What gets sent to another dimension: A nice guy; a not-so-nice old guy; a young woman of questionable virtue; a police officer; an overreaching scientist; quite a few hopes and dreams. She played Catwoman in Batman The Movie (1966) She was Dr. Ann MacGregor in The Time Tunnel. He rest assured that with the help of his resourceful brother, Dr. Scott Nelson (Robert Lansing), that the impossible could be achieved. No tracklist. A few precious pages that represent years of research and experience. Well—quite a lot, actually. As someone once pointed out, all the characters in this film are single and live alone in lousy apartments ..... Hi!I don't know if it is possible, but could you re-post the 4D Man OST? Could the vastly differing worlds of big band jazz beats and the ability to move oneself through solid matter create an unprecedented marvel too wonderous to compute?. The 4D Man was directed … I work with facts. Savant Review: 4D Man 4D Man Image Entertainment 1959 / Color / 1:37 / Single Layer / Dolby Digital mono English Starring Robert Lansing, Lee Meriwether, James Congdon, Edgar Stehli, Robert Strauss, Guy Raymond, Chic James, Patty Duke Cinematographer Theodore J. Pahle Art Direction William Jersey Makeup Dean Newman Music Ralph Carmichael Special Effects Bart Sloane AAARRGGHHH!!!! This was also the first movie for Lee Meriwether (Linda), who would go on to glory as Catwoman in 1966's fantastically entertaining Batman—the first and by far the best—co-starring Frank Gorshin as The Riddler, Burgess Merideth as The Penguin and Cesar Romero as The Joker. Do you know of anywhere I can buy a copy? REVENGE OF THE CREATURE - Lava/Stein - "Lobster Ho... EL FANTASMA DE CASA ROJA (The Phantom In The Red H... X : THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES - Les Baxter - "Th... NIGHT TIDE - Paul Horn Combo - "West Coast Club Sc... ANATOMY OF A PSYCHO - "The Card Game" (1961). A man whose life will be changed as he crosses the threshold into the jazz world of the fourth dimension.”. Oh and don't forget unscrupulous scientist Roy, who skulks about looking for good ideas to steal and generally complicating problems exponentially. Scott decides to get back at his meddling little bro by breaking into Tony's lab and co-opting his clever dowel-through-the-brick-of-steel idea. The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All Time - Part 46 of 100 - "Weirdsville", Record #1978 - The "Moment by Moment" Soundtrack. For Scott, the cost of walking through walls is that a goodly amount of his life force (or lifespan, it's not quite clear) is used up each time. VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS - Beau Brummels - "Woman" (1... FURANKENSHUTAIN TAI CHITEI KAIJU BARAGON (Frankens... SEDDOK, L'EREDE DI SATANA (Atom Age Vampire) - Arm... DAIKYOJU GAPPA (Monster From A Prehistoric Planet)... CARNIVAL OF SOULS - Gene Moore - "At The Bar" (1962).