Which brings us to The Prince and The Pauper. While the DuckTales TV series remains a beloved pop culture touchstone, the DuckTales movie is all but forgotten these days, save for the fond memories of plenty of '90s kids. Released as a short played before 1990's The Rescuer's Down Under, this featurette casts Mickey Mouse as both titular roles in the classic Mark Twain tale of, well, a prince and a pauper who swap places. He takes on the role as "Cry-Baby" Walker in this 1990 John Waters throwback that's like Grease, but with a '90s heartthrob. Before musicians decided documentary concert movies were the way to go, Hollywood wanted to get celebs on the big screen starring in actual narrative films. And since I basically forced my mom and sister to watch it, they were no doubt kind of annoyed. There’s nothing more riveting than watching this trio of pets—Chance (Michael J. Is the 1991 animated adaption of The King And I held in the same regards? Said children must then contend with an insidious carnival owner that has a screw for an eye. Also, admit it, those robots that could be straight out of The Sims are super fun to watch, if only in goofiness. Fortunately we can relive their Hollywood glory days with movies like Encino Man.

5 Reasons The MCU's Avengers Would Beat FOX's X-Men (& 5 The Mutants Win), 20 Animated Films '90s Kids Loved (But Totally Forgot About). I don't know what it is about TMNT, but these giant turtles have captivated audiences — including myself — for decades.

Genuine jump-scares, triumphant sing-alongs, and the most magnificent royal beard since King Triton? This thrill ride answers the question of what it would be like for dinosaurs to roam the Earth once more. ), and that's what makes it amazing. Brendan Fraser plays a skateboarding California caveman who emerged from a post-earthquake block of ice in this 1992 comedy.

), and Monkey Trouble is probably the best example. Sure, every '90s kid remembers the big films like The Lion King and Mulan, but what about the more obscure films we all used to love? It might be largely forgotten these days, but we're willing to bet plenty of '90s kids have fond memories of this movie.

The animation made the monster vegetables look even better.

The movie also features a pre-Good Wife Josh Charles, and his boyish charm in this movie alone is so worth multiple viewings. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. With its Arabian setting and a prominent blue-skinned character, critics were quick to label the film a knock-off, but the label was unjustified, as the movie had been in production since 1988, having the poor luck to be released around the same time as Disney's popular genie-based movie. Creepier than most horror movies, The Witches instills fear into all viewers, because whether you're a kid or not, those witches are incredibly creepy.

It’s safe to say we all learned about the circle of life—RIP, Mufasa—thanks to this Disney classic.

Unfortunately, 5-year-old me never achieved that ambition, but at least I could watch Dunston (played by the esteemed Sam the Orangutan) get into zany antics and save a hotel, or whatever the movie is actually about.

with a very A-list cast — among the stars of the original film are Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight, Owen Wilson, Eric Stoltz, Danny Trejo, and Ice Cube.

The films of today are great and all, but there’s something extra special about the ones of the good ‘ol days—particularly the ‘90s kids’ movies many of us grew up watching. One of my favourite Christmas movies ever, Jingle All The Way makes you wish Arnold was a comedy actor...unless he has been the entire time. Having cut his teeth directing the animated video games Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, Bluth would eventually find success on the silver screen, directing classics such as An American Tail and The Land Before Time. The original that spawned a plethora of sequels that continues to this day, The Land Before Time is entrenched in the memories of all 90s kids. When the film ultimately hit VHS, it was bolstered by an ad campaign in which it was positively reviewed by children, leading to a surge in sales. Well, the library melting into paint is genuinely awesome, and the idea of being coached through life by anthropomorphized books certainly gave some solace to kids who would rather turn to literature than face the gauntlet of social interaction. That said, "Colors of the Wind" and "Just Around the Riverbend" are some of Disney's best tunes.

Twin sisters, separated shortly after birth with each parent taking one after divorcing, reunite as teens and attempt to put their fractured family back together. 20 Classic Kids’ Movies to Watch This Weekend, 40 Best Kids' Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now, 20 Bible Movies That Bring The Good Book To Life, Your Family Will Love These Thanksgiving Movies, 25 Best Christmas Movies for Kids on Netflix. Tom and Jerry: The Movie sent the beloved Hanna-Barbera characters off on an adventure involving a timid little girl being controlled by her evil aunt, with plenty of cartoon violence thrown in for good measure. She finds herself—and love—in the process, making the ancestors proud. I'm sure that there were plenty of dumb '90s movies you couldn't stop watching as a kid, because although the era also produced The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, Saving Private Ryan, Babe and more, there were also many, many movies that are supremely watchable, but not all that Oscar-worthy, that we all loved.

Chanticleer made the sun shine, and melted your tiny, kid heart in the process.

In this 1999 straight-to-video prequel, Anastasia's albino bat sidekick Bartok takes center stage, embarking upon an adventure to rescue a young prince from the evil witch Baba Yaga. Ah, The King And I! An American Tail (1986, Amblin Entertainment / Sullivan Bluth Studios) Just in case Troy and Abed's … Fortunately, stuff like that could fly in the 90s, which is why a movie about three white kids getting trained by their Japanese grandfather (even though they don't look related at all) to be ninjas totally got produced. The classic tale of the King of Siam learning to change thanks to an encounter with an outgoing British woman, the animated adaption added an adorable animal sidekick and a Barbara Streisand song for good measure (kids in 1991 loved Barbara Streisand, apparently). Below the obvious story, however, is a narrative about prescription medication and how they destroy the imagination of children. The 1991 film adaptation of this classic novel, however, is slightly less revered.
Oh, and we should probably open on a live-action scene of a very real and very terrifying flood, right?" Mrs. Brisby was the ultimate mom, and her determination and fortitude to save her children and her home totally made me appreciate my mom more.

Fluke is heartbreaking. After an awesome string of hit summer movies, Will Smith starred in this meh 1999 Western, but it still gets repeat watches because Smith's charm is undeniable.

All rights reserved. Sure, any '90s kid worth their salt remembers Anastasia, the 1997 film adapting the tale of a Russian grand duchess. Book lovers of all ages were entranced by this one. Pretty much the dream for any young kid, Blank Check filled your mind with dreams of what you would do with a million dollars. Man, if "cranking out animated films in the '90s that would eventually slip into obscurity" was an Olympic event, Don Bluth would take the Gold. However, as we of the Laser Disc players (slash, obsessive IMDb routine) know well, this couldn't be further from the truth. 366,482 views made by Mickell Ford. I think not.

While the world certainly wouldn't miss another generic Hallmark Channel original movie about an orphan learning the true meaning of Christmas, this avalanche of made-for-TV movies causes some true gems to get lost in the shuffle. Watching The Last Unicorn as a child was frankly a terrifying experience. It’ll make you laugh and warm your heart at the same time. An unknown Jennifer Aniston helps fight a leprechaun in this 1993 horror comedy about, well, fighting off an evil leprechaun.

Christina Applegate plays a rebellious teen who steps up to take care of her family when their appointed babysitter croaks.
It was a serious blow to later learn that only happened in the movies. From Disney cartoons to live-action comedies, these films will take you back to your childhood.

That's more of a deep cut. ), and Disney certainly had its darker moments (the toy factory from The Great Mouse Detective will never not haunt my dreams).