs millions of dollars each year to control, and it is often impossible to keep up with the trash that gets dumped. Location. Interested in the Adopt-A-Highway Program through the Colorado Department of Transportation? SAH Segments. adopt a colorado highway today Testimonials “The Salt Lick was locally referred to the Sponsor A Highway® Program and after working with our Account Manager… we saw this as a great opportunity to increase our brand awareness by connecting our business to the environment. 8. We partner with Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation to administer the program. What makes Colorado great? However, each segment has its own special needs. Colorado Dispensaries like The Green Solution are spearheading Adopt A Highway programs to keep our roadways clean, clear, and welcoming for all who drive them. Average Daily Traffic (ADT) counts reach upwards of 280,000 cars every day on some of Colorado’s busiest roadways (Colorado Department of Transportation, 2018).

Order Cannabis Online For Pick-Up at The Green Solution All highways and interstates under CDOT's jurisdiction are included in the Clean Colorado program. 303-441-3900 Submit a question.

If the application is approved, the representative shall execute a written agreement with the Colorado Department of Transportation. Please follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the Welcome Packet. Highway and interstate sections are sponsored in one-mile segments, and are cleaned either 12 or 26 times a year. know that I have also w, 992 S. 4th. Colorado Dispensaries like The Green Solution® are spearheading Adopt A Highway programs to keep our roadways clean, clear, and welcoming for all who drive them. In exchange for regular litter removal, an organization (such as Cub Scouts or Knights of Columbus) is allowed to have its name posted on a sign in the section of the highways they maintain. A few segments may be longer or shorter than two miles or they may be in an area that doesn't need to be picked up more than twice in a year. Public Works – Roads, Buildings, and Resource Conservation, First-Time Parents (Nurse-Family Partnership), Help for Someone Abusing Drugs or Alcohol, Hazardous Materials Management Facility (HMMF), Office of Sustainability, Climate Action & Resilience, Minimum of a one year commitment with at least two reported cleanups a year, Correspond with the Transportation Department as needed, Ridge Road from Hurricane Hill to Cold Springs; 1.9 miles long, Niwot Road from 63rd Street to 73rd Street; 1 mile long. “In addition to the beautification benefits of roadside litter removal, the program is a great way for an organization or small group to give back to their community,” said AAH Coordinator Cindy Hancock. if (typeof (fg_widgets) === "undefined") fg_widgets = new Array(); fg_widgets.push("fgid_09af8a74bfa99d622d88ed471"); The most listened to radio station from Rifle to Aspen, /* Put this one back in -- changed for promotion, General Assembly lauds former Chief Justice Bender, It’s simple. Set cleanup dates.

The program has grown to: Volunteers find the program to be a positive experience that allows their group to interact with each other and their community. Your sign will be blue with white reflective letters and measure 60″ x 48″ in size. visit the Colorado Sponsor a Highway website. Sponsors pay an annual fee to receive a logo sign, while our employees provide 100% of the highway litter removal. I for one, have always relished th, If you've spent any time recently inside your local cannabis dispensary then you know the number of products available is mind-numbing, to say the le, With the holiday season finally here, it's time for me to return to one of my favorite pastimes. The group may keep any money collected from their recycling efforts. Transportation Department. Contact Us. This is on the north side of the intersection of Indiana St and 120th Ave (also found on a GPS at the address "14801 W … Is it the fresh powder on the slope? Below are my photos from many workcrews. Ramp signs are placed along the on-ramp and off-ramp of major highways. COVID-19 updates are available in English and Spanish. Maybe for you, it’s the birds chirping over the sound of silence on a week-long backpacking trip. Boulder County, CO. All Rights Reserved. Toll Free: 800-200-0003 Click here to send us a message If anything changes, please reach out the Transportation Department. The Green Solution® has chosen to adopt multiple sections of highway not only as a show of good will to the state that harbors them, but also to show their commitment to keeping Colorado the clean and amazing place that it is.